Just a Love Story


2. Chapter 2

I drove into the Mc Donald's drive through. I ordered a grilled cheese for Bree and hash browns for myself. I also ordered six breakfast burritos for the 3 other girls.

The lady said," your total is, $7.73. Pull up to the next window." I pulled up to the next window.

I grabbed my wallet and pulled the money out. I handed it to her and she handed me my food. I drove off and headed to Starbucks.

The girls love starbucks. I remember when we were younger we would walk to starbucks from school. One time a creep was being creepy, if that makes any sense.


It was the last day of seventh grade. Me and Gwen started walking to Starbucks that was fairly close.

Half way there was saw a white car pulled over with 4 cop cars behind it.

His car was evacuated. All the doors were open. Everything was thrown out of the car.

Me and Gwen just kept walking. The first cop car didn't have anyone in it. The second cop car was empty as well. So was the third cop car.

The fourth cop car had a scrawny man with blonde hair in the back seat. His hands were cuffed.

We looked over at him. He leaned close to the door. He started wiggling his eye brows and making kissy faces.

Me and Gwen literally ran all the way to starbucks. We were really creeped out but then started laughing after wards.

~~end if flashback~~

I snapped back to reality. Bree was talking to me from her car seat in the back,"mommy can you put on One Direction."

I smiled and nodded. I turned the radio to 'CD'. Midnight Memories was already put in. I pressed play and One Directions song 'Best Song Ever' came on. Me and Bree stared singing along to it.

And we danced all night

To the best song ever

We knew every line

Now I can't remember

How it goes but I know

That I won't forget her

Cause' we danced all night

to the best song ever

I turned the music down when we reached the Starbucks drive through. Bree was still in the back jamming. I ordered the drinks, " hi can I have a medium Carmel frappecino, a grande mocha cookie crumble, a Venti mocha cookie crumble, a medium Vanilla bean, and an apple juice."

The girls had this annoying valley accent," okay that will be $20.88 at the next widow."

I started driving up to the window. I pulled up and saw the same valley girl.

She had her dirt blonde hair down. She had 10 pounds of makeup on. I looked closely at her name tag. It said brisha. What the hell kinda name is that?

She opened the window. I handed her my credit card. she swiped it and handed it back.

She turned around and grabbed my drinks. She handed them to me,"here you go."

"Thank you." I have her a friendly smile because I know it could piss her off. She rolled her eyes,"whateva." Wow ratchet much. See I was right. I just drove off.

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