Sold |L.H|

I been kidnapped , I been sold, & now I'm his slave


7. 7

Ashton's POV

I banged in Luke's door

" leave I'm busy " he says and then I heard a girl Moan

"luke get out we need to talk !"

He didn't answered

I banged and banged the door and he groan angrily

" fine ! Just ... Hold up !"

A couple minutes passed and luke came out .

" what is it ? Didn't you heard that I was busy "

I punched luke in the face

" what the fuck ash !"

" how could you do that ?why ?"

" what are you talking about ?"

"Carter !"

I was about to punch him again but he got a hold of my hand and punch me back

" first of all that is none of your business . Second I can do what ever the hell I want to do with her because i bought. "

I hit luke in the stomach and he hit me back .

" you piece or shit !" He yelled

"The only piece of shit here is you !"

Luke tackled me I tried to push him off

I heard carter yell the boys name

I guess she caught us fighting

Michael and calum pulled us apart

" what the hell you two ! Why are you fighting !?" Yelled Michael . But he yelled in a serious tone . Not in his loud funny yell

" Ashton hit me !" Yelled luke

" he hurt a poor girl and I had to give him some on his medicine . Luke slapped the girl , he punched her in the stomache, he tried to rape her , and he pushed her to the ground that now she has a bloody arm !"

" luke is this true ?"

Luke was shocked

Luke's POV

I did all this to this poor girl . Shit Ashton was right I am a piece of shit

Ashton's POV

" luke did you even know you were doing tugs to the poor girl ?" Asked calum calmly

He shook him head " no .not until now "

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