Dial of Chance (Louistomlinson love story)


3. Meeting/finding out who Louis really is

A/n Heyyy 60 reads , 10 votes and 10 comments wow thanks guys ilysm anyway let's refresh your brain in chapter 1 McKenna made that prank call not knowing it was Louis Tomlinson and he asked her to meet up with him instead of telling her who he really is, in chapter 2 McKenna meets Louis and finds out who he really is and is shocked that she prank called The Louis Tomlinson and now he's taking McKenna and her best friends to meet the rest find out what happens in this chapter and meet another character her name is Rhea she is Calum's little sister and they find out and what happens when sparks start to fly with McKenna and Louis Read, Vote and Comment please(:xx P.s Smiley faces with hats are awesome as Louis would say(:xx anyway ENJOY this chapter btw there will be some author notes so read those some are gonna be funny and some are gonna be important anyway read to find out what happens(:xx -Makayla


Rylee's POV

OMG we are gonna meet one direction, and 5sos. I can't believe Louis is the one McKenna prank called, like that's so awesome, anyway I get to see my best friend Zayn I haven't seen him since he left for x-factor, we were still talking but we lost contact somehow. Anyway I can't believe I get to reunite with Zayn.(:xx

McKenna's POV

Louis opened the door and we walked in the GIANT mansion,he lead us to the living room and there were the 1D boys and 5sos boys and another Girl beside Calum and Michael, then Louis said "boys this is McKenna,Sofi,Rylee,Dianne,Vanshika,Erica and Stella," he said pointing to each one of us. Zayn looked at Rylee and then smiled he ran over to Rylee and hugged her. "RYLEE"!!! He said "OMG Hey Zayn how are you"?! She said "Good" he said they'd pulled away and then Louis said "boys McKenna is the one who prank called me last night." he said and the boys smiled "that's awesome!!" Niall said who was sitting on the couch stuffing his face with Nando's. "Oh and umm girls this is Rhea Calum's sister." said Louis mentioning over to Rhea I went over to her and said "Hey it's nice to meet ya" I greeted "Hey and you" too she said "so your Calum's sister right" I asked "yes." she said smiling Calum pulled her onto his lap and said "yup she's my sister and I love her to death." he said awwee I said and they blushed like mad, then Louis came back with a bag of carrots and was munching on them really loudly "Louis could you eat those any louder"?! Harry said sarcastically. "Yes Hazza" Louis said. He then ran over to Harry and jumped on Harry's lap "HAZZBEAR"!! He said "BOOBEAR"!! Harry said we all laughed at their 'Larry stylinson moment', and then Harry pushed Louis off of him and Louis pretended to be hurt and we all laughed I love these guys already I thought, then Louis took my hand and said "will you go on a date with me" he asked me looking into my eyes "yes"!! I said staring into his gorgeous blue eyes he smiled and picked me up bridal style and spun me around "awwee" everyone said. Me and Louis blushed like mad and everyone laughed. Then Louis put me down and we decided to watch movies first we watched High school musical 1 2 and 3. Cloudy with a chance of meet balls 1, and 2, Niall was drooling the whole time, toy story Liam's choice, finding neomo Niall cried, earth to echo. (A/n I know that movie isn't out yet but in this story it is and if you haven't seen it go watch it it's so good I've seen it twice) Then me and the girls had to go home. I got up and Louis pouted "Louis me and the girls have to go I will see you tomorrow k." I said "k" he said smiling then he hugged me, and then we hugged all the boys, asked if Rhea wanted to come over and she said yes. After that we headed home, once we got home Sofi had a date with Harry, Rylee had a date with Liam, Dianne had a date with Niall, Vanshika had a date with Zayn, Erica had a date with Luke, Stella had a date with Ashton, And Rhea had a date with Michael. We were so excited and my date is tomorrow around 6pm, so Louis said wear something casual, so I went upstairs and into my closet. I picked out white denim shorts, floral top, and navy blue converse. I laid the outfit out then I changed into some night clothes, then I told the girls I was going to bed.I I got into bed but just as I was going to sleep I got a text from Louis I smiled and opened it.

Text convo

Louis: "Hey Cutie ready for the date tomorrow"?

I blushed

Me: "yes of course"(:xx

Idk why I put 2 x's

Louis: "me too so wyd"

Me: "laying in bed about to go to sleep and btw where are we going on our date"?

Louis: "that's a surprise";)

Me: "kool I love surprises"!!

Louis: "good so I'm gonna let you get some sleep night beautiful"(:xx

I blushed again

Me: "night handsome"(:xx "P.s smiley faces with hats are awesome"(:xx

Louis: "lol ikr"!! "Night"

I locked my phone and after that I drifted off into a dream about Louis:)


Hey so that was chapter 3 hope y'all like it and the question of the day is

If you could live in a house made of candy which candy would it be??

Answer the question please and comment your answer please Read,vote, and comment 1Dfamily forever ily please read enjoy and I will write chapter 4 later today!!!!(:xx smiley faces with hats(:xx anyway I'm gonna write as many chapters as I can cuz my school starts august 19th and when that gets here I won't be able to update as much but I will update a lot on the weekends I promise(:xx if this gets to 100 votes I will do a personal 1D or 5sos imagine for you(:xx bye-Makayla btw thanks for all the votes and stuff love ya 1D family forever

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