Ice Skates & Guitar Strings

Perfection. That was all she strived to be, or more so what her parents wanted her to be. Every decision was made for her, including the things that were supposed to make her 'happy'. Elsa's life begins to change the moment she's acquainted one of the school's bad boys, Jack Frost. However looks may be deceiving, for he is about to teach her that perfection doesn't necessarily lead to true happiness...


19. A Thousand Stars Part 1

     “Pete!” his voice called out as we walked back into the house. Some guy with really dark hair and pale skin came towards us.
            “Andy!” he greeted, but then locked eyes with me.
            “Who’s this?”
            “Meet the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen.” He said looking to me to give my name.
            “Lisa.” I lied.
            “Pretty name for such a pretty girl.” Pete winked.
            “Thanks.” I smiled. “Actually I should find my friends. I need to know how I’m getting home.”
            “What’s the rush? It’s barely midnight.” Andy pointed out. “Why don’t you hang out with us and have a few drinks?”
            “I don’t want to impose; or keep you from your friends.”
            “It’s just the two of us Lisa.”
            “Oh, well okay.” I nodded. “I need a drink.”
            “Let’s all get one.” Pete suggested leading me to the kitchen. I started making a vodka cranberry as soon as I saw the bottle of clear fluid.
            “Wait, let’s do some shots!” Andy suggested.
            “With what?” 
            “Pornstars! I just found a whole pitcher full.” Pete exclaimed. I blushed at the name.
            “Vulgar name, but they taste delicious. Almost like Sour Puss, just not as sour.”
            “Sour Puss?” I questioned. The two guys looked at me like I had two heads.
            “Bring on the Sour Pussies!” Pete shouted. “You’re trying these two drinks. They’re the best for parties.” As I sipped my cranberry, the two guys obtained a pitcher of purplish fluid and two bottles filled with some vibrant green liquid from the fridge.
            “Get three shot glasses from the sink.” Andy called to Pete as we tried to find an empty space to do shots.
            “We should do them outside, there’s no room in here.” I suggested.
            “Aren’t there picnic tables or something?” Pete pointed out.
            “Yeah let’s go.”
            I opened the door to the backyard again so we could drink the rest of the night away.
            “It’s too soon for my girls to leave.” Mother said as she hugged us outside.
            “We would love to stay, but we have classes.” Anna answered.
            “Still, I wish you two didn’t grow up so fast.”
            “I know mom. We didn’t want to grow up either.” I said the truth. She gave us one final squeeze before letting us go.
            “Take care you two.” She smiled.
            “We will, and tell dad we say goodbye.” I said. He had an emergency conference call to tend to… in California. He said goodbye to us, but it still got me mad that he didn’t even think about taking mom with him.
            “Take these.” Mother said handing us a cookie tin. “And try not to finish them before you get back on campus.”
            “Tough when you have this one as your passenger.” I smirked gesturing to Anna.
            “I’ll save you two.” She laughed.
            “Of the smallest ones.” I rolled my eyes. Mother laughed at our bantering and gave us both a kiss on the cheek.
            “Love you Mom.” We both said to her before turning away. Mother grabbed my wrist to tell me something.
            “Remember what I said. Be happy.”
            I nodded and made my way to the car.
            “Ready to go back to Chicago?” Anna asked as she buckled in.
            “Ready, but I’m not excited.”
            “Not excited to see Jack?”
            “Except for that.” I blurted before I could stop myself and pulled out of the driveway.
            “I’m actually looking forward to classes again.” I admitted as I walked out of the bus with Hiccup.
            “Are you crazy? Or did Anna slip something in your coffee this morning?”
            “Actually, I get to get away from my father and his obsession with his company.” I said. “He barely saw us this break, and left my mom while he went to California for a conference.”
            “Okay, what’s up with him? My dad’s not even that obsessed with his own company.”
            “I don’t know. And I really wish I could say I don’t care, but-“
            “He’s dragging you with him.”
            “Yeah.” I sighed. Hiccup grabbed the sleeve of my jacket to stop us from walking.
            “Elsa, you should know… Never mind.” Hiccup stopped himself.
            “No, say it Hiccup.”
            He sighed.
            “Okay, but don’t take this too hard, and remember that it’s not happening.”
            “Okay…What’s not happening?”
            “When we were at dinner I overheard our parents talking. They were having a normal conversation until-“
            “Your dad tried to arrange a marriage between you and me or you and Julian.”
            My breath just hitched in my throat out of pure shock. I wasn’t surprised that he would try to arrange something for me, I was more surprised that it would be so goddamn soon.
            “That bastard.” I grumbled.
            “I’m sorry Elsa.”
            “Why now?... And why isn’t it happening?”
            “How come the arrangement isn’t happening?”
            “My dad and Julian’s dad shut him down. They know about Astrid and Q, and they have known about them for a few years. My dad even has a real bond with Astrid considering they like more masculine things; Same with Julian’s dad and Q.”
            “Wow, if only I had a dad like that.” I sighed.
            I don’t think dad would approve of Jack like that at all. I can only imagine him strangling Jack if he saw me with him… or maybe the other way around.
            “He really should change his mind set. Yeah you’re the heir of one of the biggest companies in the world, but you have a life.”
            “Trust me Hiccup, I know, Anna knows, my mother knows, every single person in America knows, but you really think that will change his mind?”
            “… True.” It was useless to fight or talk about it now since the conversation would lead to nowhere.
            “Look, let’s drop it.” I sighed. “I’ll see you later.”
            I ran into the building before Hiccup could protest or say anything. Whenever I talk about that subject, things always go bad. Last time I had that conversation with one of my friends, I went to a party…
Journal Entry #12
            My dreams are getting worse. I don’t get it; I thought with this new start in University, new friends and all, I’d expect my life to start to turn around. However it’s been the exact opposite. My dreams at night have gotten extremely vivid and last so much longer. It’s almost as if I will never be able to move on from my past even though that’s all I strive to do.
            So please tell me Professor, tell me how I can move on from my dark past so I can get on with the life that I really want. Even though you aren’t allowed to answer these types of questions, I’m pleading that you do.
            I didn’t even realize I was crying until some of my tears began to fall into my notebook. As if on cue, my phone started to ring. I flipped it over to see his face on the screen.
            “Crap.” I hissed as I furiously wiped away my tears and tried to calm my voice.
            “Hello?” I answered.
            “Hey Elsa.” Jack greeted.
            “What’s up?” my shaky voice replied.
            “Noth- wait are you crying?”
            “It’s nothing. I was just getting really emotional.”
            “Are you okay? What happened?”
            “Is Badass Jack worrying about me?”
            “That’s a good one.”
            “Well before it was Badass Jackass, so…”
            “That was your name for me?”
            “Yes it was, but I think you’ve gone soft.” I smirked. In the phone I was able to hear lots of background noise, almost as if he was…
            “Are you driving right now?”
            “Yeah, I’m coming to see you.”
            “What? Why?”
            “Because of your emotional state and I want to see you.”
            “Jack I’m fine.” I groaned.  
            “Too late, I’m pulling into your parking lot now.” He laughed.
            “Elsa.” He mocked. “Get dressed, I’m taking you out.”
            “It’s 9PM on a Thursday night.”
            “Exactly. I’m on the elevator now. If you’re not ready by the time I get there then I’m dragging you out, even if you’re in your fluffy snowflake pyjamas.”
            I was actually wearing those pyjamas at that exact moment.
            “Fine, you’re really annoying you know.”
            “I know.” He hung up. I put my phone down and quickly stripped off my comfy cloths to wear leggings and a baggy sweater… still comfortable, but not as embarrassing to be seen in.
            Just as I grabbed my phone from my desk, there was a knock on the door.
            “Who’s that?!” Anna asked from the kitchen.
            “I’ll be back in a while.” I said walking to the door.
            “You know it’s cool if you don’t come back tonight.” She winked. I tensed up realizing what I just heard and tried to calm myself before I opened the door.
            “Ready to go?” Jack smirked.
            “If it’s somewhere without any extreme weather then yes I am.”
            “Good.” He said taking my wrist. “Let’s go.”

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