kidnapped by vampires

hi I know i havn't really finished ANY of my movellas but i promise i will finish this one

Hi well you grow up thinking you are going to have a wonderfull job NOT thinking you will be kidnapped by vampires who happen to be ONE FRICKING DIRECTION but sadl have i will not give in and definatly not fall in love anyway hi im Ellie smith my mother died when i was younger and then my dad died of alcohol poisening leaving me to fend for myself with a house witch is completely paid off and £200 but i spent it on a iphone 5c the number is 07258312771 {sorry if its your number made it up} so this is my story



Ellie's POV {most of this movella is ellies POV}

*next day*

Been as no one back at my house taught me to wash my own cloth cause they are DEAD i will have to get changed into the mini's later.All of the boys come in "Hi ellie right you know who we are what we are but you dont know our powers cause i am the leader i have strengh speed and mindcontrol  niall can control your feelings thats why your not screaming your head of zayn can hypnotize liam can tell the future thats why he is the daddy directioner and louis can mind read thats how he can tell if you was saying WTF in your mind." Harry said i dont care they are sycopaths "OI" Louis said "Sorry i was hungry" niall said "NOT you" said louis "Anyway your better get changed" liam said and walked over to the window wait theres a window!!! he locked it "I can tell the future remember" he said they walked out the door "Get changed" harry said winking and closing the door after walking out GREAT i have to wear mini "You should've been nicer then" said louis ar' yeah he can mind read "yeah i can" "stop it" i said,I put on a crop top that just bearly covers my chest saying bad girl with mega short shorts that show off half my bum cheeks and high heels.harry walked in my room "damn girl you sexy." he said fuck you harry "I THINK HE WOULD RATHER YOU FUCK HIM" shouted louis ugh i gave harry the finger he pushed me up against the wall and said "i like my girl fiesty" then he found my soft spot just below my ear and sucked it and nibbled it this was my weak spot "harry HARRY" I moaned second time louder leaving a perfect hickey there he walked of winking the nerve!!! "OH YES THE NERVE"shouted louis ugh he has to stop doing that "NOPE" he screamed uuuuguh

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