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  • Published: 18 Aug 2014
  • Updated: 18 Aug 2014
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Two people. Two computers. One Friendship.

Tess receives a simple message online from a boy named Alex. Little do they both know, this message is the start of an amazing friendship.


3. Chapter Three

Dear Tess,

    I think your letter idea is really cool! So I guess I’ll start by telling you a little bit about me.


I am 15 years old and I live in Connecticut, New York. I live with my MOM and dad and my sister. I have three dogs called Luna, Jock and my newest one Tess. I don’t know why I named her Tess, just a random name I guess. I am in 10th grade in High School which means I’m a sophomore but if Google is correct, I’d be in year 11 in England. My birthday is March 10th so that means when I’m writing this it’s 17 days until my birthday but who’s counting?


I like cycling and reading. My favourite subject is English. I love blogging as you can tell by how we met. I’ve owned my blog for two years now so yeah I love it so much.


I know I haven’t wrote much but it’s the first letter! I look forward to your response.


From your online best friend,





Dear Alex,

Of course my letter idea was really cool. I’m really cool so all my ideas are going to be as well. Duh. Anyway, I guess I’ll tell you about myself.


I am 15 years old and I live in Brighton, England. It’s a pretty cool coastal town. I live with my MUM and my brother. We have one cat called Percy who is by the far the most boring animal alive. He just eats, sleeps and lazes around. He’s like the animal form of me so I guess I’m the most boring human alive. But I’m not so forget that. I wish I could have Tess as my pet. I bet she’s really cool. Anyway, I’m in year 11 and my favourite lesson is Drama. It’s the most fun so that’s probably why. I love to blog, I’m always blogging, it’s just so addictive. Imagine if you got paid to blog? That would be so cool, I’m writing to the government about that.


As you’ve probably seen, I sent you some authentic British tea since you need to try it. It’s probably so much better compared to American tea.


From your really cool best friend,




P.s. Do you live in one of those massive fancy houses like in the movies? If so, I’m coming to live with you.




Dear Tess,

Can I just say that the tea you sent me was AMAZING. I’ve finished it all. Please send more. I’ll love you forever. Actually, my mom and dad tried some and so did my sister so technically, I didn’t finish it all, my whole family did. So blame my family not me. But seriously, send more.


My dad has been to Brighton, he says it’s really cool and has a great atmosphere. I need to visit you there one day. Also, Tess is amazing. I mean, the dog Tess but human Tess is amazing too. How did the letter to the government come along? Get them to talk to Obama about it so we can get paid for blogging over here too then you and I can become dirty rich and buy a massive fancy movie house and get tons of British tea. And then we can drink tea and blog all day and earn money for it. IMAGINE THAT. That would actually be amazing.


I don’t know if my house is massive or fancy, but it’s reasonably big I guess. I’ll try and get a picture of it at some point for you.


In exchange for the tea, I have enclosed some authentic American candy. Hope you like it.


From Alex




Dear Alex,


Thank you for the sweets, I ate them all in like two hours. Nobody else got any though. So I’m the only one to blame. I’m sending more tea so you have to send more sweets.


It’s pretty cool that your dad has been to Brighton. None of my family have been to New York. But I’ve seen pictures and it looks cool. But that’s all I have. You’re lucky you live in a house, I live in a flat thing. It’s not big but everyone has their own room and it gives us a home but I’d give my left arm to live in a big house with a garden. By the way, I’m so on board with your idea of us living together and blogging all day. We’ll have to make that dream come true at some point.


From Tess

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