The foreign exchange program


1. leaving home

MY First Story So I Greatly Appreciate Any Comments Or Tips Just Don't Be A Bitch About It BTW Picture Of Sarah To The Side.>

Sarah's POV

"Sarah" screamed my mom as she busted through my bedroom door.

I sleepily looked up at her and said " I didn't do it, Jamie did" Jamie is my annoying little 8 year old brother.

She gave me her signature really that's what you're going with look. I sheepishly smiled at her as she rolled her eyes and huffed then said "Sarah get up you have to catch your flight in a couple hours."

"OK Ma" I replied as I rushed to get into the bathroom.I turned locked the door then went and started the shower as I waited for the water to heat .

I turned to the mirror and threw my long hair into a messy bun as I stared at myself in the bathroom mirror I saw my usual boring choclate brown eyes and straight brown hair. I turned and undressed and got in the shower scrubbing myself with my orange blossom body wash and rinsed off then stepped out wrapped the towel around my body and walked into my room.

As I walked to my closet drying off I put on my airport outfit which consisted of an green off the shoulder oversized sweatshirt my light blue jeggings and green high top converse .

I put my black carry on bag on my back grabbed my 2 suitcases and duffel bag then double checked I had everything and closed my bedroom door.

I got to the top of the stairs looked at all my bags and tossed the duffel down the stairs .

"Oww" whined Jamie as the bag hit his leg.

"Sorry , can u come help me with my bags" I asked I saw him nod and come up the stairs as he grabbed one suitcase and said "I'm gonna miss you"

I looked over and saw him staring at the ground I leaned over and said quietly

"I'll miss you too" as I smiled at him .I hugged my dad and Jamie and got into the car waving to them as my mom drove off headed towards the airport,headed towards something new, something unexpected I just didn't realize how unexpected it would be.

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