All Ava ever wanted waking up Friday morning was her coffee so she wouldn't be late for class even through she was already running late.

But things as such for her never turn out right. It's seems since day one she's been dealed the bad end of the stick and this time. There's no running from this problem, trouble found her that day and it'll follow her to hell if it must.

'Once he sees you, you can't escape. Your his now'


10. Chapter 9

[Ava Pov]


 A week passes for what seems like a blur, over the week. I haven’t seen Michael since that day in class. It’s like he vanished off the face of the earth. I’m slowly starting to talk to El again, even though half of the time it’s her begging me to forgive her. It goes on until I finally tell her to shut up that I’m over it. She doesn’t seem to believe my words when I say it.


My classes are going by so smoothly it’s like my luck is finally changing. “Mail!” El says walking into my room tossing a letter on my bed. I reach over checking who it’s from.


University Of California


I open the letter and start reading,




            Dear Ms. Cross


                        We have sadly to inform you that your academic scholarship has been terminated under large amounts of absent and you’re being put on academic probation. You have up to five days to pay 36,000$ for the school tuition, excluding the cost for the dorm fee which is 2,000$ dollars. Sorry for the inconvenience.




School Board Chairman.




I couldn’t believe this was actually happening? I only missed three days in total. My fucking grades are through the roof. All that had work down the drain, now. “Ava I’m about to-“She pauses probably noticing my distress. “What’s wrong?’ I hold the letter up and she takes it reading it over herself.


Thirty-eight thousand dollars, how am I even going to get that money within five days? Just fuck, why does this have to happen to me?


“Don’t worry; everything is going to be fine.” El says rubbing circles on my back. A broken sob escapes past my lips and I bury my head into my hands. Sobbing, “I’ll help you get some of the money. Don’t worry.” She whispers softly.


“How am I going to get thirty-eight thousand dollars in five days? I don’t even have that much in my bank account.” I fiercely say wiping away the tears.


“What about your parents? Maybe they can help you?” My parents, I bitterly laugh, “My parents wouldn’t give me a cent even if my life depended on it, so no. I can’t ask my parents.”


I moved off the bed over to my closet pulling out a hoodie. “Where are you going?” El asks following me into the living room. “Out, don’t wait up.” I slam the door shit behind me.








I sat at the bar starring down at the brown liquid in front of me. Deeply sighing, I take another sip; welcoming the burning sensation that follows after it. “What got you so low in the dumps, hun?” An elderly woman asks re-filling my glass.


“Life just seems to enjoy screwing me over.” She frowns taking a seat, when I’m pretty sure she should be working but she probably owns this place. “Is it boy trouble? You look like some dun came and took you joy away.” She says her southern accent coming out stronger.


“I smile, “Is defiantly not a boy. I’d never let a man get me like this. It’s just-“I pause my eyes widening slightly when I see a black Ranger Rover pull up in front of the bar. The door opens and familiar chestnuts curls come into view.


I shrink back in my seat shielding myself hoping that Harry doesn’t notice me. “Harold!” The lady shoots up out of her seat waving him over, please god no. I don’t need to be harassed today I already have enough problems as it is.


“Martha,” He greets her and she pulls him into a hug like a mother would do her son she hasn’t seen in months. Giving him a kiss on his cheek before letting him go, I bit my lip seeing her lips stick still present on his cheek.


“Why haven’t you visit me, it feels like ages since I’ve seen this handsome face of yours.” She scolds him and I chuckle seeing someone finally putting Harry in his place. I stop when I feel the familiar glare of his making me shift uncomfortable.


“I’ve been very busy.” Harry says gently, the stool next to me scarps against the floor. “I’ll just have the usual.” Martha nods, walking away. I finish the rest of my drink and just as I’m about to move. A large hand grabs my forearm pulling me back into the seat. “Have you eaten today?” Harry stares at me and I bit down on my bottom lip. “Stay.” He orders.


“Here’s your drinks, hun. Can I get y’all anything else?” she asks sweetly. It makes me wonder how’s she even to stand a man like Harry is. Does she even know who he really is? A complete jackass that treat girls like common trash and beats them when they even bother to disobey him.


“Chili cheese fries and a steak sandwich medium raw.”  I stare down at my fingers, wishing that this would be a dream and I’m in a coma from drinking to me shots at that party. I glance over at Harry, seeing his gaze in on his phone that he seems to never part from. Taking my time I start to notice the things I didn’t before. Like how he has a beauty mark under his right ear, also his hair has grown longer and he needs a little trim. He’s handsome; I give him that but that doesn’t hide who he really is on the outside. A complete monster, who take pleasure in hurting those weaker than him.

“Don’t tell me you’re falling for me now?” His words take me by surprise and I scrunch my nose in complete disgust. “Not even for all the money in the world.” I spat, angrily crossing my arms over my chest. “You say that now, but you and I both know you want me. You love receiving punishments.” Harry says, resting his hand on my thigh, I turn my head to look at him to see he’s already staring at me.

“I-I don’t.” I stutter, keeping my gaze locked with his. A sly smirk appears on his pink pale lips and he leans in closer, his breath fanning my face. Out of habit I nervously lick my lips.

“You do. Your mind might not want me but your body-“His emerald eyes seem to darken, lust swarming in them. “Will always know its owner, I bet you’re wet for me, Kitten.” I whimper, feeling his and cup my clothed sex.

“Tell me kitten, are you?” My eyes squeeze shut feeling the agonizing throb between my legs. Why is my body responding to him like this? I never wanted this. “Why are you doing this?” I struggle to sound strong, but it doesn’t work when a moan slips past my lips.

“Why?” He chuckles removing his hand away and I mentally thank god that he did. “That a story for another day, kitten.”


Martha comes out ten minutes later with a tray of food, setting it down in front of me. “You’re going to eat all of it.” Harry tells me taking out a pack of cigarettes, taking one out and placing it in between his lips.”You can’t be serious! This is a lot of food.” I hiss glaring at the fattening food in front of me and what could harm me in the near future.

“You better eat it all or I will force it down your throat. Don’t think I won’t.” He blows the smoke in my direction and I fan the smoke away scowling at Harry.

“Asshole,” I mumbled before taking a bite out of the sandwich.


Ten bites and twenty fries later, I feel as if I’m going to explode. I groan resting my head against the counter. “Good kitten. I’ll take you home now.” He says tossing a few bills on the counter before grabbing my arm forcing me out of my seat.

His grip seems to tighten once we’re outside, it’s like he suspects I’m going to run away. I would, but I wouldn’t get far on the count I just filled my stomach with heat clogging food that makes me feel like shit right now. He opens the door for me and I climb in only to feel a stinging sensation on my rear seconds later.  I yelp, looking over my shoulder at Harry shoulder who smirking at me.

“Sorry, I couldn’t resist.” He says that stupid smirk still present on his face. I roll my eyes closing the door behind me.

I sigh, sinking further into the seat. Harry opens the driver side sliding into the driver seat. The ignition starts and seconds later we’re ripping out of the parking lot.

“So how’s school, what is it your doing again?” Harry asks trying to start a conversation with me. I look away from the window and at him. He stares at me waiting for me to respond. “Fine, I’m majoring in medicine.” I plainly say and he nods look back at the road again.

“You want to be a doctor or something?” I shake my head ‘no’.

“I know you have a lot to say. I’m giving you the chance to say it now.

“Look, I’m in no mood for your fake kindness. I have more important things to worry about. So please shut up.” I calmly say keeping my gaze locked forward.

“Trust me, I know.”

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