kidnapped by vampires

hi I know i havn't really finished ANY of my movellas but i promise i will finish this one

Hi well you grow up thinking you are going to have a wonderfull job NOT thinking you will be kidnapped by vampires who happen to be ONE FRICKING DIRECTION but sadl have i will not give in and definatly not fall in love anyway hi im Ellie smith my mother died when i was younger and then my dad died of alcohol poisening leaving me to fend for myself with a house witch is completely paid off and £200 but i spent it on a iphone 5c the number is 07258312771 {sorry if its your number made it up} so this is my story


1. walking home or so i thought...

ellie's POV

I walked through th cold dark alley in order to get home i smelt urine and acohol yuck ;0 glass shards was sticking at the bottom of my shoe i turned right when i should've turned left i saw 5 boys biting and sucking blood of a girl's neck a pair of red eyes glowed in mine piercing through my skull.i tryed running away but my body wouldn't move "come here" the man with the red eyes said i found my feet walking to..............................................the other direction HA!!! i am a sprint runner in school it finally paid of!!! "God she is fast and we are vampires" WTF!!! all of a sudden a pair of hands grabbed and tossed me over his shoulders and i kicked screamed and punched and all he done was chuckle!  charming then it went black

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