Dont Ruin It

Jhordyn is a simple girl but she has a twist to her. She won't fall for just anyone and she can't really trust anyone. Read to find out why.


3. Confrontation

Chapter 2

Jhordyn Pov

I think I did the right thing by just blowing off Calum. If I would've gone into details about why I was mad I would've sounded stupid. But I made up my mind on the way home . I'll tell Calum I like him and if he doesn't respond in a good way then I'll distance myself.

Next day

Jhordyn Pov

I'm telling Cal today! I hurried to school and luckily he was still at his locker "Calum." I said"yeah J ?" " uhm so I felt like 12 years was a long time to keep this in but I like you and I mean more than a friend so if our 12 year friendship is over I get it" "Jhordyn I don't know what to say" " that's cool uhm I gotta go now" " no j I'm not letting you go this time!"

Calum Pov

"What's that supposed to mean?" " it means that I like you too but I let you go when I let you slip into Cyrus' arms and not mine"

"Cal me slipping into Cyrus' arms was because I knew you would never love me the way I love you" and once she said that I could see tears building up in her eyes but she just walked away"Jhordyn please wait" " No Calum I've waited too long and now I'm over it now I'm sorry if this was a bad way to find this out but I need you to know before I gave up on having a crush on you" " why'd you give up?" "Because I didn't realize how stupid I was being by liking my bestfriend"

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