Destined To Kill

Since she was little , Melrina was taught to behave . Little did she know that her parents was hiding her from her destiny . A dark destiny her mother once went through and surpisely survied. She was destined to kill from birth. It started with her pet rabbit, AJ and to her almost her sister. Now Melrina has to choose between her sick future and her dreamt future.

cover by @Crown of Shadownight


1. Prologue

A dark hollow road with only one street light on showed two shadowed figures standing under it. "She has it". A person in cloak said while looking at the mom.Who was holding a baby. The mom frowned " She can't have it! Then how come her sister didn't get it? Are you sure , Chris?". Chris raised one eyebrow " Look at her eyes they have a cut in them. Just like yours, Lirray". He pointed at the baby's emberald eyes which indeed had a little cut her pupil. Lirray cried " Remember when I had it? I don't know if I can deal with agian .Or if she can survive . Chris , I was put in a alyssum for almost killing our mom. Who knows if what she'll do". Chris grabbed her and hugged her tightly . " Lirray you survived it . So, will she . So, calm down . How about this until she turns 16 , you and your husband will have to keep the thought of violence away from okay? ". She nodded her head and wiped her tears aways . She kissed her baby's forehead and whispered " Mommy, will keep you safe , no matter what it takes " ( That's the first chapter of "Destined To Kill" and its my first movella so no rude comments . )
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