All Ava ever wanted waking up Friday morning was her coffee so she wouldn't be late for class even through she was already running late.

But things as such for her never turn out right. It's seems since day one she's been dealed the bad end of the stick and this time. There's no running from this problem, trouble found her that day and it'll follow her to hell if it must.

'Once he sees you, you can't escape. Your his now'


9. Chapter 8

[Harry Pov]



I don't know what's wrong with me? I'm suppose to be the most feared man on this fucking planet! I kill who the fuck I want not giving a shit, I make more money than Donald fucking Trump does. People turn away from me in fear that today could be there last but this girl.


Ava Louise Cross.


She doesn't fear me, even when I accidentally broke her wrist. For a split second there was fear and then it vanished hatred surfaced in those blue eyes of hers. So I'm willing to make her life a living hell. I don't care. I'll make her wish death would come quicker for her. That fucking bitch.


"Sir?" Laura's voice bring back from my deep thoughts, I look over at her seeing she's wearing a white Negligee and heels. I can see her hands shaking from, fear. I smirk madly, yes she fears me. "What is it?" I finally answer her and she flinches but quickly gains her composer back but she doesn't dare meet my gaze not like that bitch would.


"Dinner is ready and Dean is here to talk."She explains, I nod waving her off. "Bring me my scotch." I order watching her dash out of my office. I noticed that her bruises on her rear have yet to go away from the last time we were in the 'room'.


"Styles, I see your still fucking people's life's up." A rough voice says entering the room. I glance up seeing Dean and let's just say the years haven't been good to him.


"Your drink, sir." Laura comes in and she cautiously walks in setting my drink in front of me before walking out. I catch Dean staring at her longer than need be. "Sit, we have business to discuss." I tell taking a sip of scotch before pulling out Ava's file and tossing it to him.


He whistles, looking down at the folder."Damn, she's a beauty. So what exactly what do you want me to do?" He asks, smirking at me showing of his yellow teeth.


"I want you to make her life a living hell, but don't break her ill do that by myself." I tell him finishing off the rest of my scotch.


"How much is in it for me?"


"I'll make sure you retire a wealthy man, of course if you don't follow my orders then you'll end up knowing what it feels like to be bait. Do I make myself clear?"


[Ava Pov]



I managed to sit through yet another long as lecture, but it didn't feel like I was myself honestly. I'm here physical but mental I wasn't.


"Hey," I damn near jump out of my skin when I feel someone touch my shoulder. Familiar blue eyes and the black and white come into view and I know it's no one to fear.


"Mind if I sit here?" Michael asks already pulling the seat out before I could even respond. I turn my attention back to Mr. Truffs who's just sitting at his desk checking away at the papers we've turned in.


"I like playing the guitar." Michael blurts out, he hands drumming on the table possibly a nervous habit.


If I speak to him he could end up hurt or worse. I know Harry has people watching me. If not my roommates then someone is here. My eyes scanned the people and front of me as well those on the side.


"Ar-e y-ou, okay?" Michaels voice beings to fade in and out. Before I know it I'm on the floor, Michael's voice is the last thing I hear before blacking out.








That noise, crap where am I? I groaned slowly opening my eyes and quickly shutting them from the bright lights. I feel so tired; my body felt like it weighed a ton. "Has she woken yet?" A deep voice says and I feel someone grasp my hand in theirs. "No, sir, but she should be awake in a few hours or so. Just so we're clear she's going to need supervision. Someone to watch and make sure that she eats." Fuck, not this again. I can't go through this again.


Once I hear the door close, I open my eyes blinking a few times before looking around my gaze landing on the devil. "What are you doing here?" My voice cracked and I winced slightly from how raw my throat felt, he doesn't respond back instead he just sits there on the end of the bed staring at me. Okay be a mute, then. I reach over grabbing the nurse button. "Are you purposely starving yourself?" He asks catching me completely off guard. Sure I missed a few meals but that doesn't mean I'm trying to starve myself.


"Answer me!" He shouts moving off the bed and towards me. "No, I'm not." I quickly answered staring at the blanket that covered my lower half. I felt like a child compared to Harry. Yelling at me as if I was some sort of child that doesn't know right from wrong. "Then explain to me why you haven't been eating."


Why is he making such a big deal out of this? So what I missed a few meals it's not unheard of, I wish he just fuck off all ready.


"What did you just say?!" He shouts and I gulp knowing I just messed up. Of course I would have to say something out loud. "You know what; I believe that you're taking my kindness for granted. You obviously don't understand the position your in."


In swift movement the covers that once covered my lower half were now across the room, my arms pinned above my head. "You need a refresher of who's really in charge." My breath hitches, his hand sliding in between my legs pushing up the stupid hospital gown. "N-No, stop!" I yell at him, struggling to break free from his grip.


"Awe, you think you have a choice in this matter?" he darkly chuckles, rubbing me.


I try to shrink back and squeeze my eyes shut. I didn't want this at all. I heard him take off his pants. I started to struggle even more, screaming out. He held my wrists even tighter; his fingers hooked around my underwear ripping off in one go. With no warning or


"Fuck," he hissed removing one of his hands from around my wrist to placing it on my hip, moving faster.


"Your mine, do you understand me!" His thrust become harder and rough. The sounds of the small bed squeaking continued to get louder, Harry moans didn’t calm down either. It was as if he didn’t even care if someone walked in and caught what he was doing to me.

"No one can stop me from having you, no one." 


I hope you like the chap, its a bit shorter than I wanted it to be, but I've having a bit of writers block. I'll start working on the other chap after I get out of school. Comment and Heart please.

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