Little Miss Broken Heart

Lyrica has a dark, troubling past that she doesn't want to think about. She lives on the streets, trying to pretend her old life never existed. But one day, everything changes when a group of people just happen to catch wind of her existence and pick her up off the streets. As she tries to move on with her new life, will her old one come back to haunt her?
Harry styles was drugged, kidnapped, and set down one American soil. in his attempt to escape the men who held him hostage he (literally) runs into a girl with white hair, blue eyes, a limp, and a mysterious past she doesn't seem to want anyone to know about. Harry is always up for a challenge. but in his quest to solve the mystery, will he end up shattering Little Miss Broken Heart?


6. The Boys


Harry managed to convince Niall to wait until tomorrow to tell the others, and they could fly over together. We were in the outskirts of Portland so they were flying into PDX in the morning, which meant we had to stay in Portland to babysit.

I collapsed on the couch and closed my eyes, and when I opened them again, a small stream of light was coming from the windows. I rolled over, falling onto the floor, waking Harry, who was asleep on the other couch.

He jerked up, looking confused, and when his eyes landed on me, realization hit him. “Fall out of bed, Broken Heart??”

“Nice hair.” Was my comeback.

He smirked sleepily, rolling off the couch and onto the floor, inches from me.

“You know? I think I’ve actually enjoyed my time away from the boys. It was fun. Well, besides the fact that I was drugged and kidnapped.”

I rolled over onto my stomach and rested my head on my arms. “What was that like? How much do you remember?”

He shrugged, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. “Not much. I remember getting nabbed. I was out, buying groceries and I was in the back of the store. Some guy came in-I don’t know what he looked like now- and he put a rag over my mouth and nose. It smelled terrible and then after that I just remember my legs giving out. I woke up in a tiny room, completely naked, and chained to the wall. It was completely dark, and smelled… just awful.” He scrunched his face up, then covered it with his hands. “They did bad things to me, Lyrica. Awful, inhuman things. I dream about it. Sometimes I wake up and think I’m still there.”

He looked up at me, and I could see the beginnings of tears glistening in his eyes.

“I think I know how you feel.”

He pulled back, the tears suddenly gone. “How I feel? You have no idea what happened to me! You have never felt what its like to be beaten for no reason. I didn’t do anything! You have no idea how it feels to be so helpless, to know you can’t do anything about what’s happening, and to not know when- or even if- it will ever end! Don’t pretend you know what I’m going through just to make me like you. I will never like you!” he shouted

I had been about to tell him what happened to me, but I had just been verbally slapped in the face. I looked at him, and felt tears spring to my eyes. “Just go away, Harry. Just leave.”

I got to my feet, and stumbled to my bunk, noticing faces staring out at me from behind curtains. “Go back to sleep.” I grumbled. “It’s still early.”

I crawled into my bunk and curled up as far back as I could get, stuffing my face into a pillow. I had almost told him about my past. I couldn’t believe I let him get to me like that. I felt the tears falling and I gasped for air, hiccupping in the process. Why was I crying over this boy? I had practically just met him, and most of that time, we’ve been fighting. Why do I feel terrible?

I put my head as far into the pillow as I could, and felt myself drifting off. I welcomed sleep.



When I woke up, probably an hour or two later, the bus was completely silent. I crawled out of bed, my face feeling weird from the dry tears that stained my cheeks. I looked around, and soon discovered that I was alone and the bus was completely empty.

I opened one of the curtains and found it pouring down rain, thunder boomed as lighting arched across the sky. I grinned. I hadn’t been in a thunderstorm in so long. Not bothering with a jacket or even shoes I ran out the door and into the rain. I was instantly drenched, so I didn’t worry as I spun around, watching the lightning. There was a ladder on the back of the bus, so I climbed it and stood on the bus. I wasn’t worried about getting struck because off the tall trees surrounding the empty parking lot; I figured I was pretty safe.

I tilted my face back and opened my mouth, letting the rain fall into it. I closed my eyes and felt the drops on my eyelids.

Suddenly, two cars pulled up, and everyone, including the boys from One Direction, hopped out and looked up at me.

“Uh, Ly? What are you doing?” Quarra asked.

“Watching the lighting.” I answered, looking down at them.

Everyone seemed to think I had brain damage. Harry was glaring at me.

“Well get inside.” Irie scolded. “You’ll catch a cold.”

I grinned and climbed down the slippery ladder to the ground.

“You are wearing a tanktop, sweats, and are lacking shoes.” Quarra said, shaking her head at me. “Why are we friends?”

“I’m a street kid and you offered me food. Your fault.” I said, shrugging.

Everyone piled inside.

“So you are Lyrica?” Liam asked, extending his hand. “I’m Liam. Liam Payne.”

“Good to meet you. And you are Niall, Zayn, and Louis.” I said, shaking their hands in turn. “I really hope that you have better personalities than Harry.”

Louis started laughing and the others chuckled, looking at Harry questionably. He shook his head, looking like he was about to kill everyone in the room. His hair was wet and matted down on his head and he looked a lot like a wet dog.

“I’ll be relieved when you take him away. He seems to like pushing girls out of swings.” I said.

“She punched me in the face!” Harry nearly exploded.

“Yeah after you shoved me out of the swing for no reason.”

“You deserved it!”

“I didn’t do anything!”

He sat on the couch angrily. “I want to get out of here.”

“I can’t wait until you are.” I said. Looking up I noticed the other boys trying to hold in laughter. They shared knowing looks with each other and I glared at them until Niall noticed me.

“So, Lyrica.” He said, grinning. “I see you don’t like Harry too much, do you? I thought he saved your life?”

“He pretty much put it in jeopardy to begin with. All I see is some drunk guy booking it out of a bar straight at me, and I couldn’t exactly run away because-” I stopped myself just in time.

“Because…” Niall prompted.

“Because nothing?” I said, glancing around the room.

Harry glanced up at me, and put his head back down. I was surprised he didn’t tell them.

“Anyway.” I said. “He ended up trucking me. So he grabbed my hand and made me run with him, because by now some guys were chasing us. But he realized that I couldn’t run, and he freaking picked me up!” I glanced at him and saw him hiding a smile, but still looking down at his shoes. “So I called him a creep and made him put me down. Then I beat up the bad guys.”

“It was actually pretty cool.” Harry said. “I thought she was crazy but she held her own for a while.”

I was impressed that he had complimented me.

“But they overwhelmed us. Put a gun on Harry and on me. One nice thing Harry did was beg them to let me go. But they didn’t because they are rude.” I shrugged

“One of them wanted to keep her.” Harry said.

I laughed. “Yeah. The dude with the gun to my head started groping me and wanted to keep me. I swear the first time he tried anything weird and he didn’t have a gun I would have pounded him and ran. What a stupid head.”

Harry looked up at me. “Stupid head?”

“I don’t curse. Dontcha know?”

He just glared.

“Anyway.” I said. “The leader guy decided I was too much of a hassle and decided he wanted to kill me, which disappointed the guy who wanted to keep me.” I rolled my eyes. “But, never fear, Irie is here. She tackled me and the bullet whizzed over us. Then we were running back to the bus. Crow and Quarra were taking out the bad guys and Harry and I made it back safely.” I shrugged. “I guess he attempted to save my life.” I smirked.

“Yeah. Back then I didn’t know how much of an ass she could be.” He said, grinning cheekily.

I glared at him. “Go away, Harry.”

“That is your favorite thing to say to me.”

I looked at the boys, pleading. “Make him leave me alone.”

“Oh my gosh.” Irie said. We all looked at her. Her hand was up, covering her mouth.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Robin Williams committed suicide yesterday.”

“He what?” I asked. “No.”

There were mumbles throughout the bus about how terrible that was.

“We should all watch a Robin Williams movie.” Quarra announced. “Right here. I’ll hook my laptop to the TV and we can all watch it.”

“Ooh. The ‘Oh Captain, my Captain’ one. I like that one.” I said.

“It’s called the Dead Poet’s Society.” Harry said

“Yeah, that one.” We all followed Quarra to the back of the bus, but Crow stayed up front to take a nap.

“I’m gonna get changed. I’m still soaked.” Grabbing some clothes I hurried into the bathroom to change and came out a minute later wearing red plaid pajama pants and a nearly white-green tank top.

I sat on the back of the couch, leaning against the window and Quarra sat under me, Harry on one side of her and Liam on the other.

“So.” Liam said, joggling my leg with his elbow. “Why can’t you run? I’m curious.”

I shook my head. “I’m uncoordinated?”

“Oh come on.” He said. “I won’t tell anyone. I’m the most trustworthy of all of us.”

“Dude, even we don’t know.” Quarra said, elbowing him as the movie started. “We know a little but most of the story we have no idea of.”

“Really? How do you not know? You’ve been together for years, haven’t you?”

“They have.” I said. “I’ve only been here for a couple months. They found me while I was-” I stopped myself. “I should just stop talking.”

Quarra craned her neck around to look at me. “You really don’t want them to know anything?”

I shrugged. “Watch the movie.”

“It’s not like they would tell anyone, Ly. And for the record, neither would we.”

“I seem to remember Anna spilling everything she knew about my life to this one.” I said, nudging Harry with my knee.

“Which really wasn’t very much.” Harry said.

“Stop talking.” Anna complained. “I’m trying to watch the movie.”

I sighed and sat back, focusing my attention on the movie. This was one of my favorite Robin Williams movies and I felt really sad when he was talking about death because I knew that he was dead. He had committed suicide. It was depressing that a man caused people so much joy could be suffering so badly inside. 

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