Dial of Chance (Louistomlinson love story)


9. Pranks and Nerf gun war

(A/n Hey guys so as you can see I added another character she's actually my best friend Abby, thanks for all the reads and votes I appreciate it(:xx smiley faces with hats(:xx I love this family(:xx I love y'all so much(:xx words can't describe how happy I am right now, thanks for answering my questions love you(:xx


Sofi's POV

I woke up and the others were still sleeping, then I got an idea, I got up and walked upstairs to get dressed, after I got dressed I went into McKenna's room and then I saw the most cutest thing ever, Louis had his arms protectively around McKenna, and McKenna was snuggled up to him with a smile on her face, I went over to the bed quietly "Micky wake up" I said as I shook McKenna to wake up, she woke up and was like "what??" She asked confused "let's go wake the girls up and prank the boys we will need to go to the store to get the supplies" I said she grinned and then she slowly got out of Louis' arms, then we went to wake up the other girls. After we got all the other girls up we headed to the store we walked into "toys r us" I grabbed some silly string, nerf guns, Saran Wrap, whipped cream, confetti, and streamer. We paid for the stuff, then we went home, when we got home the boys were still asleep, we got all of the stuff we went into Louis' room we walked into his room with silly string then we sprayed it all over him and his room, then we took the Saran Wrap and wrapped him up in it so he can't get up, then we took some of the confetti and put it all around his room then took the nerf guns but didn't shoot them because we were gonna need these when they all wake up. We did that in all of the boys' room then after, we decided to get our nerf guns loaded, then the boys woke up and we heard screams, "AHHHHH WHAT THE HECK WHO DID THI-GIRLS!!!!" Niall yelled "WHEN WE GET OUT THIS MEANS WAR!!!!" Louis yelled we laughed then Liam came downstairs, then we said "Liam go give the rest of these nerf guns to the rest of the boys" he nodded and went back upstairs soon all the boys came down. "This.means.war" Zayn said then all heck broke lose, we all started shooting nerf guns at each other, then when we ran out of darts we grabbed pillows, and started hitting each other with them, then soon there was feathers all over the place. "I'm hungry" Niall said "your always hungry Niall" Liam said Niall then darted for the kitchen soon you can here cabinets opening and closing, we just all chuckled about Niall and his food, then Niall came out with 20 bags of chips, and 50 things of chocolate. "Niall how do you eat all that but never gain weight" I asked him he just shrugged "I'm a growing man" he said we just laughed and then I realized one thing these guys are my family now me and the girls are actually apart of the 1D family. I love these guys(:xx

Stella's POV

"Best prank ever", I said "ikr!" Rylee said we sat down to just relax, Niall popped a movie in the DVD player, and all that was heard was Niall eating lol, then Louis ran and jumped on Harry's lap again "HAZZABEAR" Louis shouted "BOOBEAR!" Harry yelled back then Harry hugged Louis and then Louis turned to Sofi and said "HARRY IS MINE!" Then Harry was like "sorry Lou but me and Sofi are dating now" then Louis gasped "how dare you well I'm breaking up with you!!" Louis yelled playfully we all laughed at their 'Larry stylinson moment' after that little 'moment' we decided to just hang around the flat for the day, watch movies and eat which was what Niall is doing now, then we decided to play a few board games it was hilarious, then McKenna told us her cousin was coming over tomorrow. We decided to clean up the mess we made, then after that Louis and McKenna decided to play around and be the their childish selves, it was actually quite funny. Then I realized these guys are my family now and me and the girls are officially apart of the 1D family and it feels so nice, I love these guys so much and I hope to spend my life with them(:xx


Hey guys sorry if this is too short and I tried to make it funny as possible the next one is gonna be them playing hide and go seek lol and my question of the day is would you rather where Louis' clothes or go on a shopping spree with Zayn?? Please comment your answer I'd pick the first one cuz who wouldn't wanna wear Louis' clothes , anyway please read,vote,and comment(:xx

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