The Kid Next Door

There's a new kid in town who happens to be Austin Mahone but, what happens when they become closer than friends and Lexi's close friend Zach comes back to see her to tell her that he likes her AND her best guy friend likes her who will she choose. What if whoever she chooses is the wrong one and she can't go back


6. Kiss and Tell

*2 months later (Tuesday)

It's been about 2 months since I got the text and the letter. Austin and I have gotten closer, he's been like a brother to me, I help him with his U streams and other videos he posts on YouTube. I still don't know if a should tell him about the text or the letter but I can't hide anything from him he's going to find out sooner or later. But it needs to be sooner. We have today off of school since the teachers are having meetings all day. So I'll tell him the next time I see him



Austin: it's the pizza man who happens to be your best friend

I'm still in my pj's cause I slept in late. I walk over my bedroom door almost like a zombie and let Austin in and plop back on the bed and turn the tv on

Austin: I know I'm your best friend but I need to tell you something

Lexi: ok what is it...

I turn my direction toward him and put the tv on mute and he sits down in the bed.

Austin: you look like you wrestled a chipmunk and fell out a tree

I hit him with a pillow and he laughs. I get up and brush my hair in my mirror and walk back to the bed and sit down

Lexi: Austin I need to tell you something and you can't tell anyone

Austin: I promise. What is it

Lexi: about 2 months ago when I was over at you house for the first time.... before when I walked I to my house I got a text from a blocked number, that said for me to stay away from you or else, that person would ruin my life like I did to them. And it also told me to watch my back.

He sat there with a shocked look on his face like he had seen a ghost

Lexi: then shortly after someone knock on my door... No one was there. But there was a note that said for me to watch my back...

Austin: can I see the text

I grabbed my phone off the night stand and unlocked it and handed it to him

Austin: I might be able to unblock the number and find out who it is

He messed around me phone going to the texts and settings for about 5 minutes as I just sat there watching him

Austin: GOT IT!!! Here's the number but it must not be a contact

Lexi: I think I've seen that number before I'll text Alex see might know

I texted her the number asking if she had seen the number before since she has like half of our schools numbers

Lexi: ok I texted her and she should reply in a little bit

Austin: ok

Lexi: I'm going to take a shower so you can watch tv in here. The remote is on the night stand and if I get a text my password is 1349632

Austin: ok but that's a REALLY long passcode

I smile and walk over to my closet I pick out blue and black yoga pants with a blue top and a tie-dye short sleeve shirt with pink nike shorts I couldn't choose between which one even if I wasn't really going anywhere today

I walked over to Austin and he looked at me and paused the tv to listen

Lexi: which one should I wear

Austin: tie-die and nike shorts. We have the day off from tourcher let's all be happy

Lexi: k thanks

He turned back to face the tv and un paused the tv and I walked to put the other outfit back and grabbed the rest of my clothes and went to the bathroom to get dressed

When I got out the shower I realized that I forgot to grab my shirt so I finished getting dressed and walked back to my room. When I got in there Austin's jaw dropped

Austin: dang girl

Lexi: I just forgot my shirt really

I grabbed my shirt and pulled it on and laid on the bed next to Austin

Just then my phone beeped I picked it up off the bed and showed Austin

Lexi: it was Abby

Austin: isn't that the girl that you almost fought on my first day of school

Lexi: ya she hates me still

Austin: wow

The doorbell rang and I wet downstairs to get it

Lexi: I'll be right back

I ran downstairs to get the door and opened it

Standing in front of me was my best friend Zach who moved 4 years ago

He also happened to be my crush

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