The Parent Project

This is a story where some of your beautiful OTP's are given a realistic baby doll to look after for 3 weeks while attending boarding school. This includes:
Johnlock, Destiel, Amy and Rory, 10 and Rose, 11 and River, Everlark, Phan and Zalfie.
Please note that some of these ships are side ships. There may be some triggering stuff so be warned.


12. Day 4 (part three)

Lunch soon finished and the students that carried their fake babies went to go change for PE. Dan had endured the worst detention yet, thanks to Phil's actions in science. He had a large purple bruise on his rib cage now from where Meyers had tripped him over, making Dan fall into the side of a table.

Dean watched him wince as Dan took off his shirt. Then his eyes flickered to Cas. He wasn't lying. No student would do this. They all respected Dan. Dean didn't say anything and continued to change with every other boy in the room.

They all left for the gymnasium when they had dressed and seeing some of the girls already there, made them wonder how reluctant they were about PE.

John stood far away from Sherlock in hope that they didn't have to speak any time soon. Sherlock could sense that. He was still a little shocked over the whole affair. He didn't normally have human contact voluntary nevermind being randomly hugged.

His eyes were glued to the awkward John in the corner of the room.

"What are you looking at?" Rory asked. He stood with Amy whose shirt wasn't her normal shirt. It use to be a more fitting top but is now baggy.

"John... he hugged me earlier and called me 'Sherly' and then ran off. What do I do?" Sherlock said peering down at the car seat with Elizabeth in.

"Go talk to him, for a start. Watching him isn't going to do anything." Rory replied and wrapped Amy into his embrace.

"But what do I say?" Sherlock asked, getting annoyed.

"Say that you were wondering why he hugged you and ran off. It's really not that hard to tell someone something." Rory said and Sherlock nodded.

"Okay. Thanks." But before he could take a step towards John, Mr Bognia blew his whistle and summoned everyone over to him. Some students quietly groaned while others walked over as slow as possible.

"If you don't hurry up then we'll be staying after school as well!" He bellowed and that made a few people jog. "Ah you smell that?" he asked as soon as everyone was over. "That's the lovely smell of fear." Sherlock shuffled back a little.

"So, sir, what trauma are you going to inflict upon us today?" Katniss asked.

Mr Bognia turned to her with a scowl. "I was going to say that this would be a relaxing lesson as I'm tired and you are tired but now, Miss Everdeen, I think we'll do some laps."

The students groaned and sent Katniss death glares. "Hush up now, kiddies, and start running. You can leave the babies on the side by the stands."

The students placed the babies down where Mr Bognia told them to and started running.

I can't do this, Amy thought to herself. Pregnant people should rest and not do much but running for the next 40 minutes seemed to be her only option without people noticing something was wrong. Maybe she could pretend she felt ill. But would the teacher believe her. She didn't have a fever nor any signs that she was going to throw up.

She kept to a gentle jog with Zoe, feeling as if she were to pass out soon. Rory had taken off and so did many people.

"You okay, A?" Zoe asked her with a small pant.

She nodded and kept moving until she had done a lap. Her left hand stayed glued to her growing belly until she didn't feel like moving anymore. She sat down where she was and put her head between her knees.

"Amy?" Zoe asked from next to her. "What's going on? Is there anything I can do?"

"Get... Rory." She panted.

Zoe nodded and ran off to find Rory wasn't that far behind them.

"Amy, what's happened?" He asked, crouching down next to her. "Amy?"

"I can't run." She breathed. By now, a small crowd had appeared around them. And Mr Bognia was coming closer to them.

"Why is no one running? What's all this fuss about?" He asked upon seeing them.

"Amy..I think she's hurt." Rory said quizzically. But Amy shook her head.

"No, not pain. I can't say." She said. She wanted to keep her pregnancy a secret until she could no longer hide it but that wasn't happening.

"Take her to the nurse's office, Mr Williams." Bognia instructed them. He nodded and helped Amy up and they slowly walked towards the exit.

"Let me just go get Melody." He said and ran over to the benches. He was soon back and they walked to the nurse's office.

Should Amy tell him now? She was going to tell him tomorrow anyway. "Thank you... for helping me." She said as he wrapped an arm around her.

"Anything for my girl." He smiled and kissed her forehead.

They reached the nurses office and she smiled at Amy, knowing her situation. Jenny stood up and lead Amy to the small bed and gave her a drink of water.

"PE?" She asked knowingly. Amy nodded and drank the water greatfully.

"What's going on, Amy?" Rory asked her again. Amy looked down and sighed. Jenny gave her a curious look.

"He doesn't know?" Jenny asked, looking him up and down. Amy shook her head.

"Know what?" He asked, annoyed now.

"I'll just leave you two alone a minute." Jenny smiled at her. "Good luck." She said and left the room, closing the door behind her.

"Amy. Please tell me, you can't leave me in the dark." Rory said sadly and took her hand.

"Rory..." She spoke softly. She took a deep breath and proceeded. "I'm 13 weeks pregnant."


Nothing was said for the next minute. Rory didn't know what to say, or do. He closed his eyes and processed the news.

"How long... how long have you know?" He asked.

"About 10 weeks." She whispered.

"And it didn't cross your mind to tell me that I'm going to be a father?!" He yelled making Amy flinch. "Sorry." He mumbled.

"That's all I've been thinking about, Rory. I'm nearly 18. How in the world can I raise a baby! I was going to tell you tomorrow, at dinner. I wanted it to be special." She sighed and looked at him with a plea. "You aren't the only one who is going to struggle."

"I know, Amy. I'm sorry. I'm such an idiot." He said and kissed her cheek.

"But you are my idiot." She grinned.

"Do you know whether it'll be a boy or girl?" He says, looking at her belly.

"I still need to see the doctor about that." She lifts up her top and Rory gasps. "Big, isn't it?" She smiled.

"C-can I?" he asked, stretching out his hand. She nodded and he placed his hand on her belly. His eyes widened as he smiled lovingly at her. "When is he or she due?"

"October I think." Amy pulled Rory in for a hug.

"I love you so much." He kissed her softly as she pulled the top back down.

"I love you more." She kissed back and nuzzled her head into his neck.

"Your hair tickles." He chuckled.

"Oh shut up you bafoon." She giggled.

"Who else knows?" Rory said and intertwined his fingers between hers. He pulled out of the hug and she sat back.

"Just Rose and Zoe." She replied and drank a little more of her drink.

"... How long have they known?" He was slightly annoyed that he wasn't the first person she told but at least he knows now.

"Like 3 days, if that... anyway speaking of Rose, we should get dressed so we can go see her." Amy said and put her legs on the ground.

"Careful, hun." Rory whispered and wrapped an arm around her waist to make sure she was up safely. 

"Seriously?" She asked.

"What?" Rory replied with a frown.

"Please don't go all protective on me. I've made it 13 weeks on my own, I think I can manage a little longer." She smirked but didn't move his arm away. They walked to their dorm room in silence as class still had another 10 minutes to go before it finished.

Rory turned on the radio when they got in to fill the air as Amy changed out of her sweaty PE kit and into some jeans and a top. Rory also changed and soon they settled down on his bed, hugging.

"I love you, both," he muttered with his eyes flickering to the baby bump then back to her "so so much."

"I love you too." She grinned and kissed him softly. "We should go find David and Phil soon."

"Ugh. Can't I have on minute with my beautiful girlfriend?" He groaned and stood up.

"Oh shut up, David really needs us right now. And I promised Phil a fish, so, you know." She laughed.

"Yeah yeah yeah, whatever." They walked to David's room and knocked on his door. When David opened it, he looked like crap. His eyes were red and his face had tear stains down it.

"Hey." Amy smiled at him softly and hugged him. He hugged back with a sniffle and a cracked hello then let them in.

"Sorry.. about the mess." He said. It had only been a day. Was he really this broken up about it?

"It's okay. Now, get dressed, we're going to see Rose soon and I don't want her seeing you like this."

"R-really? We're allowed to see her?" He asked, smiling. Amy nodded and held Rory's hand.

"I talked to Mr Meyer's this morning and he said it was okay to see her as long as we're back by 7pm." She said.

"Whoo! Now turn around so I can get dressed." He said, motioning to his white and blue striped Pj's.

"Sorry." Rory said and they both turned to face the closed door for the next 3 minutes so he could change.

"Can we pick some flowers up for her before we see her?" David asked while changing still.

"Of course. I wouldn't have it any other way." Amy said sincerly. She was scared of seeing her best friend in a hospital bed. Fighting for her life. Fighting cancer. She wasn't going to last long...

"Okay I'm done." David said. "I have like £10 in cash though."

"Oh! Rory, can you pop back to our room and pick me up like a tenner too, please? AND THE BABY. WE FORGOT THE BABY." She panicked.

"How could you forget the baby?" David chuckled at her and the wide eyed Rory.

"Shhh!" She snapped at him and Rory ran off down the hall to retrieve the baby and some money. "Where's your baby anyway... uhh Mickey right?"

"Zoe took her off of me and gave her to River at lunch. They said they didn't want me to fail the project and I kept making him cry so, you know, I galdly gave him up." He explained, locking up his room.

"Oh, do you think they'd take Melody tomorrow evening for like 3 hours? Rory and I are planning to go out and we can't really do much if we have a fake baby crying constantly." Amy asked with hope.

"Maybe, you'll have to ask." He said. "Now where to?"

"Phil's room. I promised him a fish." She says as Rory walks up to them with Melody and some change. "Thanks, Rory." She kissed his cheek and they held each other's hands.

"You guys make me sick." David said and pulled a funny face. Amy rolled her eyes but didn't say anything and soon they reached Phil's door. Yelling hit their faces though before they knocked.

"ALL YOU DO IS LIE TO ME!" Phil screamed. Amy frowned and looked to Rory who was just as confused as her.

"IT'S TO PROTECT YOU!" Dan.. Dan yelled so loudly that David jumped. He had an idea of what was going on but he wasn't sure if this was it.


"It doesn't matter." Dan said.

"It freaking well does if it leads you to have a mark on your face and you in a constant state of depression! I don't like seeing you like this Dan, I love you so much but you are keeping something from me and I hate it. I hate being in the dark. I need you." Phil cried.

"I love you too Phil, but I need to go now. Do you want me to take-"

"For christ sakes, Dan! Where? Where do you have to go that's so important?" Phil asked.

"... it doesn't matter." He repeated. "I'll just take Harry and let you calm down. I'll see you at dinner." He said and the door opened to reveal the 3 eavesdroppers. Dan glanced at David quickly then walked past them with the baby's car seat in hand.

They looked into the room to see Phil sat on his bed with his head in his hands. "Phil?" Rory knocked softly. He looked up and smiled at them although it was fake.

"Hey, sorry about that." He said hoarsely with tears on the brink of breaking.

"You okay..?" David asked unsure. He nodded and stood up.

"We going then?" He asked while straightening out his hair which had become a mess. Amy nodded and he followed them out the room and to reception which was on the other side of the school in an awkward silence.

They soon arrived and Amy talked to the lady there which let them out. She called a taxi which came around 10 minutes later. They climbed in with Melody resting on Amy's lap.

"Where to?" The driver asked. "And don't worry about payment, I'll charge the school." He winked.

"Can we stop off at a flower store or something in town then go to the Saint Elizabeths Royal Hospital please?" David asked and the man nodded.

"Visiting a friend?" He asked as they took off.

"Hmm. My girlfriend." David said sadly.

"I'm sorry mate, what happened?"

"She's just really ill..." He said and looked out the window at the damage the flood had caused.

"I hope she gets better soon." The driver said reassuringly.

"Hey, mister?" Phil asked from the back.

"Yes sir?" He replied with a quick glance back.

"Where's the nearest pet store? Or somewhere that sells live fish?" He asked trying to lighten the mood of death in the car.

"There's one near the flower store if you want me to go there first." He said curiously.

"No we're just thinking about getting me a pet fish on the way back from the hospital." Phil replied and the man nodded. They reached a small flower shop full of the brightest flowers and most beautiful fragrances in the world.

"Thank you, I'll be like 5 minutes." David smiled and got out of the car.

"Do you want to get your fish now, sir?" The driver asked Phil as David walked into the shop. Phil nodded. "Okay the shop's name is A Jolly Pet, it's literally just down the road. 2 minute walk."

"O-okay." He stuttered out. He had never been out in town before, no matter how many years he had attended the school.

"I'll come with. Rory stay here." Amy instructed and before Rory could argue, Amy and Phil got out leaving him with Melody and the driver.

"Sooooo...." The driver dragged on.

Amy and Phil walked down the street together with people and cars passing them in the warming air. "What was that fight about, Phil?" She asked him as they entered A Jolly Pet. He shrugged and looked around the shop to find the fish.

"Phil." She warned.

"He's hiding something from me. And when I saw him yesterday, he had a mark on his face like someone had slapped him. He is always busy at break, lunch and after school and he's just doing something bad... I worry so much about him and all he does is keep secrets from and lie to me." Phil explained as they reached the fish section.

"Phil..." she sighed and took his hand, "he says he's doing it to protect you. You need to trust him." She smiled and turned to the fish. "Oh my god there's a nemo one!" She exclaimed.

"Awe... hey do you think that it would be bad to get that black one and name it Lucifer?" He asked with a smile. "And then a black and white one to call Oreo?"

"As long as you don't get a red one and call it some scottish name, I'm good." She laughed and they went to find a member of staff to get the fish out. In the end, they got the nemo one, the black one, the black and white one then another one which was green and blue. It didn't cost them much, thank God. They bought a small tank and some food for them with the remaining money.

They hopped back to the taxi where David was sat with a huge boque of flowers that were pressed up against Rory's face. He blew them away from his face but they kept flinging back.

"Okay guys, we're here." The man said. "I bid you the best luck." He smiled gently at them as they got out.

They all said their thank you's and walked into the hospital, recieving weird looks from people seeing Phil and his fish.

They got Rose's room address from reception and made their way there. They got to outside the closed door and stopped.

"Are you ready for this, David?" Amy asked him time. He took a deep breath and nodded.

"I'm going to stay out here..." Phil said awkwardly.

"I second that." Rory said and went to sit down in the waiting area that wasn't so far away.

"I'll see you two later then." Amy rolled her eyes and went in. David followed and gasped when he saw her.

She was pale, she had a tube going into her nose, she had wires in her hand. She looked dead. "Rose..." David whispered and placed the flowers on a small table. He sat down next to her and took her hand. It was cold with her vains showing more than before.

"Oh my gosh." Amy muttered and sat the other side of her. She looked at her friend with such a sad broken hearted look.

"She looks worse then she did yesterday..." David muttered and kissed her blue lips softly. He leaned back and cringed.

"Rose?" Amy asked for no reason.

"Hmm?" Rose let out a small groan. Her dull eyes opened and she smiled when she saw David.

"Afternoon, beautiful." He grinned and placed another kiss on her lips before she could say anything else.

"David..." She mumbled.

"And Amy!" Amy spoke up. Rose's eyes flickered over to her and she gave her a small smile.

"Thank you." She told her.

"For what?" She asked.

"Helping me yester-" Rose cut herself off to cough a raspy cough which she flinched at.

"You okay, lovely?" David asked, worried.

"W-water." She cough and pointed to a jug of water on the bedside table. David nodded frantically and poured her a small cup then handed it to her.

She took the drink gratefully and drank it slowly. "Have your family visited you yet?" Amy asked.

"Yeah," she said and took a deep breath. "They came this morning. Left about an hour ago... I guess I kind of owe you an explanation." She said to David who raised his eye brow. "I have terminal cancer. In my lungs. And... I might die soon. Maybe not today or for 5 days, but I will soon." She whispered the last part.

"I can't lose you." He cried and rested his head on hers.

"I don't want to be lost. I want to be remembered." She told him, her lips brushing against his cheek.

"I will remember you. I promise."

"You have to promise me though, that if I cause you too much pain, I will need you to forget me and move on. I don't want to hurt people when I cannot do anything to help." She let a few tears escape.

"You never caused me pain. You gave me everything, Rose Tyler." He kissed her forehead and wrapped his arms around her.

"If I could stay, you know I would. We'll always be okay, me and you. But when I'm gone, I need you to move on from me. There'll be other girls and hey, if you want to start liking boys, that's fine with me. You will promise me, that you'll find someone else that you love and cherish as much as you did with me." Rose cried harder and then coughed some more.

"I promise you." He hugged her and she buried her head in his shoulder.

"I love you." She mumbled, sounding out of breath.

"Rose Tyler I-"


"Rose?!" Amy yelled, looking at the heart monitor. A flat line _____ no faulter.

"Rose..." David sobbed and broke from the hug to see her eyes had shut. "No Rose please don't do this!" He sobbed louder.

"Nurse! Doctor! Anyone!" Amy stood up and yelled out the door with a tear stained face.

3 doctors came rushing in, seeing Rose and the heart monitor still. "Out, please." One lady said.

"No! I can't leave her! She's not ready yet!" David held her hand as one doctor tried guiding him away. 

"Please sir, let us do our job." He said calmly. David stood up and ran out the room. He kept running and running until he didn't know where in the hospital he was, but he was somewhere. He fell down against a wall and with his head between his knees, he let out more broken sobs. His body shook with each cry he let out as the image of her still body flashed like lightning in his mind.

And he stayed like that. Sobbing on the cold floor for the next hour and a half until Rory found him.

"David..." He sat next to him and hesitantly patted his back. "It's going to be okay..."

"S-she's dead..." he croaked out. "She's g-gone and-and I can't do anything a-about it!" He yelled and hit the ground. "Ahh sugar." He groaned.

"Think about it this way, she's no longer struggling." Rory tried helping him. But he couldn't even comfort a carrot let alone a person mourning his dead girlfriend.

"I was g-going to marry her!" He cried out suddenly. "I love much Rory dammit! Why did she g-go?!" His sorrowful words were heard from around the corridors.

"Sometimes, life just isn't for some people." Rory said. "We need to go soon or else we'll be late back." Rory said and pulled David up. It took them 15 minutes to find the others then another 10 to get out of the hospital. Phil had called a taxi a few minutes before, hoping it would arrive soon.

Amy wasn't sobbing, but she was still crying. She tried putting on a brave face but she wasn't ready for the world right now.

The taxi driver was the same one as last time which he was delighted over but sensed no one wanted to talk.

"I'm sorry." He told them in the car. They didn't say anything and another 15 minutes later, they were back at the school. The receptionist let the 4 teens in, with Phil hiding the fish. She took a look at David and knew what had happened.

"I'm sorry." She told them but they all just continued into the school. They went straight to their dorm rooms. David went alone while Amy was comforted by Rory. Phil sat alone in his room with the fish.

None of them went to dinner.

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