Becoming Real

If you spend more time in a virtual world than the real world, does it become more real to you? MissGreen (I'm using her online name as she spends more time as her avatar than as herself) is addicted to her life in Jane Austen's fictional world. The idyllic dream of perfect peace, gentle manners and true love. Only here can she hope for her happy ending. But at what point does a relationship become real?


2. 2.

It's kind of creepy how obsessed I grew with my virtual wedding. I couldn't stop thinking about it. My time on the computer, immersed in my online society, had always been the highlight of my life but recently it had completely taken over. As I withdrew more and more from all my other activities my grip on reality became ever more shaky.  I'd managed to make one world less real and soon after the other was made suddenly far more solid.

       MrHolloway        I have a gift for you.

       MissGreen           What is it?

       MrHolloway        I'm afraid you must have a little patience. It will be with you shortly and then it will be all the more exciting after it's being kept a mystery.

     MissGreen          Very well. But in that case you must allow me to distract myself with trivial news.

      MrHolloway        Is it trivial to you?

      MissGreen           You're expecting me to say no in order to give you an opportunity to tell me that what is not trivial to me is not trivial to you either. Nevertheless, I am afraid I will have to disappoint you on this occasion for, though the news is indeed entertaining, I insist that it is very trivial indeed. To say otherwise would only make me look silly.

     MrHolloway     If you are so convinced that it is of little importance, I struggle to understand your great excitement in finding an audience to share your news with.

      MissGreen     There are many things of great importance but few of them are ever at all entertaining. A little laughter is of much more value to me that a deep debate. However if you do not wish to hear it I will not burden you with my account.

That is a typical sample of our conversations. None of that conversation seemed at all peculiar until a few days had passed. Then something happened which even then disturbed me somewhat.


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