Becoming Real

If you spend more time in a virtual world than the real world, does it become more real to you? MissGreen (I'm using her online name as she spends more time as her avatar than as herself) is addicted to her life in Jane Austen's fictional world. The idyllic dream of perfect peace, gentle manners and true love. Only here can she hope for her happy ending. But at what point does a relationship become real?


3. 3.

A parcel came for me. However uninteresting that may sound, for me that is big news. I never get so much as a letter and the one day the postman announced that the bulky, neatly wrapped box in his hands was for me. I signed for it and took it inside just to be nosey. I was sure there must be some mistake.

When I opened it, I found (to my amazement) something that could have actually been for me. That is the kind of item someone might choose if there existed the kind of people who would send me anything at all. I don't have friends. I have a few relatives but none I'm particularly close too. It seemed such a coincidence to find something so me that I started considering the possibility  this could have really been intended for me. But of course that was simply wishful thinking. I was trying to reason that this could be mine to justify keeping it. Because I did want to keep it. The dress was beautiful. A traditional regency gown with a blue ribbon around where the skirt starts and the cutest little sleeves. It was definitely the most special (real) object I have ever held.

One thought triggered many as I remarked to myself that this would be just the thing to wear to a ball. Ball. I'm going to a ball. Not a real ball- I was being daft now. "I have a gift for you." The words flashed up in my mind but I didn't pause to make connections. I'd gone beyond ridiculous. I must have been desperate to keep the dress to even consider that.

Eventually I knew I'd have to think about it but I put it off as long as possible.




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