Skylar Rickards was a normal girl just like anybody else. 5 Seconds of Summer. Her enemy's. But we're they really? Or was there friendship going to bloom. Just friends? Or something more.
Sorry summary sucks not good with summaries.


5. What About Me?

Calum's POV (ooh)

I heard Skylar screaming so I wanted to make sure she was okay. I only heard a little of what she was yelling "NOT HIM" so I got paranoid.

Once I made it upstairs I heard someone whisper my name softly, I knew who that was, Skylar. Why did she yell not him then say my name? What did I do?? Was it that bad being my neighbor??

"What about me??"

Skylar's POV


"What about me??" Shit. Calum you just show up at the right time don't you! How to explain this!! Damn it!!

"I was telling Lucy how I don't want to be your neighbor since were enemy's...you could egg my house, I don't want that!" Hopefully he believes


"Why would I egg your house?"

"I don't know why would you tell your mom you love me when you really hate me?"

I just noticed Lucy left the room. Ugh Lucy why? Just why me??!

"Because I don't hate you!!"

"Yeah that's why you always insult me!!"

"Because it gives me a reason to talk to you! Your the opposite of what I say!! When I say your ugly I don't mean it!!! Your beautiful!! When I say you can't sing I don't mean it! You have a voice of an angle!! Your band is really talented and that's why we always pick fights with you!! And because we like you guys!!"

"Why would believe you!! It's probably one of your tricks to mak- then suddenly I felt a pair of lips on mine.

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't updated but I've been busy. I got a nice comment on this story and I just wanted to say thank you to that person, I don't remember their username but if they keep reading this story then they know who they are :) I love feedback so yeah I'm not making you or anything um thanks for reading! Love ya!

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