Sold |L.H|

I been kidnapped , I been sold, & now I'm his slave


4. 4

I felt the bright sun shine my face . I woke up in a strange room . I then remembered that I was sold to luke .

There was a knock in the door .

" come in "

Ashton came in

" morning carter . "

" morning Ashton "

He started at me with a smile

" what is it Ashton ?"

Ashton came to reality

" oh um luke told me to tell you that breakfast was ready "

"Okay "

Ashton was about to close the door

" wait Ashton ?!"

" yes ?"

" where's the bathroom ."

" two doors left "

" thanks "

He nodded and left.

Ashton seem kinda cute with his curls crazy and he seems sweet

I washed my face at the bathroom and went down stairs and saw the boys at the table

" morning princess "

" morning master luke "

I took a seat next to Ashton

" princess ? Why are you sitting there ? You have to sit with me ."he growled

" but -"

" come here carter !" He growled louder

I obeyed and sat next to him . I didn't want to get hurt

After our breakfast

" master luke , may I please be excuse to my bedroom "

"Sure thing princess "

I went to my room and decided to take a shower

I grabbed a tank top that said " YOLO" with some ripped skinny jean and some vans

I went to the bathroom and let the warm water went down my body

I heard the shower door open and I cover my body

I felt a person come in the shower

"Who's there ?"

"It's me " Luke said

" master luke may you please leave I'd like to shower alone "

" come on princess don't be like that "

His hand went to my ass and grabbed it . I never like people touching my ass . I turned and slapped him across the face . Oh shit I shouldn't have done that ...

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