Once in a Lifetime

Hi my name is Stephanie Miller. I'm 17 years old. I live in New Jersey, in a small town.
My life is pretty normal. I have normal teenage girl problems. You know fangirling over 5sos, having fights with my 'friends'.
My best friends are Alyssa, and Sam. They have stuck with me through everything. I love them to death.
5sos are my favorite band ever. I have been waiting since like forever to go and see them. I can't believe this is happening.


4. Luke's POV

Tonight we were playing MetLife stadium. I'm really pumped. I can't sit still, I'm jumping all over the dressing room with Ashton as Calum and Michael sit on their phones probably keeking us.

"I'm so pumped" I declare for the 10th time tonight. The others groan, mumbling some I knows or an you've said.

"I was looking outside before and New Jersey has a lot of cute girls" Michael says winking at us. We roll our eyes. Leave it to Mikey to check out the girls.

"Okay boys, 5 minutes until show time" someone with a headset and clipboard says coming into the room. At this point we all get up and start making our way tithe stage. I can hear the screams of the girls. I'm so excited, I'm practically jumping the ought the halls.

"Okay boys let's go out there and rock their socks off" Calum says.

"Most of them are probably not wearing socks considering it's the middle of the summer" Ashton states. Cal rolls his eyes. I just chuckle.

Finally it's our time to shine. We run out onto the stage. Ashton then Michael then Calum then me. I look at the crowd and take a deep breath and yell into the mic "HELLO NEW JERSEY!!!"

We are playing she looks so perfect when I see the most beautiful girl. She is in the front row and looks about 17. She has long brown wavy hair and chocolate brown eyes with green specks. I try not to stare but I can't help it. I guess she started to notice because she blushes and looks down. Her friends, I guess, look at her and say something. We finish the song and I wink at her. She doesn't look convinced.

Throughout the concert I sneak peaks at her but she doesn't look back at me. I would love the know her name. It's probably something beautiful. A couple songs before the concert ends, I go over to Cal.

"There is a girl in the first row with brown hair and brown eyes and wearing a flower crown. She is beautiful." He looks over to her and gives me a look that says i agree. I tell him that I saw her first.

After the concert, we go back to the bus. We always wait an hour or two after the concert to leave because of the girls and traffic. So now we fare sitting in the bus so bored.

"Boys, I saw a girl in the audience tonight" they make 'ooooo' and kissy noises. " she was in the first row and so beautiful. She had wavy brown hair and her eyes mmmm they were beautiful. I wanted to go and kiss her. I'm Really upset that I will never see her again." I say. Ashton says that I should have brought her backstage. "Why didn't you tell me this before" i shake my head.

"Well lover boy, why don't we go out And play some football(soccer) to get your mind off her." Mikey suggests. We agree and grab the soccer ball and go outside.

After a while we heard a door open from the stadium, we didn't pay it any mind figuring it was just a crew member. Soon we hear a sneeze and look over and see two girls and a guy standing there.

We all look at each other and walk over to them. As we get closer I realize that this is the girl I saw at the concert. She's here. How did she get back her? Before I realize it I'm right in front of her staring at her, my blue eyes burn into her chocolate ones. She blushes, she is so cute when she blushes. I wonder if she has a....

"Luke, Luke hey buddy this is Stephanie, Alyssa and Sam." Michael says to me after I get out of my zone and mumble a sorry. Is this Sam guy her boyfriend? Does she have one? Where does she live? Am I her favorite member? So many questions run through my mind as I stare at her listening to the joys make kissy noises at me.


Hey guys if you could please give me your feedback on this that would be great I already have 34 reads wow that's great thank you everyone I will try to update as soon as possible

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