1. Introduction

There's this feeling I get whenever I get extremely nervous and/or terrified. It's the feeling I get when I wake up from my bad dream where I'm running from an unknown subject in an abandoned park. Everything is a deep, dark green or black. It's the feeling I get when someone whose two seconds away from a restraining order is around me wherever I go. It's also the feeling that struck me when I stood outside of the practice room in the music commons and listened to the music flowing out of it. I'm guessing it's a medley of all of the songs in The Pirates of The Caribbean (my all time favourite movie because of the soundtrack). My heart was beating fast and I had to take short and staggering breaths.

'Breath, Sky. Breath.'

This is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard. I want for it to keep playing. The feeling starts to spread throughout my entire body and I can no longer tell my legs to move. I'm stuck, completely frozen.

And that's when the music stopped.

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