The Kid Next Door

There's a new kid in town who happens to be Austin Mahone but, what happens when they become closer than friends and Lexi's close friend Zach comes back to see her to tell her that he likes her AND her best guy friend likes her who will she choose. What if whoever she chooses is the wrong one and she can't go back


11. Rejected!!!

I sat there with my hands in his, with my jaw dropped. I pulled my hands away and shook my head not believing what just happened.


Lexi: I just had to deal with two guys downstairs and now this


I stood up and grabbed my phone off the night stand


Isaiah: I really like you and you act like that's a bad thing


Lexi: CAUSE IT IS!!! You have been my best friend and I needed you here to support me and help me get this off my mind. NOT MAKE IT WORSE!


Isaiah: I'm sorry. But I like you a lot...


Lexi: you need to leave I can't deal with this anymore


He got off the bed and opened the window and left. I walked over and closed and locked the window. I walked over to my bed sat down and started to cry.


I heard an soft knock on the door and someone walk in


Zach: hey lex you ok


Lexi: does it look like it


Zach: sorry I was just trying to help


He slowly started walking out the door but I got up and put my hand on his shoulder and he stopped and turned around.


Lexi: I'm sorry for being so rude it's just that so much is going on


Zach: like what


I walked back over to the bed and sat down and he filled and sat next to me


Lexi: Isaiah just came over to help me feel better but he just made it worse by telling me that he likes me. And two of my best friends were fighting and I got knocked out.


Zach: listen I'm sorry about all of that. If I hadn't said what I said this wouldn't have happened


Lexi: it's ok. You could say what ever you wanted to


Zach: but you hurt if could go back I would have taken that punch for you


Lexi: I know you would have. Thank you


I leaned over and hugged him


Lexi: thank you so much


Zach: for what


Lexi: thank you for everything you've done. Everything we've been through we've been by each others side like a sibling. And I can't say that about many people


He smiled and hugged me. He stood up and took hold of my hand.


Zach: let's go over to Austin's


Lexi: I thought you didn't like him


Zach: no. When you were up here we had a lot of time downstairs and we actually have a lot in common


Lexi: ok let's go


I grab my phone and walk over to Austin's house house with Zach. Before we can even knock on the door Austin had already opened it and was waiting for us


Austin: hey guys


Lexi: hi


Zach: hey


Austin let's us in the house and shows us to his room


Zach: wow you have a lot of posters


Austin: ya fans sent me them and I just put them in here


Zach: nice


Austin: you stream starts in 2 hours so we can go swimming in my pool


Lexi: ok but our swim suits are at home


Zach: I can go get them.


Lexi: thanks. Mines in my dresser top drawer


Zach: k be back soon


He runs out the room and I here the door close downstairs


Austin: listen about what happened earlier I-


Lexi: it's ok you didn't mean to. But you didn't have to make him fight you


Austin: u know it's just I didn't even know him and he comes in saying that he's going to make you his girlfriend and I could let that happen


Lexi: it's ok u forgive you. But can you please not fight or attempt to fight any of my friends


Austin: I won't. I promise


He walked over to me and hugged me and I pulled back. We sat down on his bad and watched tv until Zach came back with my swim suit


Zach: here you go one red swim suit with a cover up and a side of flip flops for Lexi


I laughed and got off the bed and grabbed my swim suit to change


Lexi: thank you sir


He laughed and went in the closet to change


Lexi: wheres the bathroom


Austin: down the hall first door to your right


Lexi: thanks


I go in the direction Austin told me to. I walk into the bathroom and the first thing I notice is the huge mirror


I close the door behind me and change into my swimsuit I put on my coverup and flip flops and go back to Austin's room


Austin: ready to go


Lexi: yep. Where can I put my clothes


Zach: I brought you your bag just in case if you got anything wet


He hands me the bag and I stuff my clothes in it and my phone


Lexi: ok let's go


Austin shows us to the back yard. There was a fire pit, hot tub, garden, pool and a small basketball court.


Austin: you can put your things on the pool chairs and jump in


I put my things down and Austin jumps in splashing me a bit


Zach: can you put my phone in your bag so it won't get wet


Lexi: ya sure


He hands me his phone and takes off his shirt and cannonballs in. It makes a huge splash getting me soaked.


I take off my cover up and put my bag on the ground and walk over to the edge of the pool


Lexi: is it cold


Austin: what's your definition of cold


Lexi: freezing cold like and ice cube


Austin: the pools heated your fine


Zach: come on jump in


Lexi: I still don't know


Zach get out the pool ad stands next to me


Zach: if you don't jump in I'll throw you in


Lexi: you wouldn't


Zach: I would


I back up some but that makes him come closer.


Lexi: Zach.....


I turn around and run away. He keeps chasing me around the hot tub and in the grass




Zach runs up to me and picks me up and carries me over to the pool






He walks over to the edge of the pool and tosses me in. I come up from above the and scream.


Lexi: ZACH!!!


He gets in and swims over to me


Zach: yes?


Lexi: i told you not to


Austin: you wouldn't get in...


Zach: so I threw you in


Lexi: whatever...


I turn around and swim laps in the pool until there's knock on the backyard gate


Zach: I'll get it


Zach gets out of the pool and Austin comes over and swims laps with me


Zach: you again


I get out the pool with Austin and see a face i didn't want to see... 















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