Once in a Lifetime

Hi my name is Stephanie Miller. I'm 17 years old. I live in New Jersey, in a small town.
My life is pretty normal. I have normal teenage girl problems. You know fangirling over 5sos, having fights with my 'friends'.
My best friends are Alyssa, and Sam. They have stuck with me through everything. I love them to death.
5sos are my favorite band ever. I have been waiting since like forever to go and see them. I can't believe this is happening.


3. The Concert: part 2

Stephanie's POV

We just got to MetLife stadium. As we get out of the car, we are bombarded with the screams of crying tweens.

Alyssa looks like she wants to kills herself. We all walk up to security and get patted down and what not, and check our tickets.

*skip to start of concert*

We are in our seats which happen to be front row. And it has been about 4 hours and the concert has FINALLY started. It is 8:37.

After they sang 'She Looks so Perfect', they were just about to sing 'What I Like About You'. Luke keeps looking over at our section. I'm not gonna think about it too much cause I don't want to get my hopes up only to have them crushed.

During the song Luke looks over to me, I'm pretty sure it's me, and he winks! I know he's only doing that for his entertainment to watch us scream but still.

Alyssa looks at me And wriggles her eyebrows. Sam screams "Damn Steph getting dem boys! He totally just winked at you and don't even deny it!" I shake my head at him.

"Your being ridiculous he's only doing that for his entertainment. Why would he even look at a girl like me? I'm just a nobody from New Jersey." I tell him. He gives me a 'are you kidding me look' and gestures to my body, wriggling his eyebrows.

Throughout the concert, Luke would look over here as if he was looking for someone. His eyes would stop at me and he would stare then one of the other boys would have to smack him back to reality. I'm not sure what it means, he could just be amazed at how ugly I am. I don't know, but at one point he went over to Cal and whispered something in his ear. They both looked over here and Cal nodded in approval.

*after the concert*

Alyssa, Sam and I waited a little while after the concert 1) incase they came back out and 2) to wait out all the traffic. After about and hour of waiting we decide it's time to go.

"I know where I'm going, I'm a man, men don't ask for directions." Sam complains as we walk around the arena lost because we don't know where we came in.

As we walk, just to annoy Sam, Alyssa and I would complain about how much our feet hurt. We are so mean to him.

In the distance I hear some yelling. It sounds like they are Aussie but I just spent about 3 hours listening to Australian accents so. We continue to walk. Finally return a corner and we are outside.

We look around and the yelling is louder and I was right it was Australian, as in the 4 god-like Australians. Here we are standing a mere 50 meters away from the second biggest boyband in the world.

Sam thought it would be smart to hide and take pictures but when we were looking, Alyssa decides to sneeze obnoxiously loud. When we look up the four boys are walking towards us.

I'm not sure what to do so we just stand there. As they get closer, Luke's face has a look of recognition flash across it.

The boys look at me and look at Luke. He looks lost in his own world staring at me. I'm sort of confused.

Luke's POV

It's her.

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