The Parent Project

This is a story where some of your beautiful OTP's are given a realistic baby doll to look after for 3 weeks while attending boarding school. This includes:
Johnlock, Destiel, Amy and Rory, 10 and Rose, 11 and River, Everlark, Phan and Zalfie.
Please note that some of these ships are side ships. There may be some triggering stuff so be warned.


11. Day 4 (part two)

"Dean." Castiel called to him during lunch. They were sat at a table in the corner of the dining hall eating some kind of sandwich while everyone chattered around them. 

"I need pie." Dean stated. Cas rolled his eyes and ate more of the cheese and bread.

"Dean we need to talk." He stated. 

"What about Cas? I'm kind of eating right now." He replied rather harshly.

"Well I am eating too but that doesn't matter. It's about Dan." That caught Dean's attention. He out down the nearly finished sandwich and took a sip of his drink.

"What about him?" He asked curiously. Well it's now or never, Castiel thought to himself.

"We overheard him and Mr Meyers talking the other day.." He looked around the room to see if anyone was watching them. "Meyers was saying some really horrid stuff to him." He said quietly so no one could hear. Dean frowned. 

"Son of a bitch!" He exclaimed. "I knew something was going on with those two! What kind of things was he saying? I swear to God, I will beat the living crap out of him." Cas gulped. 

"Homophobic things... he was saying that Dan was worthless and I think... I think he hit him." Dean was quiet for a moment, taking it all in. Then he stood up. 

"He's so dead!" He yelled, most people in the dining hall stopping their conversations to look at Dean. "What are you all looking at?" He growled. "Continue eating."

"Dean, sit please. There's more." Castiel begged. Dean sat down with clenched fists. "You can't do anything... n-not yet anyway. We promised him we wouldn't say anything but it's eating at him and I thought his best friend should know." 

"Who else knows?" Dean asked, calming down a little.

"Rose, David and Zoe." He said.

"Why doesn't Philip know?" He asked curiously. I mean, they are together after all. 

"Dan would kill us if we told him. So, please please please, do not tell him. Not just yet." Cas said and picked up Josh from the car seat. "Hey little fella it's feeding time." He smiled down at him. 

"You're good with kids." Dean commented. Castiel rolled his eyes.

"I am not. I tried to bathe him the other night and almost drowned him." And Dean laughed. "I guess looking after some of the kids at the orphanage for a few years paid off though." He said quietly. 

"You're an orphan?" Dean asked surprised. 

"Yes...I thought you knew." He started feeding Josh until he made a stinky smell. "Thanks for that, buddy." He grinned, trying not to over react and make him cry.

"Ugh that stinks, Joshua." Dean joked, scrunching up his nose. "I didn't know. What happened... if you don't mind me asking?" Sympathetically, he leaned in a bit.

"Parents didn't want me. I was taken into a foster home until I was 3 and by then they gave up with that and I was shipped off to England to a care home. Stayed there until I was 10 and soon enough, I ended up here with the government paying for my education." He explained. 

"I'm sorry." Dean mumbled. Cas shrugged.

"It can't hurt me as much as you think. I've spent my whole life with people not wanting me. It's like I'm nothing to anyone. I get pushed around and treated like dirt.... but I've gotten use to it." 

"I... I care Cas. I care about you." Dean whispered so quietly that Cas almost didn't hear him. His heart stopped for a split second. 

"R-really?" He looked into Deans apple green eyes and smiled.

"Of course. I'm not one for showing emotions though." He shrugged and finished his food. "You know?" He spoke up. "I lost my mom when I was little. House fire. We, my dad, Sammy and I, travelled a lot from then on. But my dad doesn't care much about us. He's had it with kids, dumped us here where he thought it would be safe for us and I haven't spoken to him in nearly a year." 

"That's dreadful, Dean." Castiel frowned. "Your brother.. Sammy, how old is he?"

"He's 13, 14 soon." He smiled at the thought of his little brother. "You see that tall git over there, with the brown hair and the plaid shirt?" Dean pointed over to him. "That's my little geeky brother." 

"He looks sweet." Cas smiled at the scene of Dean smiling. 

"He's a little shit from time to time but he's family, you gotta love them. Even if he's the only family you have left." Dean said sadly. 

"Hey, I'm sure your dad is around somewhere. Why don't you call him up later and have a nice old talk or whatever you people do with dads." He joked around.

"Maybe I'll do that." He smiled warmly at him and stood up. "That kid needs a diaper change, buddy." He said and left the room. Cas sighed and changed the baby then went over to the library to do some homework that was due the next lesson. 


Amy ate her pickles quickly and without a fuss. She was craving them again so badly and was just thankful that it was lunch time. Rory was a little iffy about her mood swings and appetite but didn't want to comment on it. He was nervous about tomorrow. Something big was going to happen and he couldn't wait. 

"Honey, you are going to get food stuck if you carry on eating that fast." He smirked at her. She finished the food in her  mouth and poked her tongue out at him. 

"Shut up. Food is important." She snapped. He raised his eyebrows at her and had a playful look in his eyes. 

"So is breathing. So you might need to slow down on the food to breathe a little. You can't eat if you are dead." He grinned at her, picking up Melody and tickling her. The doll responded with a fake baby laugh which creeped both of them out.

"That's just weird." She stated.

"Agreed." He rested Melody back into the seat but she started crying. "Dammit." He muttered and picked her back up. 

"You'd make a great dad, Rory." She commented on him as he rocked her.

"I really wouldn't. I don't think I'll be able to handle parenting for another 5 years at least." Amy's heart dropped and she stopped eating. Her face paled. Oh god, would he leave me if I told him? She thought. 

"Ha." She laughed sourly. "Ditto." 

John and Sherlock sat next to them with Sherlock feeding Elizabeth while his tea went cold. "Damn kids. I want my food." He whined. 

"Suck it up. Molly and Mary said they'd be back soon anyway so they can help look after the kids." John grumbled. Oh how he hated Molly. Taking Sherlock away from him like that made him mad. 

"I'm surprised you two haven't cracked yet." Rory added. "A kid each and sometimes two. We can hardly manage one between us." 

"Oh, we have cracked. Multiple times. And then we fix ourselves up and continue looking after them, with the thought of staying an extra 3 weeks at school with Meyers haunting us." Sherlock said then burped her. 

"That's a good way to motivate yourselves." Phil spoke up from the end of the table where he picked at the bread on his ham sandwich.

"This whole project is bull." John grumbled and took a few crisps out the bag. 

"I just can't wait for it to be over. I can sleep again at night." Sherlock said sourly.

"We've literally had them for 4 days and we are already fantasizing about leaving them. We are so going to fail parenthood." Rory laughed. 

"But we're 17 years old. Well.. 18 as well but normal people don't have kids until they are like 23. When they have to be all professional and do taxes and shit. And get a job. Ugh." Phil shivered.  

"We're offically fucked." John said.


"We all know that parenting is hard if we were all shipped off here." Amy said. "But think of this, we can just send our kids away for some time being as well. They are just kids. We are still kids." 

"True... I just want to go to bed." John groaned and smacked his head down onto the table. 

"Too bad, Mister. We still have one more lesson and then we're free." Sherlock said and poked him in the sides, making him jump up.

"JESUS CHRIST DO NOT DO THAT YOU CURLY HAIRED OTTER!" John yelled and smacked his hands away. A few people looked at John weirdly but continued eating. 

"How in God's name do I look like an otter? You look like a .... hedgehog..." 

"I do not." He replied, clearly offened. 

"No, I see it." Amy said, staring at him.

"Oh yeah..." Rory joined in. John's cheeks grew red and he hid his face in his hands. 

"Stahp lookin' at meh." He groaned.

"What the hell was that?" Sherlock laughed. "You sounded absolutely ridiculous!"

"Go awayyyyyy." 

"Noooooooo. I'm here to stay. Now, what do you want to do for the next 40 minutes of lunch?" Sherlock asked.

"Sleep." He yawned and snuggled down his face into the table. 

"I'll poke you again if you don't give me a valid answer." Sherlock warned him and John immedately sat up.

"You dare and I'll shave you." He said, not joking. 

"You wouldn't dare." He scowled back and put his hands on his hair. 

"Try me, Sherly." Sherlock cringed like a prune at the name. 

"Okay, Johnny." He fought back.

"ENOUGH!" Phil interrupted them. "If you two are going to act like an old married couple then can you go do that somewhere else? I'm trying to eat and mourn right now and you two are annoying me."

"Mourn over what?" Amy asked. 

"My mum texted me saying my fish had died..." He looked down sadly at the table.

"N'aww Philip. There are literally plenty of other fish in the sea." She told him soothingly.

"That was bad." He commented with a smile on his face. 

"I know but look, you're smiling. Yay!" She grinned. "How about we go get you another fish after school?" 

"We aren't allowed to leave the school until Friday night." He said. 

"Ahh yes but a few of us are going to go visit Rose, meaning David and I, and it would be nice to have another person come along. Then we can get you a fish while going through town on the way back." Amy explained.

"Uhh sure, but I'm not sure Rose really likes me that much.. plus she's your friend. She will want to see you and not me." 

"You can stay in the car if you want but we're going to be there for about an hour or so, so you might need to bring something to keep you company." She offered. He nodded.

"Can we get a black and white fish? I wanna name it oreo." Rory asked. 

"We aren't getting a fish, Rory." Amy stated. 




"Where would we keep it?"

"In water of course." 

"There's no space and we won't be staying together in the same room for so long, Rory."

"I'll keep him then. Or her. Ohmygod what about getting a fully red fish and calling it Lucifer." He suggested.

"Rory." Amy warned.

"Come on, p

"I'll think about it." She sighed.

"Yes!" He grinned and fist punched the air.

"That normally means 'no', Rory." Phil told him.

"Oooooh." He slouched back down and pouted. "It's not a hamster or anything CAN WE GET A HAMSTER, AMY?" 

"NO, Rory. Just... we aren't even allowed pets so a fish is pushing the limit." She rubbed her forehead, showing a sign of stress.

"Okay." He nodded and finished off an apple. "What do we have next lesson anyway?" 

"P.E." Sherlock replied.

"Oh for fuck sakes." John sighed in defeat. "Mr Bognia is freaking insane!" 

"We know." Phil said.

"Throwing babies is child abuse." He continued on. 

"So it is."

"He's fucking crazy." 

"What's new?"

"I hate him so much." 

"Yup. Gathered."

"Can we skip?"




"I need the loo. See ya." Phil said and left.

"And then there were four." Rory says.

"Actually, I need to go and get those passes to leave for tonight." Amy said and stood up. "You coming?" She asked Rory. He nodded and picked up Melody then the two left. 

"Then there were two." Sherlock mumbled. 

"Yeah." John answered. 

"So, 30 minutes left of lunch. What do you want to do?" Sherlock asked again. 

You... John thought and then his eyes widened at the thought. No no no don't think like that. "Hide away from life but that isn't going to work so maybe eat my weight in nacho cheese." 

"Har har. No, seriously, what?" 

"Just... walk I guess." He said and stood up. He picked up Jane and put his rubbish into the bin. 

"Fine." Sherlock sighed and did the same. "It looks okay outside.. I guess we can go take a stroll." 

"Yay thanks Sherly!" John giggled and hugged him. Soon realising what he did, he let go and sped off to some part of the school Sherlock didn't know.

"What the..." Sherlock mumbled in shock. He frowned and went to go look for his friend. No, Sherlock doesn't have friends. 

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