Dial of Chance (Louistomlinson love story)


1. Meet The Cast


Hi I'm McKenna let me tell you something's about me I never thought what happened to me would ever happen to a normal girl like me, My full name is McKenna Riley Kolestan my best friends are Sofi, Rylee, Vanshika Dianne Erica and Stella.So I have icy blue eyes that sparkle a lot when I'm happy, dark brown wavy hair that goes past my bum, my birthday is November 14th 1994 I am 19 years old, my favorite color is Red, my favorite food is pizza, and tacos, my favorite season is winter cause I get to wear jumpers, uggs, and I love Christmas, I am more of tomboy but I have my girly girl side, my friends say I'm sweet,funny,hyper,childish and caring a lot, I love one direction, The Vamps, AustinMahone, 5sos, and Becky G ,my favorite songs are Better Than words by 1D, Wild Heart by The Vamps, Shadow by AustinMahone, amnesia by 5sos and can't get enough by Becky G, Music is my passion, and I love all of 1D but I have a very soft spot for The Tommo my friends say I'm a girl version of him anyway that's it and I will see ya PEACE OUT DIRECTIONERS!!!!!!!!!!;)


Hi I'm Sofi I'm gonna tell you something's you should know about me my b-day is June 11,1993 I am 19 years old my fav color is turquoise, my fav food is anything but I totally HATE ketchup lol, my hair color is ginger it's wavy and goes past my ribcage, my eyes are green, my fav season is summer cuz you get to go swimming, to the beach, and you get to wear tank tops and things like that, and plus my b-day is in the summer, I am a girly girl, my friends say I'm funny,sweet, and childish I love one direction with all my heart and I also love 5sos I love all of 1D but I have a soft spot for Harry I love him to death I mean who wouldn't he's perfect, and my friends say I'm a girl version of him anyway that's all for now see ya bye:)


Hey I'm Rylee here are some facts about me my birthday is June 13,1993 my fav color is lime green,my eyes are powder blue, my hair is bleach blonde it's straight and goes past my waist and I am also 19 years old my best friends are McKenna, Sofi, Vanshika Dianne Erica and Zayn Malik yes THE Zayn malik. I love them to death I also love one direction they are my life I love them to death I have a soft spot for Liam:) Anyway i gotta go bye:)


B-day:September 14,1993


Hair:long wavy black hair that goes past my shoulders

Eyes:Crystal blue

Best friends: McKenna, Sofi, Rylee, Dianne and Isabella

Fav color:Blue

Fav food:Nandos

Fav band: 1D

I love Niall Horan and yes my birthday is after his :) anyway gotta go peaceee:)


B-day: July 27,1993


Hair:Dark brown almost black

Eyes: light brown

Best friends: McKenna, Sofi, Rylee, Dianne, Vanshika and Erica

Fav color: Green

Fav food:Chocolate

Fav band: 1D and 5sos

I love Zayn Malik I gotta go peace out!!


B-day: July 18,1994


Hair:dark brown


Best friends: McKenna, Sofi,Rylee, Dianne, Vanshika, and Erica

Fav color:Pink

Fav food:Anything

Fav band:1D and 5sos

I love 1D and 5sos I really love Luke Hemmings though he's my bae:) gotta go bye:)


B-day:July 17,1993


Hair: brown

Eyes: dark brown

Fav color: Light blue

Fav food: chicken

Fav bands: 1D and 5sos

Best friends: McKenna,Rylee,Sofi,Vanshika,Erica,&




Hi I'm Rhea

Birthday:January 28,1993


Eyes:chocolate brown

Hair:light brown hair

Fav color: ocean blue

Fav food: sizzlers

Fav bands: 1D, 5sos, and the backstreet boys

Hi I am Rhea and I am Calum Hoods little sister we are super close I don't see him much because he's always on tour but anyway he's home now and we are about to go to the 1D/5sos flat

I also have a crush on Michael he's so hot anyway I have 7 best friends and we hang out a lot, anyway gotta go bye:)

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