The Kid Next Door

There's a new kid in town who happens to be Austin Mahone but, what happens when they become closer than friends and Lexi's close friend Zach comes back to see her to tell her that he likes her AND her best guy friend likes her who will she choose. What if whoever she chooses is the wrong one and she can't go back


12. He's Back

I slowly back up to Austin when I see Isaiah. He puts a hand on my waist and pulls me closer to him.

Zach: why are you here

Isaiah: I want to talk to Lexi

Austin: she doesn't want to talk to you

Isaiah: I didn't here that from her

Lexi: I don't want to talk to you

Isaiah: I came here to change your mind about us

Lexi: there is no us and there never will be, and I'm starting to think why we ever were "best friends" cause your nothing but a jerk

Isaiah: you know what.....

He steps past Zach and walks up to me

Isaiah: you are nothing but a spoiled little brat. Just because your related to 3 bishops

Lexi: I'm tired of you always acting like your better than everyone and you can bet everyone up. I could break you arm

Isaiah: like you could push me.

Zach walks up and puts arm around my other waist when Isaiah takes another step closer

Isaiah: I could beat you up and you would be bleeding and crying on the ground for me to stop

Lexi: I'm sick of you, you always act like this and it's REALLY annoying. I wish we never met

Isaiah: I'm tired of you. You have ad always will be a spoiled brat. It'll be easier to forget you than this conversation

He turns and walks out of the backyard and slams the gate shut behind him

I turn and cry into Zach's shirt. They both pull me into a hug with me standing in the middle

Austin: shhh it's ok

Zach: don't cry about him he's not worth it

I pull away from them and walk over to the pool chair an sit down. They follow behind me and pull a 2 chairs over ad sit down in front of me

Lexi: it's just that part I me really couldn't take him anymore and the other part didn't want to let him go. We were just so close and I've known him for so long I just...

Austin: couldn't take it anymore

Zach: so you let it all out

Lexi: ya...

Austin: let's go inside and watch tv

Lexi: ok

I grab my bag and hand Zach his phone back

We walk inside and Austin turns the tv on

Zach: hey um why is there red in my phone case

I look in my bag an pick a half opened bottle of kool-aid

Lexi: sorry I must hav not closed it

Zach: it's fine

I look back in my bag a grab my shirt drenched in red ad my other clothes are mostly dry

Lexi: hey Austin can I borrow a shirt. There was an accident with mine

Austin: ya sure

Lexi: also do you think I could take a shower her also

Austin: ya sure

He walks upstairs and I follow I go to the bathroom and put my bag down on the counter when I her a knock

I g to the door and open it. Austin hands me a towel and one if his shirts to use

Lexi: thanks

Austin: u stream is starting in 30 minutes just letting you know

Lexi: ok I'll be done in 15

He smiles and walks away. I close the door and take all the clothes out my bag and put the stained shirt in.

I turn the shower in and get in. I think about what happened with Isaiah. I just had to tell him the truth about what happened

I get in and out in 5 minutes. I rap the towel around me and start braiding my hair.

Once I finish I get dressed and put my swimsuit in my bag close if and head downstairs. I find Austin and Zach yelling at the tv watching basketball



Austin: YES I-

Lexi: hey guys games over stop yelling

Zach & Austin: sorry...

Austin: ready to do U stream

Lexi: yep let's go

We run upstairs to his room an he sits down at his desk and Zach and I sit down on the bed.

Zach: nice room

Austin: thanks

He types some things in his computer and a screen pops up showing us

Austin: now we just wait for people to watch

With in 5 minutes there is 500 people watching. Zach pulls up a chair and sits next to Austin and I walk over to them and pull up a chair and sit in between them

Austin: hey everyone these are my friends and I've just been hanging out with them all day and ya... feel free to ask questions

A few questions pop up about Zach like who he is and he introduces himself

Austin stars singing and finishes and has over 600 viewers. A comment pops up that's recognizable

Cool_girl 96: who's the ugly girl in the middle

Austin and Zach turn there heads toward me and I run out the room

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