My first try at a Firefighter themed story


4. Two

"Your ass ain't dying on me yet, Jason.".

~A few minutes before Jason saw the six figures~

~Aileah's POV~

I continue talking to the guy that called the one in the warehouse, Jason. A girl and three guys run over to us, all of their gear on, the fear still evident in there faces.

"Zac, what do you want us to do," the girl asks, concern filling her voice, as if the guy in the building, who saved me was her brother.

"We go in, to hell with Chief's orders," 'Zac' says, a hint of anger in his voice.

"So me, you, Scott, Daniel and Mikey?".

"I'm going in as well," I say, as fear leaves my body, another adrenaline rush kicking in.

"You can't Ms.".

"I can too," I say, as my bad side starts to show..

"Zac, she was in the building, maybe it's a good idea.".

"Alright, suit up...".


"Suit up, Aileah.".

I nod as the girl grabs some gear for me. Within five seconds I'm in full firefighter gear. I nod to Zac and the others who introduce themselves as Mikey, Ameilia, Scott and Daniel. I take a deep breath, letting the adrenaline course through my veins.

"Let's go," I shout picking up the axe I used to get out of the warehouse and then I begin running into the inferno, Zac, Scott, Mikey, Ameilia and Daniel right behind me.

"Wait, let me grab something first," Ameilia shouts. She runs back towards the truck that they came on, but makes a bee-line towards an ambulence. She makes a quick conversation with one of the EMTs and then runs back, holding a backboard in her hands.

"We'll need this," She says.

~Back To Jason's POV~

~Warped wood breaking, glassing heating up shrieking and then shattering, basically the sounds of a building collapse~

"Your ass ain't dying on me yet, Jason.".

I finally lost consciousness after seeing the figure that looked like Zac. I can hear people shouting orders, Max barking and sirens sounding, signals all hell has broken loose. 

"We need to get this debris off of him.".

"Stand back. Max, C collar.".

I can hear digging, like someone's moving stuff. Then there's more dog barking.

"Good boy, Max. Daniel, Scott, After you get the debris off of him, gently sit him up, brace his back. I need to get this C collar on him, just in case there's a neck injury.".

"Got it, Aileah.".

I feel someone gently lifting me, then I feel something go around my neck. It's the C collar, I think to myself. Whoever lifted me, gently lowers me back down. 

"We need to get him on this backboard, then get the hell out of here this building is about to collapse." 

~Aileah's POV~

Daniel and Scott helped me get the C collar on Jason, so now we just have to get him on the backboard and out to the ambulence. As I stood there figuring out a plan, my military training that I received from my father kicked in.

"Zac, help me lift him. Daniel, Mikey, when I say 'Tango Delta', get underneath Jason and support his back. Ameilia, when Zac replies 'Ranger Tango', slide the backboard to Daniel, then Scott, pull the backboard completely underneath Jason. After that, we can strap him down.".

They all nodded. Zac helps me lift Jason up and off the ground. I quickly whipser to Max, 'Find Jason's turnout jacket'. After Max takes off, finding the jacket, he goes back outside, to wait for us without me telling him to.

"Tango Delta.". Daniel and Mikey get underneath Jason and support his back. I stagger under Jason's weight, as well as the weight of my own gear. I regain my stance, nodding to Zac, Daniel and Mikey.

"Ranger Tango.". Ameilia slides the backboard to Daniel. Ameilia gives us a thumbs up as Scott pulls it completely underneath Jason. Scott gives us a thumbs up as well, after backing away from the boackboard.

"On three, gently lower him.".




Daniel, Zac and I lower Jason on to the backboard, then the three of us quickly and efficiently strap Jason down. A small section of wall comes down not even fifty feet from where we're standing. I take another deep breath, focusing mentally. We all nod to each other and then we pick up the backboard, with Jason on it. A few more beams come crashing down, fifty feet to my right.

"LET'S GO," Zac shouts as another section of beams come down. I nod to them and we begin running and searching for a way out. I spot a weakened portion of wall, briefly shouting at Zac to wait. With a swift kick to the wall, I create a new way out. I motion for Zac and his team to  follow me.

Once outside hell brakes loose again. The building collapses, causing a tremendous boom, that could possibly be heard through this whole area.

"He needs oxygen, stat.".

"Daniel, prepare an oxygen mask and call ahead to the hospital. Tell 'em we got one of our own.".

"Gimme 80 mL Amytal.".

"He'll need 50 mL of  Diazepam as well. Damn it!".

"Zac, there's no need to be cussing your brother. Ameilia, get me those IV bags. 80 mL Amytal, 50 mL Diazepam. If I can get some IV's in him, he'll have a chance of making it and we won't have to do much else. I can stitch him up in the ambulence, but just the face and maybe his arms, the rest will have to be done in the hospital.".

Zac looks at me, like I'm weird or something. I give him a 'don't-mess-with-me' look. Ameilia hands me the two IV bags and two sixteen gauge IV needles. I take a deep breath as I work with the IV needles and the actual IV lines. I stare down at Jason, who though unconscious, is sweating.

"Ameilia, talk to him, let Jason know what we're doing.".

Ameilia nods and begins soflty speaking to Jason. Daniel asks me what he can do. I ask him to monitor Jason's radial pulse. Scott asks if he can count respirations, or every breath Jason takes. I tell him that he can. Zac and Mikey look at me. I know Zac's supposed to stay on scene with his squad, but he'll need to be there when we arrive at the hospital.

"Mikey, take Zac back to the firehouse. Daniel, Scott and Ameilia, go with them. Go change into something more comfortable. The EMTs and I can handle this. Max, ride with Zac.".

"Arf! Arf! Arf," he barks meanly.

"Don't use that language with me, Maxwell Nicolas Colt Rivers!".

 Max sits down and then hangs his head.


Zac, Max, Ameilia, Mikey, Scott and Daniel head over to Rescue Engine 7 as I put the Diazepam IV in Jason's left hand and the Amytal IV in the bend of his left elbow. One of the EMTs walk over and then they nod to me. They'll have to take Jason's gear off at the hopsital.

I begin walking towards the road, letting out a breath that I hadn't known I had been holding in. I walk back over to the ambulance and then help them load the stretcher with Jason on it.

"We might need you, ma'am,"  one of them says.

I nod, climbing in the back with them and Jason. I begin working on Jason, just as one of the EMTs in the back with me tells the driver to go. The EMTs check the IV bags, then one of them asks, a little surprised, "Who did these IV's?".

"I did, Sir," I tell the EMT, my eyes not leaving Jason's scratched and bloodied face. I stitch up a few of the scratches on his left arm, something isn't right.

"Splint his right leg, if you can.".

"What, ma'am?".

"Splint his right leg if you can," I repeat, taking a pair of scissors and cutting the right turnout pants leg. I begin gagging as I see his leg. There's a few gashes and burns, but his leg looks like it's broken it at least two places.

"Speed it up, Boys," I shout to the driver as I go into overdrive. Fifteen minutes later the EMTS and I are rushing with the stretcher from the ambulance bay to the Operating Room. As we pass Zac, Ameilia, Daniel, Scott, Mikey and my dog Max. After dropping Jason off in the Emergency Room/Operating Room, I walk back to the waiting room.

"How is he," Zac asks.

"Possible broken leg, three fractured ribs, scratched and a few first degree burns.".

"Zachariah Long," a nurse asks.

"Yes," Zac says.

"I'm sorry to tell you, but your brother is in a coma now. We don't know how long it will last.".

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