Dial of Chance (Louistomlinson love story)


6. Authors note not a chapter

Hey guys so I've noticed that I didn't put a lot of punctuation well I went back edited some of it I'm so sorry if it confuses you I have trouble on where to put commas and periods if you want please help me if you help me then this story won't be so confusing plus I will start putting more POV's now instead of Just McKenna's POV I will try so hard to make this book perfection and i wanna make this the best one I've eve made I've never gotten this far before, but I'm gonna make 3 books after this book I'm gonna make a sequel comment if I should because I'm already thinking about it and I'm gonna make this book at least 100 chapters if you want but when my school starts august 19th I won't be able to upload as much cuz I will have school plus I'm gonna be going Into something with music because i want a career like one directions I'm probably gonna be taking vocal lessons, guitar lessons, drum lessons and piano lessons things like that. But I will upload on the weekends though so look forward for that on the weekends I will also be uploading through out the day maybe twice a day or 3 times a day idek but if you think I should make a sequel comment if I should(:xx I also wanted to say thanks so much for the reads and votes and even comments I can't thank you enough I wouldn't be here without you all I love the 1D Family so much it makes me so happy and it makes me smile everyday thanks so much I love you alllllll(:xx and I have another question would you rather

Have Liam throw his hat in the crowd or have Harry throw his jersey in the crowd and you catch it???? I would rather Harry throw his jersey In the crowd and I catch it cuz then you could wear it plus you can sleep with it just imagine it would be like Harry styles is with you lolz anyway peace out DIRECTIONERS chapter 5 is coming up and I was wondering should it be about another date like with Sofi and Harry or Rylee and Liam or etc you pick or pick something else as long as it involves 1D or 5sos anyway gtg see ya get ready for chapter 5 and 6 bye(:xx smiley face with a hat(:xx

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