Harry Styles: my love story

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  • Published: 17 Aug 2014
  • Updated: 17 Aug 2014
  • Status: Complete
the story is about Harry Styles falling in love with a gorgeous girl who is not famous. her name is Zoella. he is shy to tell her how much he loves her but one day he faces her. what happens next? keep reading to find out


2. girl infection



It was just a normal day and the guys were hanging out in the coffee shop. They were all having a giggle. They had nothing else planned to do on this weekend. Harry was drinking his hot chocolate when suddenly he caught his eye on this beautiful girl who just entered the coffee shop. He started to drool. " Ah she is so pretty, she's got that one thing that makes me dream." said Harry. " Someone's in love ooh la la." said Louis.  Niall said " Hey Harry you should ask her out mate." " I wanna but I'm scared, what if she doesn't like me I mean not like I am any bad. let a few days pass and then I will think about it." said Harry.


The band went back to their hotel. Harry was not acting normal it was like he was star struck. "Hey guys I think Harry has really fallen in love, he cant stop thinking about that girl he saw." said Zayn. Harry was standing silently drawing a picture. this was really odd. This wasn't the Harry they all knew. Liam said " Harry are you ok? Do you have a fever. " Yeah Liam I think I am ok don't worry. " said harry. Niall said " What is Harry drawing." After a 2 hours he had finished his drawing. Tt was a picture of that girl. It was almost midnight and Harry wasn't sleepy, it was like he was missing the other part of him.

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