All Ava ever wanted waking up Friday morning was her coffee so she wouldn't be late for class even through she was already running late.

But things as such for her never turn out right. It's seems since day one she's been dealed the bad end of the stick and this time. There's no running from this problem, trouble found her that day and it'll follow her to hell if it must.

'Once he sees you, you can't escape. Your his now'


8. Chapter 7

Song inspiration:

Nick Jonas- Chains

Ariana Grande- Break Your Heart Right Back

Linkin Park- Numb

Ariana grande- Why Try


[Ava Pov]

A week has gone by and everything seems to have gone back to normal except the girls have been ignoring me and whenever I would walk into the room they'd get extremely quite.

There were times when I would try and talk to them but they'd blow me off. If that's how they're want to act then fine. Just mean I have least people to worry about.

At the moment I'm in the library going over this human anatomy book for this terms paper I have to write. Its the paper I have to write along with my types on the shit we've gone over this year.

"Is this seat taken?" I look away from my laptop seeing a guy with blue eyes and black and white hair standing over me.

"Free country," I tell 'em turning my attention back to laptop seeing I have only one-thirds of my paper done.

He pulls the chair back and sits down, propping his long legs on top of the table. I frown, biting my tongue from saying anything. I needed to get this paper done.

"So what are you studying to become a doctor or some?" Carella Deville asks taking my book off the table flipping through it.

"Nurse actually," He nods and drops the book back on the table with a thud cause me to jump slightly.

"Sorry," He sheepishly says nervously rubbing the back of his neck.

"Okay, what the hell do you want...."

"Michael, Michael Clifford." He smiles holding his hand out for me to take. I stare it for before finally shaking his hand.

"I'm A-Ava Cross, I know. I sit behind in Mr. Truffs Human Anatomy class." I stare at him taken back; I look down at our hands still seeing that he's holding mine.

"Ugh, are you going to be a doctor or something?" I asked slipping my hand out of his. He shrugs shoulders before resting his hands behind his head.

"No, I'm studying how to get away with murder." He says casual before cracking a grin. I roll my eyes saving my work on my laptop before closing it, slipping it back into my bag.

"I'm undecided at the moment; nothing really seems to spike my interest." I nod, glancing at the clock behind him.

"Well, this was fun while it lasted but, I have places to go and people to meet. Goodbye." I stood up from my chair about to walk away, "You mean see you later not goodbye. If your saying goodbye that means we won't see each other again and I hope we can see each, a-again." He stutters at the end his cheeks turning as if he just embarrassed himself.

"You know you have to be the weirdest person I've ever met on this campus," I tell 'em, taking a step towards him.

"S-Sorry, just I wanted to talk to you and- do I make you nervous?" He nods running his fingers through his hair making it messier than it already is.

"Well, when your not to nervous give me a call, yeah." I grab his hand taking a pen out of the side of my bag writing my number down on his palm. "For real, this isn't a fake number or some hotline is it?" I shake my head no trying not to laugh.

"Call me and you better not chicken out either." I tell'em before walking out the double doors, I hear him yell something else but the door shut close behind me.

When I arrive back at the dorms, I don't know I just felt happy and excited. No, I wasn't checking my phone every two seconds to see if Michael called. It's just nice to have someone there for you to talk, too.

I reach for my pocket pulling out my keys to unlock the door, just as I go to unlock it the door flies open and in greeted by Satan. "Where have you been?"Harry grabbing my wrist yanking me into the dorm, the door slamming shut behind me.

"Get your hands off me!" I scream, slapping him across the face. I hear a loud gasp and I turn my head seeing Eleanor standing in the door way, "El don't get involved." Perrie comes from behind her grabbing her hand pulling her back into the kitchen. I swear I could a tears falling down Els cheek before she disappear back into the kitchen.

"I'm going to let that slide on the fact your still upset over what you saw last week, but kitten." I cut him off letting out a dry laugh.

"What the fuck is so funny," He snaps squeezing my wrist tighter but I don't show any sign if emotion that I'm in pain.

"You" I stated plainly glancing down at my wrist that still held tightly in this assholes death grip.

"Me?" I nod, seeing confusion flash through his eyes.

"You think the world revolves around you when it doesn't. I slapped you because I don't want you touching me! I could care less about the fuck buddy of yours." I said venom dripping on my words.

"You are complete shit, sure you’re good in the sack I give you that but other than that you are nothing. Just an asshole, who beats and threatens people when things don't go your way." By now Harry is staring at me like he wants to beat the living hell out of me, my mind is telling me to shut the hell up. It wasn't until I felt a sharp pain run through my arm causing me to drop to my knees, he finally lets go of my hand and I quickly hold to close to my chest seeing the tone of my skin changing color. He crushed my wrist, hot tears trail down my cheek as I silently cry not making a sound expect for the few pain filled sobs that seem to escape every few seconds.

“Sorry, but you were just really starting to annoy me.” Harry kneels down in front of me smiling like he didn’t just crush my wrist. “Now before I let you run off to the hospital and fix that wrist of yours, I’m going to lay down a few rules.” I flinch when he reaches out towards me brush the few strands of hair that has fallen out of my face.

“Rule 1- You will NEVER talk back to me or show any types of disrespect if you do, well you see where you’re laying now. Rule 2- When I tell you to do something you do it. Rule 3, now this one is very important because it involves your little friend of yours.” Friend? He can’t be talking about Michael? No way, “Rule 3- you are not allowed to talk to any man but me unless I give you permission, too. Don’t think I won’t find out because I will and you won’t like the consequences either.”

I couldn’t feel my hand, it had gone completely numb by the time we reached the hospital, and by we I mean Eleanor and I. Yes, my so called friend that ignored for week. Harry only allowed me to leave because I passed out from the pain. I awoke only a few minutes ago, “Ava Cross?” I lady in green smocks called my name and I stood up as well did El before she looked at me and I just glared at her. “I’ll stay,” She mumbled taking at seat. Yeah, that the best thing you should do. I thought following the lady down a long narrow hall way.

“So what seems to be the problem?” An older lady asked, she wore different uniform than the nurse so she must be the doctor. “I broke my wrist.” I tell her carefully showing her my wrist; she frowns pushing her glasses up on her face.

“How’d you do that?” She takes my hand in hers expecting my wrist further. “I u-uh fell.” Really, you fell? How about that psycho crushed your wrist, let’s note the fact he’s acting like a possessive bastard.

“You defiantly going to have to wear a cast for the next six months and I’ll prescribe you some pain killers for the pain.” She tells me and I know I’ll be need a lot more than some stupid pills to get rid of this damn pain.


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