Bring Me Back

I was gone.. I died, or at least that is what I thought. I sold my soul to the devil in order to save the one that I loved. But now I am back... I have so many questions, and no answers, until the day that they showed up at my front door.


4. Learning

"So what exactly do you, and your brother do?" I asked Dean who was sitting across the table from me.

"We hunt things, Demons, Vampires, Ghosts, you name it." He said almost like it was nothing.

"So how did you end up in Hell. I mean don't get me wrong, but you aren't the type that I would expect down there?" He asked. He was looking up answers on his laptop.

"I made a deal." I said.

"what kind of Deal?" He asked, now I had his full attention. 

"Oh Dean, don't act like you don't know what kind of deal I made." I said rolling my eyes.

"I would of thought your father raised you better than to make a deal like that." He said closing the laptop, and giving me his complete attention.

"You knew my father?" I asked raising my eye brow, this wasn't a topic I liked to bring up.

"Don't you remember, your mom used to watch me, you and Sam when we were younger?" Dean said.

"No..." I said searching my memories, trying to remember anything.

"I guess you would of been fairly young. Your father, and ours used to work together, side by side all of the time. He was an amazing hunter, you would of been proud.." Dean said, but I didn't want to hear anymore.

"I met Harry when I was 13, we went to school together. We were bestfriends, and then by the time that I was in the tenth grade we started to date. He was the only person that really stayed in my life. His parents let me stay with them. Mt step father was a drunk, he loved me, but he was never really here with us you know what I mean. Always away drinking, or in his own little world." I said, and then closed my eyes trying to remember more.

"When Harry asked me to marry him, he was sick, really sick Dean. But we didn't know that, when he was 21, and I was 19 he was diagnosed with cancer. It spread so fast, the doctors had never seen anything like it before. There was no cure Dean, they tried everything they could. I had to sit there every day with him in the hospital. I would work, and then come see him, I would spend weekends sleeping with him in the hospital. He was never allowed to leave, they had him so heavily medicated that sometimes he wouldn't even remember who I was. He couldn't remember his parents. He would wake up screaming in the middle of the night sometime, just praying to dye because of all the pain he was in. He lost all of his hair. I couldn't watch him suffer like that. I was desperate. I went to a cross roads, and I dug a whole in the middle. You know the whole routine, and then I waited. I wasn't sure what I was waiting for but I was willing to wait all night if I had to. Then he appeared, it seemed like out of nowhere, he was like an angle. I thought it was funny. It wasn't your normal deal Dean. It wasn't some demon that showed up, it was him. Lucifer. He was handsome, I am not going to lie, but he could make you see whatever you wanted. He told me the only way that Harry could leave was if someone else took Harry's place in death. I could either kill someone, or I could take his place. I could never hurt an innocent person Dean, I agreed that he could take me. Dean you were in hell for a month, a month, I was stuck there for six. It seemed like years. I was the hell hounds chew toy for most of it. I am not going to lie Lucifer did have his favorites, and I was one of them, he would always tell me how special I was, and that one day I was going to be important to him. He would never say anything else to me, but that he would repeat it sometime, and then laugh. His laugh was like a knife being shoved into my ear, it sends shivers up my spine to even think about it." I said, and then shaking.

"Paisley, I am sorry, but you know that you making a deal is not what your father would of wanted." Dean said.

"Nobody seems to get what they want Dean, it was either me, or Harry, and I couldn't sit there and let him die like that. He would cry on me, he would beg for the doctors to kill him some days." I said, and then I could feel the tears starting to steam down my face.

"And you know the worst part Dean?" I asked.

"What?" He said.

"I was three months pregnant that night when he killed me, and dragged my soul down to hell. I didn't have the heart to tell Harry, and I still don't.

I couldn't talk anymore, my throat felt like it was starting to close, and I was choking over every word that left my mouth. Then before I could say anything he was out of his chair, and hugging me. I wrapped my arms around him so tightly, and then buried my face into his neck, and chest. "You're strong Paisley, and don't let anyone tell you different." I said, and then I pulled away from the hug.

When I pulled away he wiped the tears from my cheeks, and then I looked up into his eyes. They were honestly amazing, I swear you could get lost in them, but they were staring right back into mine, and for a moment I had forgotten everything that had happened, just for those split seconds. I shook my head, and then looked directly at the ground, I could hear him clearing his throat while I did that.

"Thank you Dean." I said smiling.

"Anytime Kid." He said, the smile, and look of compassion on his face was long gone by now.

"So when is Sam going to get back?" I asked.

"About 8 Hours" He said standing straight up. "What do you want to do until then?" He asked.

"I just wanna forget the past six months." I said.

I went, and laid on one of the queen sized beds in the room. "How about you watch a movie, and get some rest. I know I felt pretty shitty the day after I came back." He said, and then he came and sat beside me in the bed. He was just far away from me that he wasn't touching me.

"So why are you so popular?" I asked turning my body on the bed so that I was facing him.

"We have sent a lot of demons back to hell, we have killed our fair share of them to. We get around." He said smirking.
"Well surprise, surprise, who would of figured you get around." I said winking at him.

"What's that suppose to mean?" He asked, pretending to get offended.

"Oh, come on Dean. I can just tell you like to get around. Let me guess. You move from place to place, sleeping with all of these gorgeous women." I said, but he interrupted.

"Not all of them are tens." He said, and then I continued.

"You know what I mean Dean, you sleep with all of these women, you might even stay with them for a day or two, but as soon as you get close to them BAM, you are gone before the sun even rises a second time." I said.

He had nothing to say, and I could tell he was thinking to himself, he almost looked hurt, I could tell that I had hit a sensitive spot.

"Dean, I-" I started, but he put his hand up motioning for me to stop.

"You know what Kid, you are right, that is what I do, but nobody needs to get close to me. I could die five minutes from now, I could die tomorrow, or I could die two years from now. I never know where I will be the next day. I am not the family type, I can't just quit everything I ever worked for, and leave. I am a Winchester, it is not what we do." He said.

"Dean, you know I didn't mean anything by that..." I said starting to feel bad.

We had watched a few movies, and ordered some food, and then I could feel my body starting to shut down like it had yesterday. I was resting my head on the pillow beside Dean, and then my eyes closed shut.

There were no dreams, or nightmares this time, there was nothing but sleep, but it seemed like I had only been asleep for minutes. Then I could hear the hotel room door swing opened, and my eyes opened widely.

I tried to get up but there was something around my waist holding me down. I looked down, and it was Dean's arm. His other arm was laying under my head, and my body was pressed so tightly against his that no part of us was not touching.

"Of course" Sam said walking into the room, and setting the keys down on the table.

"What time is it?" I asked still not being able to move.

"2:00 a.m." Sam said, and then he pulled his pants down, and pulled his shirt off.

"I hope you don't mind I sleep in my boxers." He said, and then crawled into the bed that was across from me.

"Man, he is a heavy sleeper." I said looking at Sam.

"Yah, he really is." Sam said trying to get comfy in the bed.

"I was not lying like this when I went to bed." I said letting out a little laugh.

"Yah, he is a cuddler, sometime I will wake up, and he will have his arms wrapped around his pillow." Sam said laughing.

"I didn't know that we used to know eachother when I was younger." I said looking directly at Sam now.

"Yah, sometime we would watch you when your mother was busy, that was when we got a little older though, you probably wouldn't remember us." He said almost like it was nothing.

"Sam, thank you.. If it wasn't for you I don't know where I would be right now." I said smiling over at him.

I tried to pull myself away from Dean slowly, but his grip around my waist jus tightened, and pulled me into him more. He groaned, and I just laid my head back down on the pillow.

"You are going to be stuck like that until he wakes up." Sam said laughing, and then giving me a quick smile.

"You know you have a cute smile." I said smirking.

His cheeks just went red. "I don't think that you are allowed to hit on me while my brother is wrapped around you like a cobra." Sam said.

"It was just a compliment." I said flatly.

"You need rest, go to sleep Paisley." Sam said smiling at me. I knew he was right I still felt like I could pass out any second. I snuggled in close to Dean, and then I could feel my mind starting to drift off into a nice sleep.


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