The Parent Project

This is a story where some of your beautiful OTP's are given a realistic baby doll to look after for 3 weeks while attending boarding school. This includes:
Johnlock, Destiel, Amy and Rory, 10 and Rose, 11 and River, Everlark, Phan and Zalfie.
Please note that some of these ships are side ships. There may be some triggering stuff so be warned.


7. Day 3 (part one)

It was raining. Heavily. The students were soaked and late for their lessons. Mr Gollard and Mr Meyers were worried about the rain getting through the older parts of the school and flooding it. The school wasn't in its best condition. 

The weather people had predicted a storm; the worst one yet in 15 years. It should hit them soon. Mr Meyers had to make the decision of whether or not to keep the students in their lessons for the day or send them back to their dorms. 

The students couldn't pay attention to their teachers. They were more concerned about if they were going to die or not. A bit of an exaggeration, maybe but these were teenagers we are talking about.

"For goodness sakes, year 12's!"  Miss French, a young Spanish teacher from Scotland yelled at her class. "How interesting can rain be?" 

"Miss, in all fairness, most of the people in this room have had like 4 hours of sleep for the third day running and no breakfast thanks to the rain. We are not interested in the rain. We are cursing the rain. We are angry at the rain." Katniss said. 

"Silencio, por favor." Miss French sighed. "I'm sticking a movie on. But it has to have something to do with Spanish just incase Mr Meyers comes in." 

In the end, she stuck A Bug's Life on in Spanish with English subtitles. The poor students at the back couldn't see the subtitles so they had to improvise. 

"Yo, Pete!" Katniss whispered from the middle right of the room. Peeta cringed and turned to look at her when a ball of paper hit him square in the nose. Katniss put her hands over her mouth to stop herself from laughing. 

Peeta uncrumpled the piece of paper to see a note written on it in Katniss' beautiful writing. Beautiful to Peeta, I mean. Anything to do with Katniss is beautiful. 

Peeta, THE MOTHER FRACKING TICKETS CAME. =) You, me and ATL next week on saturday. 

Can't wait! We also need to find a baby sitter for Humfrey :( 

Do you understand this crap on the board? I'm bored. Hehe. Board. Bored. 

I need a hug. And some pizza. And a life. You can grant me 2 of those. 

I'm counting on you to quench my needs, Bread Boy. 

Katniss xxx

Peeta was internally screaming. SHE PUT KISSES, his mind screamed at him. And he might be getting a hug. He should be getting a hug. Pizza is easy to get. 


The first clap of thunder had entered, making a few students jump and one or two scream. The rain came down harder, making Castiel scared. He hated thunder and lightning. No. Not hate. Something stronger. He abominated it. 

His eyes searched the room to quickly find Dean not that far away from him. For some reason, he found comfort in seeing how calm Dean was. 

Until a flash of lightning and the biggest rumble of thunder eruptted and Castiel immediately jumped and sank back into his chair, tears forming in his eyes. 

"You okay, Cas?" Dean asked from two seats behind. Castiel looked over at him and shook his head slightly. 

Almost instantly, Dean was sat next to Castiel, trying to comfort him. Another flash of lightning triggered the tears to fall from his eyes and Dean pulled him into a hug. 

"It'll be alright, Cas. It's not going to hurt you." Dean said softly, rubbing his back. Castiel felt the warmth of being so close to Dean. His touch was like a drug and he wanted more. 

He wrapped his arms around Dean and shook as thunder went off again and the rain came down like hail stones. "It'll be okay." Dean whispered. He had recieved a few weird looks from people but he didn't care. 

What was going on with Dean? One moment, he didn't give two shits about his project buddy then the next he's hugging him, feeling a liking towards him more than before.

Dean was confused. It felt right to be holding Cas. He didn't want to let go. 

 "Calm down guys, it's just a little storm." Miss French said. There was a knock at the door and in came Mr Meyers with a few students holding boxes following him. "Mr Meyers." Miss French sighed. 

"Hmm." Mr Meyers made his way in front of the board. "Students, Miss French, I'm here to explain what's going to happen for the rest of today." A few voice rose in confusion. "Lessons will not continue as normal." 

A chours of 'yes''s flew around the room. "However, you will be staying in your current classroom for the day. Depending how bad the storm gets, lunch and break might also have to be spent in here. We advise-" and then the power cut out causing a few girls to scream.

"Dammit. Jeremy. Hand out some torches please." Mr Meyers instructed one of the students who held a box. He nodded and walked between the desks handing out a torch between two. "Like I was previously saying, we advise that students do not wonder off and out of the classrooms. The storm should be over soon. No opening windows. No screaming, nor shouting. Running about will result in detention. 

Also, I know that you all have babies. That's why we're giving you an extra box. It's full of extra baby food, nappies and clothes.  Being the older students in the school, I need you to behave and not act up. The younger students will be going wild and crazy because they are so mature like that." Mr Meyers finished. 

"What happens if we need the toilet?" John spoke up.

"Then you can go. Just don't go messing around. We don't know how the plumbing is right now but it can't be amazing so please try and hold on as best as possible." Mr Meyers answered. "Any other questions?" 

No other student said anything else and they kept quiet over the sound of rain. Cas had calmed down a little but was still clinging onto Dean with all his life. 

"Thank you. I will be coming to check up on you lazy lot later." Mr Meyers said and walked out the room, with one of the students leaving a box full of baby stuff on the front desk. 

"What are we going to do now?" Sherlock asked. "We have no power for the board and computer to work and knowing how crap the school's budget is, these torches will not last long." 

"I'm not too sure, Sherlock. I guess you guys can talk amongst yourselves." Miss French replied and people started talked. 

"River?" Matt asked. He was feeling a lot better today. He wasn't high nor drunk. He wan't hungover or as tired as he normally is. 

"Yes Matt?" She asked while holding Poppy in her arms, gently rocking her back to sleep.

"Do you hate me?" He said, flicking the torch on and off. 

"Why would you think that? Of course not." She said sincerly. 

"It's just that... everyone hates me." He said sadly. River's face fell and she frowned. 

"No they don't." She replied sternly. 

"It's true. They all like David better. You, Rory and Amy are all I have in this school and I think Amy hates me now." He said sadly.

"Amy doesn't hate you, Matt. She cares about you. We all do." River tried convincing him. He just shook his head, not believing her. "Honestly, Matt." She placed a hand on his shoulder and went to give him a hug. 

"It's not hard to lie." Matt muttered to himself, but River heard. 

"It's not hard to tell the truth, either." She replied, feeling hurt, she got up and walked over to Amy and Rory. Matt sighed to himself and pulled out his phone to play a few games of Subway Surfers. 

.:*:. .:*:. .:*:. .:*:. .:*:. .:*:. .:*:. .:*:. .:*:. .:*:. .:*:. .:*:. .:*:. .:*:. .:*:. .:*:. .:*:. .:*:. .:*:. .:*:. .:*:

"We shouldn't be doing this." Phil whispered to Dan and their friend, PJ. Dan had decided to skive school today for the weather was horrible when he woke up and he didn't fancy getting soaking wet. Being stuck in a miserable classroom with miserable people all day with miserable weather was not his thing. 

The only reason Phil and PJ tagged along were because 1) Phil worried about Dan, 2) Phil didn't want to be lonely in lessons 3)PJ was bored. 

Harry, their baby, was taken care of by Phil which kind of annoyed him. Dan hadn't done much caring but it seems like he's not going to start any time soon. 

"Hush up, Philip." Dan said, taking his hand. They were walking along the corridors to get to PJ's room where he had an endless supply of sweets and chocolate and mainly just things they could pig out on until lunch.

But then the power went out. 

"Oh fuck it!" Dan exclaimed, reaching into his pocket to get his phone out. He turned on the torch and the trio continued down to the corridor until they reached PJ's room. 

PJ opened up the door and walked over to his window to open the curtains and let some light in. Even though there wasn't that much. The dark clouds were almost black and the rain was falling heavier then before.

"Come look at this." PJ said, motioning for the couple to come over. 

"What is it?" Phil asked. PJ pointed at the courtyard. The flooding courtyard. 

"That rain must be at least a foot deep already." Dan said, bewildered. "We're well and truly fucked." 

"What time is it?" Phil asked. 

"Like 10 ish." PJ replied, sitting down on his bed. 

"OH FUCK!" Dan yelled all of a sudden, making the other two boys jump. 

"Christ, Daniel!" PJ exclaimed, holding his heart.

"You've gotta stop randomly shouting, Dan." Phil said catching his breath back from the shock. "What's the matter?" 

"I forgot I had detention today with Mr Blake at break and lunch." He sighed. The detention part was true. Not the Mr Blake bit though. He was a lot more scared of Mr Meyers and would rather have detention with Mr Blake any day.

"Why what for?" Phil asked curiously. 

"I erm..." Damn, now he had to think of another lie. "It's more of an unwanted and forced catch up session." He said. "Because, you know, I'm failing everything." 

"I'll help you out if you want." PJ offered. 

"Nah, I'm fine. It's only my whole future at stake." Dan waved it off. "Now what are we going to do? Seeming as we're stuck inside a massive dorm building with no power and probably no plumbing." 

"OH!" Phil yelled. 


Before they knew it, the 3 were laughing their heads off at god knows what. 

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