Ice Skates & Guitar Strings

Perfection. That was all she strived to be, or more so what her parents wanted her to be. Every decision was made for her, including the things that were supposed to make her 'happy'. Elsa's life begins to change the moment she's acquainted one of the school's bad boys, Jack Frost. However looks may be deceiving, for he is about to teach her that perfection doesn't necessarily lead to true happiness...


2. A 'Fresh' Start

           DISCLAIMER: The characters in this fiction belong to Disney and DreamWorks... With a few acceptions with my origional characters. But most of these characters I DO NOT OWN.
                WARNING!!! This fiction is rated M for language, descriptions of rape, violence and possibly the use of drugs. If you cannot handle any of these, then i suggest you turn away now otherwise keep reading this fanfiction. You have been warned.


                “Don’t! Stop!” I cried as they ran their hands all over me.
            “I thought she was knocked out!” One of them huffed.
            “She was! Blaze is such a liar; he said this shit would last for hours, not fucking minutes.” The one holding me from behind hissed.
            “Somebody help me Please!” I screamed as I tried to thrash out of their hold. They held my hands behind me. One was right up in my face, so when he leaned in I sunk my teeth into the first bit of flesh they could reach and tore it off. He yelped out in pain and backed off. I then launched my head back, hitting something hard and hearing a sickening crunch. They released me for a moment, so I tried to run for it. Then a fist dug its way in my solar plexus, knocking the wind out of my lungs. Arms were wrapped around me yet again as I tried to find the fight in me.
            “She broke my nose!” An aggravated voice exclaimed.
            “So?! THIS BITCH RIPPED OFF MY FUCKING EAR!!!” The one who was holding me screamed.
            “Knock her out dude!” one of their voices said. A hand covered my mouth and seconds later something smashed into the side of my head. I dazed and tried to come to my senses before something worse could happen, but another blow crashed down on my head causing me to black out. 
            “NO!!!!” I screamed at the top of my lungs as I shot up from my bed. My heart was racing, my lungs kept demanding more air and I was covered in a thick layer of sweat. It had been nearly five years since the incident, yet those dark and disgusting memories kept haunting my dreams; especially since I moved back here, they have become more vivid.
            “Elsa?” My sister groaned as she opened my door. “Are you okay?” I feel bad for waking my 18 year- old sister at 3AM; Then again it wasn’t my idea to get a dorm with her in the first place.
            “Yeah.” I panted. “Sorry, go back to sleep.”
            “Are you sure? I can stay up with you if you want.” She offered with a yawn.
            “I’m fine.” I practically snapped. “Go to sleep. It’s 3:30. I’ll wake you up later.” She nodded her sleepy head and made her way back to her room. I sighed and flopped back down onto my bed. I knew coming back here was a mistake; that’s why father moved us away from California in the first place, to get rid of the memories. Of course we just had to come back because he went from Vice President to CEO of his company. And naturally Anna and I had no say in it; not to mention mother’s choice of word to ‘get over it, it happened five years ago.’ No mother, you don’t just get over things like that; you wouldn’t know; you have a perfect little life.
            Who am I kidding? Hating on my parents isn’t going to do anything, especially since they’ve done nothing but support me my entire life. I at least owe it to them to get out of university, get a good job and support myself. That’s all they wanted from me, but I wish they didn’t go through such drastic measures to make it a reality.
            I groaned realizing that the blanket of sleep had been taken from me. I might as well plan through everything now. I pushed my blanket off of me and swung my legs off the edge of my bed. I sat at my desk and pulled out my schedule for the semester, as well as the map mother provided for me.
            “You have to take a bus to get from this building to your next one.” Anna pointed out of nowhere.
            “I thought you were sleeping.” I smiled as I observed the route she mapped out.
            “Jet lag I guess.” She shrugged as she looked at my schedule and made sour faces when she saw my classes.
            “It’s a one hour difference.”
            “Hey now, jet lag really gets to me.” She tried to defend.
            “Whatever.” I sighed and changed the subject. “Why is this campus so big?”
            “It’s DDU. What did you expect?”
            “That there would be far less students.”
            “Well they do have a lot of the best programs here.” Anna reminded me.
            “That’s true; but I’m not too sure all these students are top notch.” I admitted. “Like did you notice that it smelled coming up here?”
            “That’s what university students do Elsa.” She scoffed. “You’d know if you came out with me once in a while.” I stopped writing in my planner.
            “Anna, how many times do we have to go through this?” I sighed.
            “We’ve talked about it too much. I don’t need to hear it again.” She whined. I agree with her; I hate whenever we talk about that stuff. She has to accept the fact that I may never go to a party in my life time, unless my parents tell me to do so.  
            “Fine.” I stated as I continued to plan out my day. “Go back to sleep Anna, I’ll wake you up so you can get ready.” She looked hurt when I said that, but nodded and exited my room. I always feel bad for shutting her out, but she needs to learn how to grow up soon…
            “It’s only been 5 minutes since we left the dorm.” I said to Anna who kept trying to rub the sleep from her eyes; or maybe the dust from the fall breeze. I honestly have no clue as to how she managed to get ready in three minutes; and by get ready I mean shower, put on her sweater and jean and braid her hair. I needed at least an hour to properly shower, brush my hair and pull on the right clothing. I wish I had my sister’s mad skills sometimes.
            “It feels like hours.” Anna whined. I rolled my eyes and continued reading through my mental health textbook. We were walking to our first building of the day. We were lucky enough that both of our first classes were in the same building, probably father’s doing if you ask me. I was really getting into the statistics of anxieties when I bumped into someone, causing me to fall over.
            “Watch it nerd.” Her vial voice hissed. I looked up at her to see her piercing grey eyes. Her long, wavy, salt and pepper hair accented her face to make her look more vicious. Not to mention her maroon shirt, black skinnies, combat boots, piercings and stud jewellery to give her even more of an edge.
            “Gothel.” A guy’s voice snapped from behind her. He placed a hand on her shoulder. “Let’s go.” His appearance didn’t look any kinder than hers. He had abnormally pale skin and spikey jet black hair. Unlike her, he wore all black and had a number of piercings as well as tattoos covering every inch of his arms and neck. I swear he wears contacts because nobody’s eyes could naturally be that shade of yellow.  
            The girl gave me one last glance before rolling her eyes and walking back to her group. There were about three more of them, but I didn’t focus on any of them. All except one in particular, just because he stood out. His back was towards me, but he was the only one with silver hair, making him stand out like a candle in the darkness.
            “What a bitch.” Anna remarked as she helped me up.
            “Just leave them be Anna. I highly doubt that we’ll see them again.” I sighed as I brushed myself off.
            “We better not! I nearly slugged that cunt in the face for stepping on your book and her bitchy attitude.” Anna raged.
            “Language.” I scolded. “Wait, she did what?” I looked down at the round. Sure enough, my new textbook was open, pages down and a boot print imbedded on the cover. When I picked it up the paged were folded, ruining the crisp feeling of the new book.
           “Seriously now?” I whined as I tried to fold the pages back and wipe off the cover.
           “Need me to give her a few swipes? Cause I’ll do it.” Anna offered as she cracked her knuckles and searched the crowd for her.
           “No, I need you to get to class Anna.” I pleaded as I practically dragged her into the building. “Remember that you’re a freshmen.”
           “Yeah, but it’s both of our first days, so technically that makes you a freshmen too.” She pointed out as we walked into the atrium.
           “Yeah, yeah. Just get to class.” I smiled. Anna hugged me goodbye and made her way to her first class. I knew she had her class on a different floor since she gave me her schedule and begged for me to help her map out her route. She was on the first floor, while I had my first class on the second floor, lecture room 3. When I walked in, students were already taking their seats in the 50 seat classroom. The only seats available were at the very front of the class or the very back of the class. Me being me, I sat in the front to make a good impression; however I took the seat at the end of the row so I wasn’t in the centre. What? I didn’t want to look like a total teacher’s pet… on the first day at least. Within minutes, almost all the seats in the small room were full, and a big man wearing a red suit and had a white beard and white hair walked in; my professor. 

Hey guys! So yeah this is the first official chapter of my newest Jelsa fanfiction. I hope you guys like this one just as much as my first one because i can tell you right now that this is VERY different from the other one. But yeah, tell me what you think. I know this chapter wasn't that long, but i usually start my chapters short and make them longer as the book progresses. Nonetheless i hope you enjoyed it. I may not post again for awhile because, A) my family from Vancouver's here, 2)i have to go to a wedding in chicago on thursday and i'm staying there till Monday... i think, and D) school is starting soon here -______-. It starts on September 2nd.... so yeah. i'll try to post when i can! Luv you all! Happy Reading ;) 

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