Ice Skates & Guitar Strings

Perfection. That was all she strived to be, or more so what her parents wanted her to be. Every decision was made for her, including the things that were supposed to make her 'happy'. Elsa's life begins to change the moment she's acquainted one of the school's bad boys, Jack Frost. However looks may be deceiving, for he is about to teach her that perfection doesn't necessarily lead to true happiness...


18. Break Part 2

            “Elsa dear.” My father called as soon as I stepped into the foyer. I walked to the living room where my father was having a drink with two men I did now know, and-
            “Elsa?” he stood and walked over to give me a hug.
            “What are you doing here?”
            “My dad…” he answered trailing off.
“Makes sense. I just didn’t know our parents are business partners.”
            “Julian!” Anna cheered as she ran up to hug him.
            “You know each other then.” My father stated.
            “We all go to DDU and we met through friends.” Anna explained.
            “Then I assume you’ve met my boy’s girlfriend.” Julian’s father spoke; he glanced at my father who showed no reaction.
            “Y-yeah…” I nodded. The man stood and held out his hand. His dark hair and dazzling blue eyes look all too familiar. The main difference was his scruff and partially aged face.
            “Aaron Elrondey.” He introduced. I took his hand.
            “Elsa Arendelle.” I smiled.
            “Anna Arendelle.” My sister also introduced herself.
            “Shall we head out?” My father suggested. “Stoick said he would meet us there.” We all agreed and made our way out of the house… to the limo. Of course you had to get a limo dad, you couldn’t just drive your friggen Porsche could you?
            We all filed in. I sat between my sister and Julian while my mom sat in front of me conversing with another woman. My dad and Aaron somehow merged into that conversation.
            “Does this mean we’re spending the break together?” Julian asked.
            “Probably.” I replied.
            “Damn it!” he groaned.
            “Why? Don’t want to hang out with the two of us?” I teased.
            “No it’s not that. I just miss Q.” he answered.
            “Aw! Jul.” Anna cooed. “Don’t worry, we both miss our guys.” I elbowed my sister.
            “’Our guys?’”
            “Just her. I don’t have a boyfriend.” I quickly recovered. Although it was technically true, it did hurt to admit it.
            “So Q’s in New York?” Anna asked as we walked out of the limo.
            “Not exactly. She went up to Toronto to visit her family, but we’re going to try to meet up in a few days.”
            “Q’s Canadian?” I asked.
            “Yeah. She only came down here for the scholarships that were offered to her.” He admitted.
            “Then how were you together for three years?” Anna questioned.
            “Do you really want me to get into that long story?” he snorted. I looked around and gestured to our parents conversing.
            “Please do, I don’t want to get into their conversation.” I pleaded. They both nodded in agreement as we walked into the restaurant.
            In the front was a large man with fire red hair and a beard was waiting for us.
            “I was wondering where you were.” He laughed coming closer to us with open arms.
            “Stoick! It’s been too long my friend.” Father greeted as the two shook hands and clapped each other on the back.
            “Haddock! Where have you been all this time?” Aaron greeted.
            Haddock? As in-?
            “Elsa?” that familiar voice spoke from behind me. Sure enough, there was my best friend in a three piece suit.
            “Hiccup!” I ran to him and wrapped my arms around him.
            “What are you doing here?” he asked.
            “I told you I was going to say with my parents this break. Why are you here?”
            “Astrid’s spending time with her family and I’m just chilling with my dad this break since my mom’s overseas.”
            “You could have told me you were coming Hic.” Julian cut in.
            “I didn’t know I was staying in New York.” Hiccup replied.
            “Sorry to cut your conversation youngsters, but we have to be seated now.” Aaron cut in.
            None of us argued since we were all pretty hungry. We followed the hostess towards the big table, making sure the four of us ‘youngsters’ claimed the end of the table. As I guessed, I was forced to sit close to my dad so we could talk if her needed me to.
            “Jul, you still never told us how you met Q.” Anna remembered. Almost immediately Hiccup started laughing beside me.
            “It’s not that funny!” Julian defended.
            “Yeah it is. Your first encounter and how you asked her out was also pretty damn hilarious.”
            “Okay from the beginning boys.” I encouraged.
            “Q’s parents are originally from Vancouver, but … Q’s dad passed away when she was 11, that’s the first thing you should know.” Julian started. “But before he died, he taught her how to fence. Well since then she just kept pursing it, and when she was 14 she moved to Chicago to live with her aunt because she was scouted for a for a fencing scholarship. Her mom moved to Toronto to start fresh and she eventually got remarried. Meanwhile, Q stayed with her Aunt and ended up getting another scholarship to DDU.”
            “So she got scholarships to the best schools because she was good at sports.” I concluded. “Still doesn’t explain how you two met.”
            “I was getting to that. I’m close to Astrid, and she met Q through some martial arts classes. One day when Hiccup and I was hanging out… talking about stuff-“
            “How you can shove 23 chicken nuggets in your mouth.” Hiccup laughed.
            “25 Haddock.” Jul corrected. “Anyway… I was trying to prove a point that I could do it. When I was on the last nugget… both of the girls walked in to find me with two dozen nuggets shoved in my mouth.”
            “Anna choked on her water while I covered my mouth before the laughs exploded out.
            “Hey, laugh all you want. Just know that her reaction made me want to marry her.”
            “What? How did she react to that?” Anna asked.
            “She cheered me on before I shoved the last one in my mouth.” He said with a smile.
            “Yep, that’s Q.” Anna snorted.
            “She’s actually in Toronto right now, so we might meet up later in the break.” Julian said.
            “Well that’s sweet of you. I wish I could meet up with Kristoff.” Anna sighed.
            “Why don’t you?” Hiccup asked.
            “Because my parents won’t let me, and the drive is really far.” She answered.
            “Just invite him.” I suggested. “You know he would do it.”
            “After Christmas. You should at least be able to see your boyfriend during the holiday.” I reasoned without really realizing what I was saying.
            “Maybe I will invite him.” She nodded. The three of them continued their conversation, leaving me to think about what I just said. It had only been a few weeks, maybe two months at most. Even though I know Jack isn’t my boyfriend, it still hurt to think otherwise.
********** Jack’s P.O.V *********
            “We’re here!” my mom called into the halls of my aunt’s house. I carried the bags inside while my sister just ran right in.
            “Hi Aunt Helen!” Emma greeted before giving her a hug.
            “It’s so good to see you!” she smiled. She turned to me and I immediately saw some emotion fade away.
            “Hey Aunt Helen.” I attempted to greet. She pulled me into her arms.
            “It’s good to see you too Jack.” She murmured in my ear. It’s really no surprise that my family is still adjusting to my appearance, but I have my reasons.
            “It’s nice to see you too.” I replied.
            “Where’s Quinn?” Emma asked.
            “She should be upstairs. I think she’s talking to her boyfriend.”
            “She’s still with that loser?” I snorted.
            “Laugh all you want Jack, but Julian is a very sweet boy.” She teased. “Quinn! They’re here!”
            Almost immediately we heard someone start running from the second floor. Quinn came running down the stairs and tackled my sister and I into a hug. Aunt Helen just laughed and went to find my mom.
            “Finally! It’s been forever.” She huffed.
            “We go to the same school.” I snickered. “And go to the house on the weekends.”
            “I know, but it gets lonely here.” She reasoned. “I mean all that’s happening is planning Christmas and my sister’s baptism.”
            “So you haven’t left the house at all?” Emma asked.
            “No. And I’ve been lonely for three days.”
            “Well let’s do something then!” I suggested. “Let’s get out of the house.”
            “But you just got here- never mind. Let’s go.” Q agreed. I know she only agreed because of my expression. Maybe it was because Q is basically my sister, but she can read me like a book if she really tried to.
            “Do you mind f I stay back?” Emma asked. “I just want to sleep.”
            “Yeah okay. Do you want anything?” Q asked.
            “Poutine.” She smiled.
            “Okay, we won’t be long.” Q assured her as she grabbed her keys. We let everyone know we were going out before climbing into Q’s car.
            “So,” she said as she started the car. “Why did we have to leave?”
            “Because I’m not down to stay in a house where people are going to judge me.” I grumbled.
            “They’re not going to judge you.”
            “Fine, then they feel ashamed by me.” I corrected. “And don’t you try to defend it; I saw you’re mom’s judgemental eyes when I walked through the door.”
            “It’s just my mom. She’s always judgemental.”
            “And so is everyone else.”
            “Not Elsa.” She blurted. I knew she would bring her up somehow.
            “What makes you think that?”
            “Because she wouldn’t be dating you.” She reasoned. “I don’t think Elsa cares if she’s seen with yo-“
            “Remind me never to tell you anything ever again.” I bluntly cut in.
            “Hear me out Jackass.” She snarled. “If she really was that kind of person, then she wouldn’t make the effort to see you so often. She would be hanging out with our friends instead of ordering pizza and watching movies alone with you.” I shook my head.
            “I can still feel her doubts about me.” I mumbled.
            “Did you tell her?”
            “Tell her what?”
            “Don’t be dumb. Did you tell her everything?” Like your whole story or how you came to be.” Why was she asking such a dumb question?
            “No, of course I didn’t tell her.” I fumed. “Why would I?”
            “Because once everything is out in the open, then she’ll make the decision on whether or not she wants to be with you.”
            I seriously hate when Cupid here is right.
            “Have I told you how much I hate you?” I asked.
            “Frequently.” She smiled as she drove out of the street.

Hey guys! I'm SSOOOOOOO SORRY!!! i know it's been a while, but it's exam time and i've been like crazy busy. seriously, i think i have enough of white hair that i can dye and make a pin of.... it sucks i know. Hopefully i do well during my exams since the start wednesday.... I cry because i don;t feel ready. *sigh* a least Clash of Eras chapter one is already written so i can just give it to you on wednesday, right on schedule. I made this chapter as long as i could because it's been so long. this is actually the longest chapter. I hope i can post again soon! Luv you all! Happy REading ;)

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