Skylar Rickards was a normal girl just like anybody else. 5 Seconds of Summer. Her enemy's. But we're they really? Or was there friendship going to bloom. Just friends? Or something more.
Sorry summary sucks not good with summaries.


6. What?!?! No!!!

At first I was shocked, I mean this is Calum Hood who is kissing me! Before I could stop myself I found me kissing me back wrapping my arms around him. What am I even doing? What do I feel about him? Lucy was right, I think I love him...

Calum's POV

Oh my god why did I kiss her?!?? But she kissed me back! That has to mean something right?!? Nah it was probably just in the heat of the moment! Ugh why do I do this to myself!

I have to ask her! I mean it's not what I wanted but what I want I know she doesn't want! She's gonna say no but never say never right? Why does she do this to me! Well here goes nothing...

"Um, Skylar can I ask you something..."

And that's it! Nah just kidding :)

Skylar's POV

"Um Skylar can I ask you something..."

Oh no he's going to say it was just the heat of the moment yep.


"Uh, since I know you don't like me like that can we, uh be friends with benefits?"


To be continued :)

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