The Parent Project

This is a story where some of your beautiful OTP's are given a realistic baby doll to look after for 3 weeks while attending boarding school. This includes:
Johnlock, Destiel, Amy and Rory, 10 and Rose, 11 and River, Everlark, Phan and Zalfie.
Please note that some of these ships are side ships. There may be some triggering stuff so be warned.


3. Day 1 (part three)

It was 3PM and all lessons were over for the day. Many students were going back down to their dorm rooms to study or have a mini party but not the older year. Their dolls were becoming more and more annoying by the second. With the constant crying, feeding and feces, the students were ready to throw the dolls at the window. 

"If this thing keeps crying, I am burrying it in the groud." Matt Smith gritted through his teeth. 

"Oh shut up, sweetie." River replied in a sweet voice so the 'baby' wouldn't pick up any of their language. "Give her to me." River said, shaking her head at him. The day wasn't even over and Matt was high as a kite. River was fed up of him and she was ready to snap. Matt had objected to moving into River's room because he'd have to find so many new places for his drugs to hide when they doo room checks.

Also, River didn't want her room stinking of cigarettes and cannabis.  River really hoped that in the next 3 weeks, she could stop Matt smoking so much. It was her mission. Not just because drugs can kill, but also because she couldn't see him tearing himself apart.

Matt got the lowest grades in the school, answered teachers back, and couldn't give a flying fuck about homework and coursework. His life was shit. That's all River could describe it as. She wanted to turn things around for him, help him get back on track for the future. Because one day, he will have to leave this school, leave the dream world that the coke gave him, and face reality. Reality will destory him. 

River slowly rocked the doll back and fourth to calm it. But when the rocking didn't do anything, she tried feeding it. It was a struggle. But it worked. The inanimate object was satisfied with the respect she'd given her. 

"See. You don't shake the thing! Calmly doing things makes her quieten down. And if you weren't off your face on whatever you've taken, then you'd understand what I'm..saying.. and not.... why are you making that silly noise?" River asked, making Matt stop in his tracks. 

"Dooo weee ooooooooh ooooooh oooooooooooh oooooh dooo dooo doooooo weeeee oooooh! Melody Pond! It's the sound of the TARDIS of course. The smaller on the outside bigger on the inside TARDIS!" Matt smiled widely and the started spinning around and around and around in circles.

"Matt! Stop it!" River yelled, frightened. 

"I am not Matt! I AM THE DOCTOR!" He ran onto the bed, as fast as he could, and River didn't know why. Suddenly, Matt fell on his dirty washing and hit his head on the bed post.

"Fucking hell Matt!" River exclaimed and rushed over to him. "You're bleeding!" She yelled, looking at the oozing blood which started to fall harder and harder. "Matt?!" River shook his body shortly. "Matt?!" No response. Was he unconscious? 

"I need help! Please! Someone!" River cried out to nobody. Tears became a new mask on her face as her quavering hands pulled out her mobile phone from her pocket. 

"Matt? Can you hear me?" She asked him, her voice breaking numerous times. "Oh God." She whispered. "Sweetie, please, wake up. Come on Sweetie." 

River dialed Amy and told her to go get the school nurse into their room as soon as possible. 

River kept trying to get Matt to respond but she receieved nothing. Minutes later, the school nurse ran into the room, tugging a small first aid kit behind her. "What's happened?" She asked seeing Matt's body laying still on the floor. "Oh God." She whispered at the blood. There was so much of the liquid.

"Can you step outside please?" The nurse asked Amy and River and everyone else who had gathered around. "I think we need the stretcher." 

"He's really done it this time." River heard one of the students whisper to their friends. 

"You don't say." One replied. 

"Get out! Just get out of here!" River yelled at them. She didn't want them making up accusations already about him even though it was obvious. 

The students scattered off slowly, wanting to see more. River and Amy stepped out, Amy closing the door behind them. 

"What are you doing?! Don't you want to see what she is doing?" River said, shocked.

"I think it's best if we don't see anything. Just let her do her job and we'll be fine." Amy pulled her friend into a hug. But there was something weird about the hug. Had Amy gained weight? She seemed bigger. Oh well. Amys' weight doesn't really matter right now. 

"Why are you so protective of Matt all of a sudden?" Amy enquired, thinking to a few moments ago and how River was disraught over him. River had always hated and dispised Matt but back then, that wasn't hate. That was care.

River pulled away in an instant. Wiping the tears from her face, she sorted herself out. "I couldn't stand people getting hurt... even if it is Matt. My reaction would be the same to you too." River tried to cover up things. In all honesty, spending time with Matt has changed her view on him.

"Okay." Amy said. Another nurse ran down the corridor with a stretcher in hand, ready to get Matt on there. 

The two nurses popped out of the room quickly, Matt had had his blood cleared up from around his face and stitches were there already. The first nurse worked fast. 

"Coming through! Move out of the way please!" The nurses yelled while walking to the infirmary briskly. 


Phil and Castiel sat with each other while their parenters were off somewhere else, getting ready for a party, Phil believes. The boys had their dolls sleeping in their carseats next to them while they played Fifa 14 with eachother. 

Nothing could describe their boredom more than a pessamist in a blank room. Their dolls were finally quiet after a disruptive last lesson and Phil wanted to chuck his out the window. But Dan stopped him. Only just. 

Dan didn't want to spend 3 weeks of his summer with Mr Meyers. It's bad enough as it is. The year group had about a year and a half left before their exams start and then they can leave. 

But back to Phil. Relaxed, laid back, Phil. 

Phil didn't mind getting hate. He's been brushing it aside for years. However, he doesn't get a lot of hate. Only from random people on Twitter who are those people and will just hate on people. Phil wanted to kill them all. 

Phil is pretty outgoing but not much of a drinker or smoker. He'd have the odd beer at Christmas or New Years but nothing strong enough to make him tipsy. At the rare party events he showed up to, he ignored all the alcohol and made sure to stay sober so he can drive people home or look after them while they were being sick. 

"Phillip?" Castiel asked. 

"Yeah?" He replied, just missing the goal on Fifa. "Dammit." He whispered. 

"Are Dan and Dean actually going to a party later? They don't normally get ready this early. I mean. It's half three. Parties usually kick off at 7 o'clock." He pondered. Phil paused the game and turned to Castiel.

"They said they were going. We can check their rooms if you want or I can text them. They'll be somewhere. Why do you care so much?"  

"No reason. It's just weird that they are getting ready so early." Castiel responded. 

"If it makes you feel any better, would you like to go check their rooms with me?" Phil asked him. Castiel nodded and stood up.

"What about the kids?" He asked.

"Fuck 'em. They can stay here."  Phil shrugged and opened the door for Castiel. 

"Thank you." Castiel smiled. The two boys walked not even that far before they had reached Deans room. A knock on the door and no one answers. 

"Should we go in?" Castiel asks nervously. Phil shrugs again and pushes the door open. 

"Anyone here?" He yells out. Nothing. "Oh." Phil says curiously. "Maybe they're in my room." 

The boys turn out but bump into Zoe Sugg and Alfies Deyes suddenly. 

"Guys!" Phil smiles. 

"Sorry there. Are you okay?" Alfie asks. 

"Yep. Um. Have you seen Dean or Dan?"  Castiel asks quickly. Zoe thinks before shaking her head. 

"Sorry boys. I haven't. Alfie?" Zoe replies sadly.

"Yes! I did." Alfie says. "They were walking towards Meyers' office." 

"Oh right, thank you." Phil said with a concerned expression. 

"What's happened?" Alfie asks. 

"Nothing. They just told us that they were getting ready for a party." Phil said and started heading for Mr Meyers' office with a fast pace.

"Okay then... see you later!" Alfie called out after him. Castiel had to break into a sprint to catch up with Phil because of how fast he was walking. 

"Phillip! Hold up!" Castiel hollered, finally catching up with him. But Phil wasn't in the mood for slowing down. He wanted to know why Dean and Dan had lied to them. Especially Dan. Dan never lied to Phil. Which concerned Phil more. 

"Phillip, just think for a second." Castiel told him. He didn't want to see those two boys break apart because of a little lie. 

"And do what? I just need to know where he is! Dean lied to you too, Castiel." Phil yelled spitefully at him. Castiel's heart dropped like a tonne of bricks. Phil knew how Castiel felt about Dean. He loves him. He always has and always will. And in saying what Phil just said made Castiel feel worse about his affection towards Dean.

"Fuck you." Castiel scowled at Phil. 

"Castiel..." Phil sighed, realising what he had said. "I'm sorry... I'm just- I'm just annoyed." 

"About Dan not telling you where he was?" Castiel questioned. 

"Maybe... Damn that's pathetic." Phil stopped in his tracks and leant up against a wall. "I'll just call him." Phil said and got his phone out. He dialed Dans' number and waited for him to pick up. 

Ring.... Ring..... Ring..... welcome to Orange answerphone, the person who you have called is unavalible right now. Please leave a message after the tone-

"He didn't pick up.... He always picks up.... Castiel, what's happened to us?" Phil said in shocked. This isn't right. It was out of the ordinary for Dan to not pick up his phone. Especially when it's Phil calling.

"I'm so sorry, Phillip. But I don't know. Let's just go back to my room, eh? And when the boys come back, we'll talk to them then." Castiel suggested. He didn't want to face his fears of Dean being an idiot just yet.

"Okay...I guess." Phil replied. The two boys walked back to Castiel's room slowly, wanting Dan and Dean to show up behind them sooner rather than later.

In the mean time, Katniss and Peeta were in the canteen feeding themselves and their baby. "Yo, Pete." Katniss called. Peeta cringed. He hated that nickname.

"Yes Kit Kat?" He tormented back.

"Don't. You. Ever. Call me that name. Again." She growled at him with wide eyes. Peeta backed away slightly, scared. "I've got two tickets to see All Time Low in two weeks and I was wondering if you wanted to join me?" She asked.

Peeta had heard of All Time Low as he does pay attention to the music Katniss talks about, but he had never heard their music. He normally wouldn't go to a concert, with there being so many sweaty people dancing and singing around. But this was a chance to go out with Katniss alone, and have fun.

"Sure." Peeta heard himself say.

"Really?" Katniss smiled in shock. "Not many people accept my invites out." 

"That's their loss, then." Peeta smiled back, shurgging. "Does Humpfrey need feeding? We haven't fed him since we got him..." Peeta asked, worried. He stared at the inanimate object on his bed for the next 3 weeks with curiousity. "I swear those things need feeding every 3 hours or something. We have had him for like 7 nearly 8 hours..." 

"Eh, if he's hungry, he cries. He's not cried for food. Only to be put to sleep again." Katniss shrugged.

"Is he even on?" 


A/n I plan on doing about 3 parts to a day depending on what's happening so the book can be longer! 

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