Little Miss Broken Heart

Lyrica has a dark, troubling past that she doesn't want to think about. She lives on the streets, trying to pretend her old life never existed. But one day, everything changes when a group of people just happen to catch wind of her existence and pick her up off the streets. As she tries to move on with her new life, will her old one come back to haunt her?
Harry styles was drugged, kidnapped, and set down one American soil. in his attempt to escape the men who held him hostage he (literally) runs into a girl with white hair, blue eyes, a limp, and a mysterious past she doesn't seem to want anyone to know about. Harry is always up for a challenge. but in his quest to solve the mystery, will he end up shattering Little Miss Broken Heart?


2. Gossamer's Talisman

That was three months ago. Now, I’m part of the band. We were all on our crappy old tour bus, driven by our makeup artist’s uncle Crow. Our makeup artist’s name was Anastasia, and she was twenty-three, and also the twins’ best friend. I was the youngest, not turning eighteen until January. Questa and Quarra we both twenty-one, and Irie was twenty-two. Anna had long pink hair that fell to the middle of her back. She was a little plump, but in a curvy sort of way. The rest of us were stick skinny, and had great bodies. Except for me; I had no boobs.

The tour bus was small. They said that Irie’s uncle had bought it when Irie had told him about the band’s first gig. There was a driver and passenger seat in the front, lower than the rest of the bus. There was a bed above that and behind it was a small kitchenette. Across from the kitchenette was the door and behind this was a couch on either side. Behind this were four bunk beds built into the walls. The two top bunks face eachother, and the bottom ones were the same. Red curtains slid across those. In the back of the bus was a restroom and circular sitting area. A bench curved along the wall and the whole wall was tinted windows.

This was their first tour, but they had done a couple small performances for bars and small restaurants. They were pretty well known, though, and all their Twitter followers managed to get them to do the tour.

I was sitting in my cave, on the one side of my bunk that was enclosed by walls on three sides, my curtain pulled on the far side so I had my own sort of room. I had my favorite book in my hands, called Tales of The Madman Underground by John Barnes . I sighed, putting it down, and rolled up my pant leg. A scar ran all the way from the left side of my kneecap to the right side of my thigh on my right leg. I’m really self-conscious about it, and the other girls haven’t even seen it yet. They just know I limp all the time from an accident that happened a long time ago. I haven’t told anyone.

Suddenly, the curtain was pulled away and I quickly pulled my pant leg back down. Irie looked sad for a moment but then spoke in her normal, cheery manner.  “Hey Ly. We’re gonna stop to eat. Come on out.”

“Alright. I’ll be there in a minute.”

She smiled, and her head disappeared, the curtain falling back in place. I straightened my black Palaye Royale shirt and made sure the pant leg of my grey sweatpants was pulled down all the way before crawling out of my bunk. I had a bottom bunk; the one right under Questa. Quarra had the one right across from her, and Irie was under her. Crow slept in the driver’s seat and Anna slept in the bed on top of the driver and passenger seats.

I stood up and moved to the front, where the others were sitting on the couches. I slipped on my black and green slider shoes over long black basketball socks.

“Gee, you look dressed to impress.” Quarra said, looking me up and down with a smirk on her face.

I looked at her and fake curtsied. “Always looking to please the eyes.” I pulled my whitish blonde hair up into a ponytail just as the bus was parking. I limped out the now-open door with the others on my heels.

We were at a Jack-in-the-Box, but I couldn’t help but to notice the bar next door, all lit up with huge neon signs. Drunken laughter could be heard and smokers loitered outside, eyeing us. I shrank away from them, and to the other side of the girls. I didn’t like drunk people.

Quarra looked over at me, a worried expression on her face, then back at the guy, who was now laughing at my reaction to him. Quarra gave him the one fingered salute as we entered the Jack.

We ordered our food, and then sat down at a circular booth in the corner. They started talking about something and my eyes went to a TV in the corner displaying some news lady looking worried.

“And now an update on the search for pop singer Harry Styles.”

Harry Styles, 1/5 of the British boy band, One Direction, had been missing for three weeks now, and the whole world was in panic. You couldn’t go anywhere without seeing his face, or hearing someone talking about it.

“Bandmate Liam Payne talks about the day before he disappeared.” The lady said, and suddenly a crappy video of Liam appeared, looking into a camera, a worried look on his face.

“There didn’t seem to be any difference that day. He was just acting like his normal self. Then the next day he wouldn’t answer his phone, and he wasn’t in his room. He was just… gone.”

The lady’s face popped back up. “And now Breaking News…” I tuned her out when our food came and started scarfing it down. My habit of eating anything I can get my hands on still hasn’t died away from my time on the streets. I considered every ounce of food as precious as gold.

“I hope you get fat.” Quarra said, an eyebrow raised. “You can eat whatever you want without gaining a pound.”

“Yeah. No kidding. That is so no fair.” Anna complained, flipping her long neon pink hair over her shoulder.

“What isn’t fair is that I spent years on the streets with this metabolism. Do you know how terrible that was? I was always hungry.”

“And now you’re here, where you eat all of our food.” Questa said.

I shrugged. “You’re the ones who saved me.” I sat back and slurped the rest of my root beer through the weird tasting plastic straw.

“That Harry kid is probably dead. He probably ran away and committed suicide or something.” Quarra said.

“Don’t say that. That’s the kind of negative thinking that will make it come true.” Questa said. “You have to think good thoughts and let your aura spread.”

I saw Quarra roll her eyes. “Uh-huh. How are we twins, again?”

“Hey, you’re the freak of nature here, child. And besides, you almost didn’t have a twin. Strangling me with your umbilical cord was not a pleasant experience for me.”

“Just my personality shining through!” Quarra grinned like the Cheshire cat.

“Started a little early if you ask me.” Questa grumbled.

A half hour later, it was completely dark outside and Crow decided it was time to go. We threw our trays away and headed out into the darkness of night. The smokers weren’t out in front of the bar anymore, but we were still passing the bar a little too close for my comfort. Suddenly, everyone started running toward the bus, freaking out. Crow was still inside cleaning up our mess, and with my limp I couldn’t keep up with them. I looked to my left and found out why they were running.

A man was sprinting away from the bar, straight at me. He was looking behind him, as if he was afraid someone would be chasing him. And then he trucked me.

I looked up into the eyes of a man with shaggy brown hair and emerald green eyes, which were dilated. I could smell the alcohol on his breath.

My eyes went wide, and I screamed.

The man’s eyes went wider. “Shh! Don’t scream! They’ll find us!” He said in an English accent. He got up, pulling me with him, and looked behind us. Three men were running out of the bar, toward us.

“Crap. Here they come. Run!” He started running again, me in tow.

I couldn’t keep up. With my limp, I already had trouble walking. Running was nearly impossible for me. He seemed to notice, and swooped me up in his arms as we ran through an alleyway.

I screamed, but hung onto him; I didn’t want him to drop me. Especially with those other guys following us.

I looked up at his face. There was something familiar about it, but I didn’t know what it was.

Summoning up my courage, I started struggling in his hold. “Put me down, Creep!”

“I’m not a creep!” he said, glancing down at me for a moment. “Do you not recognize me?”

“You look familiar but I don’t care who you are! Put me down! I can kick their butts!”

Looking curious, he put me down right as the men were upon us. I kicked the first one in the face, and sent him sprawling back. The second one jumped on the guy who was carrying me, and the third one tackled me. Using my martial arts skills, I flipped him off of me and got guy number two off of the man who had been carrying me.

That’s when guy number one pulled out a gun. Both me and Friendly Man put our hands up.

“You, come here, or I’ll shoot the girl.” He said.

Friendly guy looked at me, and then started forward.

In that brief moment, I recognized him.

“Harry Styles?”





He glanced at me and stopped walking, and I got a better look at his face. It was covered in dirt and grime. What looked like dry blood covered the side of his face. His clothes were probably nice once, but now they were all dirty and torn.

“Y-you-” I started, but suddenly Harry had grabbed the gun. I watched a fight ensue, not able to do anything. I didn’t know why I was suddenly like this, unable to move my body. Now that I think about it, it may have been the gun pressing to the back of my head.

“Don’t move.” The voice behind me had breath that reeked of alcohol. I felt my knees go weak, and I started shaking.  “Ooh, scared huh? Ha. May have to take you with me. Wouldn’t want to waste someone as pretty as you.” He started groping my chest and I was too frozen to do anything about it. “Not much here, though.”

Meanwhile, I watched at Harry was shoved on his knees, his hands still clutching the barrel of the gun pressed to his own head. But no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t move it; the man’s arm that held it there was too strong.

The guy laughed bitterly, looking down at Harry’s futile attempts. He glanced over at us. “What do you plan to do with her, Jack? You keepin’ ‘er?”

“No! I dragged her into this. Let her go.” Harry pleaded.

“We should just shoot her here in front of you.” The main guy said, shoving Harry backwards. Harry fell on his back, one knee up, looking frightened. “No! Don’t. Just leave her alone, please!”

Suddenly, the guy’s gun went to me. “Sorry, Jack, but I’m going to have to take away your prize. You better move away.”

‘Jack’ stopped groping me and moved away, muttering. I stared down the barrel of the gun, and felt my heart speed up, but the rest of me still wouldn’t move.

A tear trailed out the corner of my eye, and I heard the shot fire.

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