Sold |L.H|

I been kidnapped , I been sold, & now I'm his slave


2. 2

I woke up on the floor . I remembered that I was kidnapped . My head hurts . I'm in a room with another girl . She had red hair ,green eyes and had peircing .

" oh good you're awake "

" who are you ?"

" I'm Tyler . I'll be helping you getting ready "

" ready for what ?"

" to be sold ."

" sold !!?? No I need to get out of here ."

" well too bad . You can not leave this place till you'll be sold " I heard a deep voice and a man came out

" Tyler will help you get "

" you asshole ! Let me go!"

He slapped me across the face

" Tyler ! Get this bitch ready ! We'll be having a special costumer with a great deal of money "

" yes master "

He left and I got up

" you shouldn't have speak like that to master . Since it was your first day he took it easy on you . Now go shower . I'll give what you need to wear when you get out "

I nodded and went to the shower .

I got out and saw a black bra with matching lace underwear .

" I thought I was wearing clothes ?"

" no . All the ladies , except me have to wear these wether they like or not "

I nodded and put it on .

Tyler started to do my hair and make up .

" so what's your name ?" She asked

" carter . Why haven't you been sold ?"

" I'm not suppose to be . I'm the make up artist . I was forse to work here "

" oh "

" okay you are done "

I looked at the mirror and she did great on my hair and make up .

" thanks "

" now wear these heels "

I wore the heels and master came in

" Come with me " he said

I followed in into a stage with nine other girls

. Then a man with blonde hair , blue eyes .and a lip pierce .

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