Dial of Chance (Louistomlinson love story)


7. Mobbed

Hey guys wow can't believe I'm already writing chapter 5 it's hard to believe, anyway thanks so much for 138 reads and 15 votes y'all are making this really fun, smiley faces with hats(:xx let's see where Liam takes Rylee on her date(:xx


Liam's POV

I'm get ready for mine and Rylee's date, I got Sofi to bring Rylee to Pizza Hut, then I'm gonna take her to the beach that I only know about, she will love it I'm sure. I got to Pizza Hut and went inside, and then I texted Sofi asking her if her and Rylee are on there way here, Sofi said they are pulling in but there are fans mobbing Pizza Hut, oh no then I had an idea, I texted Sofi my plan, then ordered a box of pizza, and put my SnapBack on regularly in front of my face, then walked outside and the fans parted away and made a pathway I saw Sofi's car and went over to it then I knocked on the window. Rylee looked out and saw me she opened her door and stepped out, Hey Beautiful I greeted smiling she blushed and said hey Liam, then I took her hand and lead her to my car and opened her door for her, then I went over to my side and got in then started driving to the private beach. When we got there I got out, and went over to her side, then I opened her door and grabbed her hand, and lead her too a spot on the sand I had a blanket so I laid on the sand and we both sat down, I went opened the box of pizza and we both took a slice and ate and we started playing 20 questions and after we had ate half of the pizza, then we decided to go by the water, she ran into it the squealed "ITS COLD!" She said I laughed she ran out of the water on onto the blanket then I was like "come on" she shook her head "nope" she said "fine" I picked her up and threw her over my shoulder then I ran towards the water "STOP!! LIAM PUT ME DOWN DONT YOU DARE DROP ME IN THE WATER!!" She squealed I went out to where the water went up to my knees then I dropped her in the water. She went under and pulled me under, then ran out of the water with me hot on her tale then I caught up to her and started tickling her and she burst out laughing "STOP!!" she squealed I stopped and then she looked over at something strangely "what is it?!" I asked concerned she pointed over my shoulder and looked in that direction, I saw HUGE rocks and I grabbed her hand and lead her to them, when we got there we saw that it was a cave and decided to go in. It was dark so we couldn't see then we there was another out and we went out only.it.wasn't.the beach? it was a clearing that had trees grass flowers and two horses one white and one brown we went over to them and saw that they were saddled up, I helped Rylee get on the white one and I got on the brown one and we started riding the horses around Rylee made hers run and she looked beautiful with her hair flying behind her, then we got off and I went over to a flower, I picked the daisy and put it in Rylee's hair, and I said "it's for you so when you know I'm yours" she smiled and said thanks and hugged me. Then I stared at her and then I started to lean in, and finally I felt her soft lips on mine I smiled into the kiss and she did too then it started raining flowers, then she pulled away and smiled "Rylee will you be my girlfriend?" I asked "YASSS!" she said smiling then kissed me i smiled and picked her up bridal style then I carried her out the cave and to the car where she fell asleep. I just smiled and got in and drove home with my new beautiful girlfriend Rylee. (:xx


Hey guys I finished chapter 5 hope you like it!! Please read, vote and comment please and my question is would you rather Be All the boys best friends and have their girlfriends hate you or he Liam's girlfriend and have the boys hate you? I would go with the first one cuz if the boys hated me it would be a nightmare lol (:xx

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