Ice Skates & Guitar Strings

Perfection. That was all she strived to be, or more so what her parents wanted her to be. Every decision was made for her, including the things that were supposed to make her 'happy'. Elsa's life begins to change the moment she's acquainted one of the school's bad boys, Jack Frost. However looks may be deceiving, for he is about to teach her that perfection doesn't necessarily lead to true happiness...


3. Classes & Introductions

            “Good morning!” The teacher greeted. “Welcome to Mental Health 301. I am Professor Weastleton, and I will be your professor for this semester until I am told otherwise.”

            “Excuse me?” someone whispered beside me. I turned to meet a gut around my age with striking green eyes and longish brown hair. He wore baggy jeans, a red sweater and square glasses; not a bad look on him.

            “Is someone sitting here?” he asked. I shook my head as motioned for him to take a seat.

            “Thanks. I don’t really like sitting in the back, I can’t hear the teacher talking.” He admitted as he settled down in his seat.

            “No problem. I feel the same way.” I smiled. Before he could say anything else, I turned away from him; I wasn’t really looking to meet anyone today.

            “You all have to fill out a quick questionnaire, not my policy, but it’s for the school’s benefit. I’ll give you 10 minutes to fill it out before we begin the lecture.” Our professor said in a rude tone. He didn’t even bother to hand separate stacks to each row, he just gave all the papers to one person and stalked back to his desk.

            “Wow. What a tool.” The guy beside me snorted as he handed me a sheet.

            “I know right.” I agreed.

            “He kind of looks like a possum.”

            “Try weasel.” I added.

            “That’s a good one. Professor Weasel-Town.” I had to cover my mouth to stop myself from laughing. The professor stood up and began to write something on the board. I couldn’t help but notice he posture.

            “It’s like he has a stick up his ass.” He commented. I found an unexpected giggle escape my lips; this guy was actually pretty funny, I could tell. He smiled at my giggling towards his observation.

            “I’m Hiccup. Hiccup Haddock… the third.” He introduced himself. “What’s your name?”

            “Elsa Arendelle.” I answered.

            “Arendelle? That sounds familiar.” He thought.

            “Common last name.” I rushed before he could think about where he’s heard it.

            “Okay then. Are you new here? Because the only people who take their orientation packages to their classes are newbies and teacher’s pets.” He observed the items on the little desk in front of me.

            “Yeah, I’m new; to this school at least. I used to live here five years ago.” I admitted.

            “What made you move? Or is that too much of a touchy subject for someone you just met to know?” he asked.

            “Yeah it’s personal; so could we drop it for now?” I asked timidly.

            “Sure.” He agreed and allowed me to finish the survey. It was just a simple questionnaire; do we live in dorms? How did we get to the campus? What program are we in?

            “Alright, hand the papers to the front and we can begin.” Professor Weasel-Town announced.


            “Excuse me.” I pardoned as I tried to get through the crowd. I needed to take the shuttle to get to my final lecture of the day. It was in the building on the other side of this huge campus. Good thing the school provided a shuttle; otherwise I’d be paying hundreds of dollars just for bus tickets.

            “Coming through!” A familiar guy voice said from behind me. I turned to see Hiccup trying to shove his way through the crowd. We made slight eye contact, but then someone shoved me aside almost knocking me to my knees. People kept shoving, causing me to lose balance and trip. I felt feet step on my hands and legs; forget the condition of my books if I couldn’t even get up. A hand grasped my arm and hauled me up before I could actually get trampled.

            “You okay?” he asked. When my eyes focused on his face, I saw that familiar dork expression.

            “Yeah, thanks Hiccup.” I smiled as I brushed myself off and gathered my things.

            “Are you done for today? Or do you still have more classes?” he asked as we started walking.

            “I have one more class, but it’s on the other side of the campus.” I answered as I held onto his arm to avoid getting trampled again. “The Winter’s building I believe.”

            “The one you have to take the shuttle for?” he asked.

            “Yeah, why?”

            “I’m headed there too. I have co-op at the vet across the street.” He said as he finally pulled us out of the crowd.

            “You want to be a vet?” I asked. He shrugged.

            “I like animals, so yeah.” He admitted. “Come on, we’re going to miss it.” He scurried. We ran over to the station and spotted our bus.

            “You need your student I.D to get on.” Hiccup informed me as he dug in his pockets to get his out. Luckily mine was in the front pocket of my bag. I flashed my card at the driver and hopped on the bus. There were no more seats, so Hiccup and I had to stand. More students filed into the tight space, pressing Hiccup and I against the walls to the side.

            “Sorry, I don’t mean to be so up close and personal to a girl I just met.” He chuckled.

            “Don’t worry about it.” I laughed. “It’s not your fault.”

            “No, it’s just, um…” he trailed. Just then his phone rang in his pocket. Hiccup quickly fished it out and answered it before anyone could hear more of his embarrassing ringtone, the original Pokémon theme song.

            “Hey babe.” He answered. There was a murmur from the other end, causing a smile to stretch on his face. “Yeah, I’ll meet you later… I can go to your dorm if you want to… Are you sure? Do you even remember what it looks like or where it is?... Okay. Meet me there at 8… Love you too babe.”

“Who knew the dork actually had a girl under his arm?” I teased.

“Is that surprising at all?”

“Nope. Not at all.” I smiled. He blushed a little and looked at his feet.

 “Her name’s Astrid.” He spoke.

             “How’d you two meet?”

            “We’ve known each other since we were kids; she just didn’t want to be friends with me. She was the more popular girl and I was the dork. Then one day I finally got the balls to ask her out to semi-formal in junior year.”

            “And she said yes to the dork.” I finished.

            “Actually, she rejected me horribly.” He chuckled. “She had a boyfriend at the time…; he was a dick.”

            “Then how did you get her?” he smiled at my question.

            “I have this little hideaway back home. It’s a small cliff that looks over the forest and lake we live by. Since I didn’t go to semi-formal I went there to stargaze. I thought I was the only one who knew about that place, but guess who showed up?” he revealed.

            “She didn’t!” I gasped.

            “She did. Turns out it was her hideaway too. Her boyfriend cheated on her that night, so she just needed a place to be alone. She found me instead; and here we are almost five years later.” He said. Before I could tease Hiccup about being a hopeless romantic, the shuttle came to a stop. We got off the bus as fast as we could; it was getting really stuffy in there.

            “Do you want me to walk you to your building?” he offered.

            “No, I’m fine. I don’t want to make you late.” I declined. He nodded…

            “I’ll see you tomorrow then.” He started. I smiled and nodded.

            “Yeah, see you.” I waved and walked away. He walked in the opposite direction, leaving me to enter my final class of the day. Since class started in a minute, I had to take a seat in the very front again; at the edge of the row again. I’m fine with that though, I need to hear the lesson. This lecture hall was way smaller than my other classes’ it could probably hold 40 people at most.

            “Alright, alright, let’s get started,” my professor called out to settle down the class. It took me awhile to realize that his outfit was mainly red except for his brown boots. At least they complimented his snow white hair and beard.

            “I am Professor North and welcome to Human Emotion Psychology 311.” He greeted. “And based on the fact that none of you gasped and raced out of here, I’m guessing you’re all in the correct classroom.” There were a few giggles that came from the class, myself included.

            “However, if you are a student who just held in their gasp and really is in the wrong class, then I do advise you to leave if you wish. I won’t take any offense, but you will be missing out on a fantastic course if you choose to leave.” He finished before clasping his hands together. At that moment, the door practically flew open, and a student stepped in. He had a tall and slender figure and wore all black; black V-neck, baggy black jeans and black combat boots. Not to mention his black, studded cuffs on his wrists, tattoos on his arms and piercings on his face and ears. The sight of his silver hair made my memory click; he was part of that group earlier.

            “Mr. Frost.” Professor greeted. “Glad to see you again.”

            “Can’t say the same for you North.” He smirked as he casually walked in to find a seat. Murmurs washed over the class; either these two ere close, or he had the nerve to be that rude to the professor on the first day.

            “Visiting or joining this class?” North questioned.

            “Believe it or not sit, but I’m attending this class.” He responded.

            “Then take a seat Frost, you’re late.” North said in a serious yet semi-amused tone. He nodded and walked over to the now only empty seat; beside me. As he walked closer, every girl he passed by either nearly fainted or suffered a severe blush. The only time I could get a really good look at him was by the time he got to his seat. I only now noticed just how blue his eyes were, how tall and lean he was… how handsome he was. However, unlike all of the other girls, I wasn’t really phased by him. I guess I was looking at him for some time because I made the mistake of making eye contact with him. He gave me a hard expression, but I looked away before he could see my blush of embarrassment. Thank goodness I let my hair down today; otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to make the curtain of my locks between us.

            “Let’s begin shall we?” Professor interrupted the awkward encounter. He went to his desk and obtained a stack of paper from his briefcase. “This is your syllabus for this course. It outlines the main topics within this semester. You’ll notice that this class is going to be different from any other. Majority of your final grade will be based on application; 80% to be exact.” I looked through the syllabus searching for how to get those marks, but they were nowhere to be found.

            “Wait, sir!” someone in the back called out. “None of our other classes are graded like this.”

            “That’s because nobody on this campus teaches their classes like me.” Professor explained. I could practically feel all of the confusion from everyone else in the room. It’s the first day, and we find out we have such a perplexing class. I glanced back at the boy beside me; he had an amused look on his face rather than a confused one.

            “Why can’t you teach us like the other professors?!” One aggravated voice exclaimed.

            “Because this class is not like any other class in your program.” North replied. “If you’d allow me to explain then maybe you’ll understand.” That statement got everyone to shut up.

            “This class is Human Emotion Psychology. Yes, I can give you work from the textbook, but you cannot truly understand this class until you yourself go through several exercises to, how shall I put this? Find yourself.” He explained. “That being said, there will be things covered from your textbook, but there will be more than ¾s of your final mark will be in these.” North held up a black leather notebook in the air for all of us to see. In fact, he had already take stacks of them to hand out to everyone.

            “This is your journal.” He explained as the books were being passed around. “You will write an entry in it every day from now until the day before your final exam. I will be collecting these journals every two weeks and keeping track of your progress from there. I will tell you now that I know when someone lies in their writing; if you do so then it is an automatic failure.” I could practically hear the curses and groans coming from the other students; they probably though this course was going to be a breeze.

            “Furthermore, the more you pour yourself into each entry, the higher your marks will be. That is why this course has a fairly high success rate. The students who took this class and journals seriously achieved high 90s and 100s, while slackers and the people who bullshit their work got 0s.” North revealed. If getting such a high grade is easy in this class, then surely everyone would take it seriously. Until-

            “You’ll essentially be writing about your day and how you feel about the things that happened.” I could hear the mental groans from the class. I looked around to find that each of them had the same expression of ‘Seriously now?’ I shouldn’t have looked because I accidentally made eye contact with the guy beside me again. He held my gaze and looked as if he was studying not only my face, but my entire being; it made my heart skip a little, and I felt yet another blush rise to my cheeks. I quickly averted my eyes and focused back to North.

            “Any questions before I give you your first entry?” he asked. The class remained silent; the concept was simple. Just write what you feel, then get the marks. North walked to the board and grabbed a piece of chalk.

            “Great, now this entry is due tomorrow.” He started writing on the board. Everyone flipped open their books to jot down the assignment.

            “Very simple. I’ll give you the rest of the period to work on it. We’ll start the real work tomorrow.” North said as he moved away from the board. Basically it was writing out a biography about us as if it was the back of a trading card; I got to work immediately.

Name: Elsa Arendelle

Date of Birth: December 31st 1993

Age: 21

Field of Study: Major in Psychology, Minor in English

Nationality: Norwegian

Favourite Colour: Blue (Light)

Favourite Song: Sweater Weather- The Neighbourhood

Favourite Food: Chocolate

Season of Choice: Winter

            After that set of questions, they got more personal, tricky and specific.

Personal Quote/ Quote to Live By: “Life is a game. Maturity, intelligence and discipline are the keys to win.”- Anon

Favourite Experience & Why: Playing with my little sister when we were young. Neither of us had to worry about growing up.

Something you’d like to achieve in your lifetime: Making my parents proud.

            Then the last two questions made me stop because I didn’t know the answers.

How do you see yourself?:

Are you happy?:

            “You are dismissed. I’ll see you all tomorrow.” North announced to the class. Everyone stood up almost all at once and scurried out the door. I gathered all of my books and got up to leave; until some moron shoved past me and made me drop all of my stuff. I groaned and bent down to pick my things up. I was piling my loose papers together when a cold hand overlapped mine to get the same thing.

            “You should really get a studier binder.” He said. I looked up to see the silver haired guy helping me pick up my things.

            “Um, yeah.” I blushed as I gathered everything up and scurried out of the room before having a conversation with him. I hurried to the station to wait for the next shuttle.

            “Make sure you have your I.D cards, otherwise pay a $7 fare.” A worker informed. I dug through my bag to search for the piece of plastic what may as well be my life line. Crap, it was in that pocket, where is it?

            “You forgot this.” A deep voice said as they held my card in front of my eyes. His dark cloths and tall structure were all I needed to clarify.

            “Thanks.” I muttered as ii took it from his hands.

            “No problem Ms. Arendelle.” He snickered as he turned to walk away.

            “Hey.” I accidentally blurted. He looked back at me with a cocky expression.

            “It’s not really fair that you know my name yet I don’t know yours.” I called out.

            “You don’t need to worry about my name.” he said.

            “Actually I do.” I snapped. “It’s an even trade of information. Now, what’s your name?” he only chuckled and turned away.

            “Jack Frost.” He said before walking away. “And trust me; you won’t need to worry about me, since you’re going to be the new CEO of EIA Industries.” My blood ran cold’ he knew who my father was. How rude of him… though he was right.

            ‘Jack Frost’ I thought. That’s a name I’d have to look out for; I can feel it.

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