Little Miss Broken Heart

Lyrica has a dark, troubling past that she doesn't want to think about. She lives on the streets, trying to pretend her old life never existed. But one day, everything changes when a group of people just happen to catch wind of her existence and pick her up off the streets. As she tries to move on with her new life, will her old one come back to haunt her?
Harry styles was drugged, kidnapped, and set down one American soil. in his attempt to escape the men who held him hostage he (literally) runs into a girl with white hair, blue eyes, a limp, and a mysterious past she doesn't seem to want anyone to know about. Harry is always up for a challenge. but in his quest to solve the mystery, will he end up shattering Little Miss Broken Heart?


10. The Plan


I was more than halfway back to the bus when Harry finally caught up to me.

“Broken Heart!” he pulled me into a dark alley.

“Let go of me! Just leave me alone, Harry! I’m so done!” I clawed at him, drawing blood on his arms. I tried to hit him, my fists ramming into his chest as hard as I could.

He grabbed my arms and pinned me against a brick wall, using his hips to keep me from kicking him.

“Hey, calm down. They will get over it. I promise, they won’t hate you forever. They don’t even hate you now. They’re just scared.”

“It’s over, Harry. Gossamer’s Talisman is over. Done. I have nothing.”

“Don’t say that. Come on. Let’s go back to the bus and we’ll figure things out there.”

I reluctantly followed, clutching at his arm as we walked back. By the time we got there, it was dark. Anna was asleep on her bed when we entered, and the boys were all sitting on the couches.

“You’re back. Wow, you look awful.” Niall said, standing.

“I’m going to bed. You guys can sleep wherever you want. No one will be home tonight.” I pulled the curtain aside and collapsed onto my bed, yanking the curtain closed again. I could hear the boys mumbling quietly out on the couches, but I was exhausted. And I was going to have to wake up at midnight in order to get going on my plan.

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