The Kid Next Door

There's a new kid in town who happens to be Austin Mahone but, what happens when they become closer than friends and Lexi's close friend Zach comes back to see her to tell her that he likes her AND her best guy friend likes her who will she choose. What if whoever she chooses is the wrong one and she can't go back


2. Meet and Greet

I can't BELIVE it was Austin Mahone walking over here! I keep freaking out on the inside trying not to go into fan girl mode. He is my favorite YouTuber and he can sing really well. I keep trying to play it cool and keep my sanity.

Austin: Hey I'm Austin

Lexi: Hi I'm Lexi and this is my neighbor-actually OUR neighbor Grace...

Grace waves and Austin waves back.

Lexi: I've seen you on YouTube before, you are really good at singing.

Austin: Thanks.

Grace: Well I have to go, I need to get some food ready for when my sister gets home. So um, bye!

Austin: Bye

Lexi: See ya

And with that she walks to her house. Leaving me standing there, and may I remind you ALONE, with Austin Mahone.

Austin: So I was wondering if you aren't doing anything tomorrow, if you could possibly show me around the neighborhood, and maybe introduce me to some people?

Lexi: Ya sure I'd be happy to.

Austin: So is noon ok, cause i still need to help my mom unpack some things.

Lexi: Ya sure noon it is.

Austin: Well ok then I will see u at noon.

We both turn around and walk away slowly but not to slow. I walk up my driveway and into the house. I turn back to see Austin walking toward the moving truck and I close the garage door.

Lexi's mom: hi sweetie how was school

Lexi: It was fine. The kid new kid next door asked if I could show him around tomorrow so....

Lexi's mom: yes you can show him around just make sure your not out when it gets dark.

Lexi: Thanks mom!!!

I run upstairs to my room and put my bag on the floor next to the bed and flopped on my bed

Lexi: I can't believe this is happening, Austin Mahone living next door to me.

For the next few hours I picked out an outfit for tomorrow, did homework, cleaned my room. By that time it was 5:30 and I decided to head downstairs for dinner. As soon as I got downstairs I heard voices talking

Lexi's mom: You seam very talented Austin and you've been- oh hi Lexi!

Lexi: Hey mom...

Lexi's mom: I asked Austin and his mom to come over as a welcome to the neighborhood gift. Come on over and sit down. I walked over to the table and apparently the only seat open was next to Austin.

Austin: Hey

Lexi: Hi

Lexi's mom: Michelle if you need help un-boxing some things I can help you.

Michelle: Sure thank you I really need a lot of help

They both walk out the house leaving both me and Austin sitting at the table. We both finish out dinner in silence until I finally choose to break the silence.

Lexi: If your done with your plate I can take it cause I need to wash the dishes

Austin: Ya sure I'll help you

I take the dishes off the table and start filling the sink with water and hand Austin a rag to help wash dishes

I wash the dishes and he drys them off

Austin: Hey I think you missed a spot on that last plate

Lexi: Really where?!

He takes hand dips it in the water, and throws a handful of water at me


I take the dish towel he used and hit him with it.

Austin: HEYY!

He throws more water at me and I hit him with the towel. We keep doing this for 10 minutes until we get tired and decide to watch tv. We both sit down on the couch next to each other.

Lexi: What do you want to watch

Austin: How about NCIS

Lexi: Ok

We watch 2 episodes and I start to fall asleep on Austin's shoulder slowly. I was half asleep when I heard austin say something.

Austin: Let's get you up to bed sleepy head

I feel that he picks me up bridal style and I lay my head against his chest while he carries me to my room. I hear him open my door to my room and he sets me down in my bed and tucks me in.

Austin: There you go. Goodnight Lexi.

He gives me a small kiss on my forehead and then closes my door. I hear him walk downstairs and out the garage door. About 20 minutes later I hear my mom walk in the house. I can tell it's her cause she's wore heals today.

I slowly fall asleep thinking about how amazing tomorrow will be.

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