The Parent Project

This is a story where some of your beautiful OTP's are given a realistic baby doll to look after for 3 weeks while attending boarding school. This includes:
Johnlock, Destiel, Amy and Rory, 10 and Rose, 11 and River, Everlark, Phan and Zalfie.
Please note that some of these ships are side ships. There may be some triggering stuff so be warned.


2. Day 1 (part two)

A/N I just wanted to say that Mary and Molly from Sherlock BBC series are twin sisters in this and that they only have a short part in it. Also, later on there are a few homophobic comments made and I just wanted to say I am 110% against homophobia and hate people who make homophobic comments. Please, if this offends you, stop reading. 

After the assembly, the students found their pairs they wanted to be with. Dan and Phil obviously went together. While David Tennant and Rose Tyler joined up even thought they were already dating just like Amy Pond and Rory Williams and Zoe and Alfie. Katniss and Peeta decided it would be a laugh for them to join up as did John Watson and Mary Morstan. Sherlock Holmes held the heart of Mary's twin sister Molly Morstan although Sherlock didn't think their relationship was going to continue much longer.

In the end, there were 4 people left over. Matt Smith, River Song, Dean Winchester and Castiel. There was a bit of an argument of who went with who between those four so Mr Meyers had to sort them out.

"Winchester, Castiel, go together, I don't want to hear what you have to say. You maybe straight as a pole for all I care or as straight as a roundabout. But for three weeks you two will get along. Song, Smith you will be joining each other. And Smith, if I catch you smoking in my school again, you will be out, got it?" Meyers instructed.

Everyone knew Matt Smith for his excessive amount of drug and alcohol abuse over the years. Matt was hardly ever sober for more than two days before he had to snort some crack or smoke a spliff. Matt didn't care though. The drugs took away all his problems.

"But sir-" Dean tried to argue.

"Silence Winchester. Deal with it. Your mother and father once did this and you shall too. No exceptions. And when your younger brother turns 17 in 4 years time, he will be doing this too." Meyers glared at Dean.

Dean gulped. He didn't like people bringing up his mother. Mainly because she was dead. Some guy set fire to their house while Dean and his younger brother Sam were just kids. The boys obviously got out, and so did their dad, John. But their mother couldn't make it.

A few weeks later, they found out that their mother had been locked in a room on purpose and which is why she couldn't get out.

All the couples got their things from the teachers who were handing them out. And as soon as that was done, the students had only 15 minutes to transfer their things to each others rooms before lessons began. Zoe and Alfie hurried off to their rooms which didn't need much moving. Zoe only needed to take some spear clothes and her wash things into Alfie's room as she practically lived there. "Oooh this is so exciting!" She squealed, holding her baby. They had to turn it on first before they could do anything with him.

"I know right." Alfie smiled. "It's not everyday do you get to look after a doll." He rolled his eyes.

"Alfie." Zoe slapped his arm playfully. "We need to treat her like a real baby. Which means she needs a name."

"How about Daisy?" Alfie suggested after moments of thinking. Zoe shook her head.

"That doesn't sound right... maybe Holly! ... Holly Marie. I like that." Zoe said, finding where to turn the baby on.

"Holly Marie... It's nice. Yeah.. let's go with that." Alfie agreed and then turned on their baby.

Meanwhile, Rose Tyler and David Tennant were frantically moving their things about to get everything done in time for lessons. The doll sat on Rose's bed while she tidied the room. David was going to stay in her room as Rose's room mate, Katniss, was going to stay elsewhere.

"You are really messy!" David exclaimed at Rose's room. "I mean, why the hell do you have underwear on you freaking bookshelf?! That isn't normal."

"Oh hush up and help me. I need to leave in 5 minutes to get to Drama." She scolded David.

"You are such a drama queen." David smirked at her.

"And no more puns, Mister. I am in a hurry. Turn the baby on, please?" Rose said, even though a smile was still on her lips.

"Alright alright." David rolled his eyes at her and picked up their baby boy. "He needs a name." He stated.

"I was thinking Mickey. Or Jack." Rose said. "Duck!" She yelled, throwing a bra across the room in David's direction. He didn't move soon enough. The bright hot pink bra hit his face with a splat.

"What the hell. Ew. That holder better be yours and clean." David jumped away from it.

"Right... clean and mine..." Rose said nervously.

"EW!" David said wide-eyed and hopped to the other side of the room quickly. Rose started laughing at David and his stupidness.

"I was joking!" She giggled. "It is mine.. but it isn't clean. Whoopsie!" She laughed.

"Sometimes, Rose Tyler, I really -" David got cut off by Rose coughing furiously into her hands. He ran to her and patted her on the back. "Jesus Christ, are you okay?" He asked worried. This wasn't a normal cough, it was extremely raspy and disturbing.

Rose continued to cough into her hands while David hit her back. "...wat....water..." she gasped out.

"Oh yeah! Hang on." David found a glass on the floor and ran to the bathroom to fill it up.

While he was gone, Rose opened up her hands to see a little blood covering them. Not again she thought. This has been happening a lot to her lately. Sometimes a little blood, sometimes lots. But she brushed it aside. Rose didn't like people worrying about her.

She wiped her hands on a dirty black top which she then threw into the wash pile. David came back with the water, which she drank fast. "Better?" David asked. Rose nodded, letting out a sigh.

"We just need to get the baby ready and go, we haven't got time to do anything else." She said, grabbing her school bag. David nodded in agreement, but was extremely worried about Rose. They put the baby in the car seat after turning it on.

Soon, they left.

Just like everyone else, Katniss and Peeta were getting ready for school. Peeta was actually. Katniss sat on the bed, poking the babies tummy while All Time Low played from her phone.

"Why are you doing that?" Peeta asked Katniss.

"It feels funny. You can feel all the wires and stuff underneath it." She stated.

"Is it a boy or girl?" He asks.

"Hang on lemme check its parts." Katniss opened up the baby grow and un did the nappy. "Whoa that's small. Boy." She said.

"Of course it's going to be small. It's a baby. What did you expect? A 7 inch penis?" Peeta replied.

"No! I just never thought it would be so tiny!" Katniss said in defence.

"Right." Peeta confirmed.

"Oh be quiet. We need to get going now anyway. Do you want to take it first or shall I?" Katniss asked.

"In all honesty, I don't trust you with him. We can switch over at break if you want." Peeta comprimised with her.

"Oh ha ha." Katniss laughed sarcastically. "Whatever." She said, poking her tongue out. This is the behaviour of Katniss that Peeta loved most. The happy, playful side of Katniss. Peeta gets butterflies in his stomach everytime she's like this. Every time they are with each other to be honest. 

"We should get going now anyway. I'm going to be late for Science." Peeta told Katniss, turning on the doll. The doll started blinking, the eyes opening and closing. 

"They really did go all out on the realism..." Katniss said, bewildered. 

"You don't say..." He replied. "What we gonna call him?" 

"Humpfrey." She said almost instantly. Peeta turned to her with a wide eyed expression. "What?" She asked innocently.

"Nothing." Peeta said, shaking his head. "Humpfrey it is. See you later, Katniss." Peeta said while strapping Humpfrey into his car seat. 

"Bye." She waved him out the door. 


After the teenagers had had their 15 minutes of preperation before lessons started, Daniel Howell ran the corriders of St Trinity in a rush to get to class. He was 10 minutes late after he couldn't find his English homework on the book An Inspector Calls. 

Dan sprinted as fast as possible through the canteen but a figure stopped him all of a sudden. Mr Meyers. Dan wanted to back up and find another way through the school but the evil head teacher had already spotted him.

"Howell!" Meyers exclaimed. "What are you doing out of lessons? Skiving, eh? Our teachers not good enough for you? Fucking pathetic." Meyers used his tormenting words to get into Dan's head. Dan gupled and slowly inched forwards.

"N-no Sir." Dan stuttered out. Even though Dan was scared on the outside, he had a boiling rage inside. "I forgot my homework." 

"Excuses, excuses." Meyers looked around him before continuing. "You are a stupid, worthless piece of shit Howell. I bet you were in your bedroom sucking off your queer boyfriend." Dan clenched his fist tightly. Never, had Mr Meyers involved Phil in his torture moments. 

"Oh. You don't like that?" Mr Meyers pointed out.

"Excuse me, Sir. I need to get to my lesson." Dan gritted through his teeth. He took a few steps forwards before being stopped by a hand slamming into his chest. 

"I'm not finished with you yet, Howell. And don't be so rude." Mr Meyers spits. 

Oh, God, when will this end? Dan thought.

Meanwhile, Sherlock Holmes and Molly Morstan acted out their 3rd scene in Drama for Romeo and Juliet. And of course, they both had the main roles. The two had paired up together for the Parent Project which was even better for them. 

Molly's twin sister Mary had paired up with Sherlock's best friend John Watson. Molly and Sherlock were dating just as Mary and John were. 

"Romeo, Romeo where-" Molly was saying until their doll had starting crying. "Jesus Christ stupid freaking baby." She mumbled, walking off stage and to where their doll sat in the car seat. 

"Does it need a bottle or anything?" Sherlock jumped off the stage after her and went to the baby bag full of baby stuff. 

"I don't know, do I?!" Molly exclaimed. "It doesn't talk." She started shaking the doll, wanting it to shut up.

"Molls! What are you doing?!" Sherlock took the doll off of her and started cooing it, trying to stop it crying in a more humane way.

"It's not my fault the little-" Sherlock cut her off.

"No! Don't use that language in front of her." Sherlock scolded her. A little bit later, the doll was asleep and calm.

"You're good with kids, you know?" John said, joining Sherlock and Molly.

"Thanks." He replied with a smile. Suddenly, Mary frantically stormed over looking frightened as ever.

"Molly Molly Molly. We need to go now. Pronto." Mary said quickly. 

"Go? Go where? What's happened?" Molly asked looking worried.

"I've just come off the phone with dad and mum's getting really ill again. She's in the hospital now. We need to go home!" Mary went on and on, tears soon spilling down her face. John wrapped her into a hug, rocking her slightly.

"Oh fuck oh shit bollocks tit wanker arsehole." Molly went on and on cursing then she started pacing. "I am so sorry Sherly but I need to go. Like, now." 

"It's okay. Go! I understand." Sherlock replied and hugged her goodbye as he did with Mary too. John said his goodbyes quickly and soon the two girls ran out of the theater room and back to their dormitries. 

"What's up with them?" Castiel came up to John with a curious expression on his face. 

"Home stuff," John shrugged and walked off. Castiel just sighed in his loneliness and walked to where his doll was. Dean wouldn't accept the fact the he also has to look after the thing too. Earlier in the dorms, Dean and Castiel had a fight about who is going where and who is looiking after the doll first. Eventually, Castiel gave up fighting, took the doll and stormed to his lesson. 

Dean wasn't in Castiels' lesson. He was in the English class, reading the last few pages of 'An Inspector Calls' before the teacher, Mrs Hardgrove, told him off and gave him yet another detention. 

Just at that moment, Dan ran into the class, muttering an apology for being late yet again befire sitting down in his seat beside Dean. "What's up?" Dean asked Dan when his distraught expression became to obvious. 

"Hm? Nothing. Just a head ache." Dan blinked and shook his head to clear his mind of things. 

"Right. And I'm a giraffe. What's happened, Daniel?" Dean rolled his eyes and started staring intensly at Dan. "Anyone giving you grief about being gay? I'll sort them out for sure." Although Dean can be one of those popular jerks who dates any girl who breathes in this school, he can be extremely protective and kind hearted. One time, he beat a kid up for calling his younger brother Sam, dumb. The boy was in hospital for two weeks. 

Let's just say, don't mess with Dean or his family and friends. 

Ha. Dan thought bitterly. Only never ending torture which no one believes.

"I said I've just got a headache, Dean. Where's your doll anyway?" Dan asked, looking around at the many other dolls but his. 

"I told Cas to keep the little shit. I don't want to look after a  bit of plastic. Where's yours?" 

"Phil said he really wanted to look after it first for some reason. Of course, like a nice boyfriend, I said it was okay."

"Ew. What's that smell?" Dean looked around in disgust. He started sniffing violently before finding the source. "Ewie get that son of a bitch out of here!" Dean exclaimed at the person next to him. It was Amy Pond and Rory Williams' doll.  And it seems like it has done a doo doo. 

"Ugh that's horrid." Amy said, with the same expression. "Rory, where's the nappy sack?" Amy asked her boyfriend, looking about frantically. 

"Williams, Winchester, Pond. What's the matter?" Matt Smith turned around from in front of the 3. "Oh my god that is minging!" Matt quickly covered his nose with his hand. "Come along, Pond. And bring the nappies with you." Matt said, getting out of his seat and picking up the doll's car seat.

"Good ridance, that rank." Dan shrivled up his nose in horror.

"Smith! Pond, where are you going?" Mrs Hardgrove yelled.

"The doll has taken a dump and unless you want the whole room to stink of fake baby poo, I suggest you let us go quickly to the bathroom." Matt grinned. Mrs Hardgrove sent them off quickly without a second thought.

"Uh Miss?" Alfie spoke up. 

"Yes, Mr Deyes?" Mrs Hardgrove asked.

"I think Holly Marie as also maybe just have wet the carseat entirely with pee-" Alfie was cut off by her.

"Go! Now! Please." Mrs Hardgrove sighed before going back to the lesson. But Dean still couldn't figure out what had happened to Dan.

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