Skylar Rickards was a normal girl just like anybody else. 5 Seconds of Summer. Her enemy's. But we're they really? Or was there friendship going to bloom. Just friends? Or something more.
Sorry summary sucks not good with summaries.


2. Hi?


"Ughhhh" I groaned. Sadly, it was a Monday. I hate Mondays. But doesn't everybody?

I rolled out of bed and fell on my face.

"Great way to start my day."

I quickly got up and pulled out black skinny jeans and a All Time Low T-shirt.

Then I went into the bathroom to put on light make up. When I was done I brushed my teeth I but my hair up in a hight ponytail.

I walked into the kitchen grabbed an apple headed out the door. I bet your thinking what about my parents? Well my dad died when I was one and my mom is always gone for work. I had 30 minutes till school starts so I decided to walk today.

Once I made it to school I still had 15 minutes for class to start, I went to go look for Taylor, Lauren, and Emily. I found them fights with our enemy's Luke, Calum, Ashton, and Michael. They were the other band, 5 Seconds of Summer and we never got a long. Never. They think they're all that just because they have more subscribers than us on YouTube.

I think Calum is the nicest of them all. And he's really attractive but I can't think about him like that. He's the enemy Skylar. But I didn't notice while I was daydreaming about Calum and how I want to kiss those nice pink lip-"Um hi I was wondering he if you could move over a little bit, your in front of my locker..." I know that voice from anywhere "NO YOU DONT SKYLAR!!!"

"Um yeah...sorry Calum..."

"It's fine."

"I'll be leavening then..."

"Um yeah..see you around?"

"Uh yeah maybe...bye"

"bye Skylar"

Ugh that was awkward. I was making my way to Taylor when I felt a tap on my shoulder.

"uh hey you dropped this by my locker..."

"Um hi? Oh yeah thanks."

"No problem"

I carried my books as I made my way to my seat next to Taylor.

"what was that about?" She asked.

"Nothing...I dropped something by his locker that's all. Not like we're getting close or anything."

Oh, I didn't know what was headed for me.

Hi! So this is my first Movella and first fanfiction so yAy! If you liked it let me know maybe? Sorry if it sucked witch I know it did...oh well I'm. Beginner D:

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