kidnapped by vampires

hi I know i havn't really finished ANY of my movellas but i promise i will finish this one

Hi well you grow up thinking you are going to have a wonderfull job NOT thinking you will be kidnapped by vampires who happen to be ONE FRICKING DIRECTION but sadl have i will not give in and definatly not fall in love anyway hi im Ellie smith my mother died when i was younger and then my dad died of alcohol poisening leaving me to fend for myself with a house witch is completely paid off and £200 but i spent it on a iphone 5c the number is 07258312771 {sorry if its your number made it up} so this is my story


2. woke up

Ellies POV

i kept my eyes shut "we know your awake " WTF i opened my eyes to niall FRICKING horan but still i punched him in the nose and it bled WTF WTF WTF "You sure think what the fuck alot dont you" louis said i backed up in the corner  " get away from me you sycopaths" i said they all frowned "come have some breaky" liam said i shook my head his eyes darkend "ITS EITHER YOU GO IN THE KITCHEN AND EAT OR NIALL WILL CARRY YOU DOWN THE KITCHEN LIKE A BABY AND HOLD YOU STILL WHILE I SHOVE THE FOOD DOWN YOUR THROUT" he screamed making me jump i got down stairs and ate quickly and rushed back up stairs and shut the door someone nocked the door and come in "Get away from me you blood sucking monster" i said he frowned holding t bags and only dropping one "Nice going if you been nice you would of had casual cloth but now you have only harry's choice of close" he said. that can not be good i looked in the bag to find high heels mini shirts mini tops mini crop tops mini skirts mini shorts mini mini mini everythings mini oh boy this is going to be a long ride.......

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