Luke Hemmings.


1. Liz.


I woke up and for a moment I forgot everything that happened, and in that small moment I was actually happy.. But that only lasted a second. I started remembering what happened.. With Liz. I felt tears fill my eyes, and before I knew it I was crying. I wiped my eyes quickly when I realized this and I went to get ready for school. I put on a Ramones shirt, black jeans, and some converse . I put my hair in a messy bun, put on some mascara and went downstairs.

My mother was shocked to see I got out of bed. She asked me where I was going.

I said " school.. "

She stared at me with tears in her eyes and said,

" you know you don't have to, it hasn't even been a week.. since your sister, you know passed away..."

" I know mom, but I really want to see Luke right now.. Okay?"

She didn't say anything she just sat there staring at the ceiling. So I left. When I got to school Luke was waiting for me by the old oak tree. When he saw me he ran over a gave me a big hug. Then he just stared at me. I usually hate when people do that but when Luke does it, you can't help but love it. He finally broke the silence by saying " are you okay?" With a concerned face. I said

"Yeah, I'm feeling a lot better now. I think I just needed a hug." He knew i was lying and didn't want to talk about it so he changed the subject

" So, has Shawn came to see you?"

"Actually no, we broke up.. He said that I would be to much 'work' now"

I said it with a giggle

"Well you still have me" he said and kissed me cheek. Then we both just chuckled and started walking to class. When we go to our English class Luke and I sat by our friends Ashton, Calum, and Micheal. Ashton was dating my sister before.. Well you know. He was just sort of quiet and distant the past week. But who could blame him, he was with my sister for 2 years. Calum kept on trying to talk to him the whole class period but he didn't respond. Luke was staring at me for the entire class, I'm pretty sure he was trying to make sure I was okay at being in school. And Michael was just doodling in his notebook.

~ Lunch ~

Me, Ashton, Calum, Michael, Lydia, and Luke. Lydia is Luke's girlfriend, they have been dating for about 3 months now. Ashton was still being distant, Calum was having a contest with Michael to see who can eat their lunches the fastest, and Luke and Lydia were fighting about how he never gives her enough attention. I sat there on my phone scrolling through my twitter dashboard everything was pictures of my sister. I couldn't anymore...

I took my bag and walked out I the cafeteria. I went to the oak tree at the front of the school so nobody would see me cry. But Luke noticed I was gone and he knows when I'm sad I always go to the oak tree. He ran up to me and just held me. After about a minute I stopped crying and looked up at Luke our eyes met. He put his hands around my waist and said "I always wanted to do this." And he kissed me. I was surprised but I kissed him back. I pulled back when I remembered he was dating Lydia. I've always liked Luke but when him and Lydia got together I thought I forgot about it, but I guess I didn't. When I pulled back Luke looked hurt.

"What about Lydia?" I asked

"We're done I promise." He responded staring into my eyes. He grabbed my waist and pulled me in closer and kissed me again.

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