Skylar Rickards was a normal girl just like anybody else. 5 Seconds of Summer. Her enemy's. But we're they really? Or was there friendship going to bloom. Just friends? Or something more.
Sorry summary sucks not good with summaries.


3. New Neighbors?

By the end of the day I'm ready to just go home and eat Ben and Jerry's. Yes, it was that bad. It turns out Calum is in all of my classes except one.

As I made my way home I notice and Sale sign in my neighbors yard...hmm they must be moving. That's a same they were a really nice old couple that would help me if I needed anything since my mom is always gone. I wonder who's going to be my new neighbors...

Once I made it inside I went to the freezer and got out Ben and Jerry's went to the living room, turned on the tv and settled watching Faking It cause it's a good damn show and I'm hooked. (I can't wait for the next season to come out!!)

~The Next Day~

I woke up to the sound of someone knocking on the front door.

"Crap lets hope it's just Lucy or Ray" (old couple)

I made my way downstairs to open the door. There was Lucy standing (a.n in my American Apparel underwear!!!! No? Okay...)

"Hey Lucy wassup?"

"Hello dearie as you probably already know that we are moving, so I'm having you meet the people who will be your new neighbors."

"Um, okay. When??"

"Tonight, at my house, I'm making dinner."

"Okay, when are you moving out??"

"Tomorrow, and I'll send Ray over tonight to let you know when dinners ready."

"Okay, I'll miss you a lot Lucy!"

"I'll miss you to dear, but I need to go."

"Okay I'll see ya tonight."

"Yeah sure."

I do know I'm going to miss my neighbors to bits. Hopefully my new neighbors will be nice, and I'll be able to trust them at some point. Maybe they will have a cute son my age!! "No, quite that Skylar you need to focus on the band not boys, plus you like Calum. WHAT NO I DON'T!!!! Ugh, what's wrong with me lately?

~later that night~

I was finishing currying my hair when I heard a knock.

"Probably Ray." I thought to myself as I checked my appearance.

I was in a One Direction T-shirt and black skinny jeans and white high tops. This will do.

My smile faltered when I saw who was at the door.

" What are you doing here??!"

Hey guys! Sorry it's been so long but I've been busy with school and crap. This isn't the best but I'm trying my best this was more of a filler and crap. So yeahhhh I hope you liked this chapter, I'll try to update tomorrow but shit comes up! byeeeee

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