The Mouse Trap Experiment

"You need to learn, Miss Wyte. I have seen many young people like you fall into the arms of drugs, and it simply is a shame that you have considered it a way out of my much needed experiment. I simply won't have it. No matter how much you deny it, you are mine."
If the person you love turns nasty in the blink of an eye and forces you to be a lab rat in their sick experiments, what lengths will you go to to pull yourself away? Risking death, drugs and an identity change, Mel Wyte is shoved into the reality of a real to life mouse trap.

*Cover done by the amazing C.H. Potter*


1. Prologue.

        "No! Get away from me! I don't love you any more! What you're doing-it's sick, disgusting! I won't be a lab rat...Get-get away please, please I don't want to marry you...You-you're ill, this isn't you, and you know it!" He wasn't listening. He didn't care. Once, a long time ago, he did-or, at least, I thought he did. Not any more. That was all forgotten, now that this person had taken over like some ungodly bug, worming into his brain like a snake.

        I thought I loved him. Maybe I still do. I thought I did. Now? I wanted to get the hell away from this-this monster. I'll look back, one day, and probably find it funny how love can make you so blind to the things you'd notice if you weren't in love. Probably.

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