All my friends, stay up past midnight
Looking for the thing to fill the void
I don't go out much like I used to
Something 'bout the strangers and the noise
-Neon Trees


2. Lets Go

I woke up the next morning late. But it was Friday and I didn't have classes. I stretched as I got out of bed and moved to the kitchen expecting to see Dylan. He wasn't in the kitchen or the living room. The bathroom light wasn't on so I assumed he wasn't in there. So I checked his bedroom, and there he was in his bed still asleep. I groaned and approached his bed. I sat beside him and ruffled his hair slightly.

"Dyl. Dylan wake up it's already noon." I practically cooed. He groaned in annoyance. I moved to lay down facing him. "Come on. We already promised Posey and Kayla we'd meet them. You've gotta wake up sometime." I said. He pouted like a little kid.

"But what if she's there." He asked. I frowned at him. "Then you find the girl closest to you and grind aggressively to show her you don't give to shits?" I said not being able to keep a straight face at the end of the sentence. He laughed a bit. "Grind aggressively?" He asked laughing. I shrugged.

"Please get up! For me?" I asked with my best puppy dog eyes. He rolled his eyes and sat up.

"Fine I'm up." He said. He scratched his head lightly and looked over at me.

"Come on." I said.

"Let's find you someone to bone."

Six hours later.

Been getting ready for 3hours.


I have nothing to wear.

"Dylan!" I yelled.


"Come here."

I heard him make an incoherent noise of frustration and his footsteps approaching. He entered my bedroom and sat on my bed.

"How can I help you?" He said sarcastically.

"I need you to help me figure out what to wear." I said as more of a statement than a question. He moaned and whined again but agreed to help. I walked over to my closet and pulled out a royal blue dress. It had 3/4 length sleeves and was tight throughout the entire dress. "Don't look a sec." I called behind me. He muttered some smart ass comment under his breath. I pulled my shirt off and pushed my shorts around my ankles and off. I slid on a thong and bra and finally stepped into the dress. I managed to zip it up and adjusted it.

"Ok what do you think of this?" I said.

He took a minute to observe and nodded his head.

"Looks good." He said simply

"Come on! If you saw me wearing this in a club. Would you want to do me?"

"Ya I guess so." He replied.

I gave him a pointed look and turned around.

"Unzip me?" I asked.

He stood up and I felt his long fingers glide from the small of my back to the top where the zipper started. I felt the hair stand up on my neck. He pulled the zipper down torturously slow and when his cold fingers made contact with my bare back I gasped slightly. He dragged his hands down to my waist and moved them off.

"Thanks." I breathed.

I shrugged the dress off without remembering to tell him to turn around. I could feel his eyes on me and I felt anxious. I looked through my closet as though I couldn't feel him trying to stare into my goddamned soul. I grabbed my favorite pair of jeans and a low cut top. I stepped into my jeans and bent over to pull them around my feet. Behind me I heard Dylan groan when I did so, so I turned around. His deadly gaze moved to my breasts clad only in a bra, then to my face. We held the awkward eye contact for less than a minute then I pulled my shirt on.

"Or this?" I asked.

"First one." He said simply.

I nodded and changed into the dress quickly.

"Thanks. We've gotta go in 45 minutes so go get dressed."

He stood quickly adjusted his pants awkwardly before leaving. I grabbed a pair of black strappy heels and went to the bathroom to do my makeup. I fixed my short curly hair quickly and put a small amount of foundation on not wanting to look cake faced. I put on some eyeshadow, mascara and a bit of eyeliner. I applied some dark purple lipstick and promptly left the bathroom. I grabbed my heels and a small bag which contained lipstick to touch up with, my phone and my key to the apartment.

"Dylan are you ready to go?" I yelled while putting on my shoes. He emerged from his room in dark jeans, a blue tshirt and a leather jacket.

"Yeah yeah I'm coming."

"Try to have fun at least? And don't drink to much." I scolded.

He rolled his eyes.

"Yes mom."

He opened the door for me and off we went.

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